They weren't the only ones who had been informed about what was taking place. Tilano who had taken a brief moment to rest was told by the final member of the crew about the fact that they needed help operating the ship. Like Lucy and Tahl before him, he wasn't sure if they would be up to the task. Under the circumstances, he knew that there was little choice and so they would have to try their best.

Also, ever since he had received his sword, he couldn't help but not look at it and test it every now and again. The blade felt lighter than he expected and when he sliced a piece of wood, he didn't even feel it going through the inanimate object. It was only when he saw the piece of wood split in half did, he even realise that he had cut through it. This amazed him but also realised that it also made the sword very dangerous. Because of this, he knew that he had to take great care in using it.

Macrona was the only one of the group who wasn't really active as she had fallen asleep on top of a pillow that she had just found. After everything that had happened, she was tired and she felt that she needed some much-needed rest. The pillow itself was only just large enough for her to completely stretch her body out and in a way, this did make her feel happier as it was a reminder that she was bigger.

The small woman wasn't alone as the cat that been chasing her the previous day was also present. The feline looked at Macrona in confusion as it could see that she was larger than it remembered seeing her before. In its mind it was trying to figure out what had happened but all of its ideas turned up a blank. All it knew was she was likely someone who should be left alone. If she had been able to grow by six inches in one day, it wouldn't be long before she was a true giant.

Just as Macrona was enjoying her sleep, she was suddenly awoken when she felt her pillow getting lifted up. The small woman couldn't help but groan as she began to open her purple eyes and look at who had picked up her pillow. For a few moments, her vision was blurry but as she began to adjust, she could see the smiling face of Tahl looking down at her. Although the speedster did look smaller than she had before, she was still far larger than the former titan.

"What do you want?" asked Macrona. She rolled to her side and tried to get back to sleep. "Actually, whatever it is, it can wait until later. I wanna get some sleep."

"No can do Macrona," replied Tahl who continued to smile. She was glad to see that Macrona had grown in size and she thought that it wouldn't be long before her friend was normal size. Then she hoped that she would continue to grow bigger and bigger. "The Captain wants us on deck."

"Tell him I appreciate the invitation, but I prefer to stay here and sleep. He'll understand, he seems like a reasonable person."

"Oh, that's too bad, maybe if you do what he says. That might be a good deed and then you'll grow even bigger."

"Even bigger?" This caught her by surprise and she turned to look up at Tahl. Any reason that she could get bigger, she would take it without hesitation. "Then let's go see what he wants." She yawned as she sat up and she stretched her arms. "Hopefully, it won't take me too long and I can get back to sleep."

"Ok Macrona. Let's go…"

"Wait at least…"

It was too late for Macrona to protest as she suddenly felt Tahl beginning to run at close to top speed. This caused a small scream from the small woman but she felt herself stop suddenly and she was almost blinded by the glaring sunlight from above. This caused her to grunt with frustration since if she had not been awake before, she was sure to be awake now. Her hair was a little wild after what she had just experienced and she could see Tahl standing beside Tilano.

They weren't alone as Lucy was with them as well. However, she wasn't standing as she was still leaning over the side of the ship. She hadn't thrown up for several minutes, but she was prepared when it did happen. From where she was, she could still hear everything that was going on. For the time being, she wouldn't be able to see it and instead would just have to do her best.

Standing in front of the group was the Captain and the two surviving crewmembers. For the time being, the ship was simply drifting but they could easily get back on course. Although they would arrive at their destination at least half a day later than they had originally intended.

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for saving our lives last night," said the Captain as he looked at the group. They were definitely the oddest group that he had ever seen, but right now he didn't have any additional hands. "But as you've been informed, we lack the manpower to operate this ship and I need your help in order to do so. I know it's not the most idea situation but right now we have little other choice. That's why I'm assigning you to certain tasks for the remainder of our voyage. Myself and my crewmates will instruct you the best that we can. I must admit, that I have yet to learn your names so when I refer to you, remind me of your names." He then looked over to Tilano who didn't really know what to expect. "You, soldier boy."

"It's Tilano sir." For a moment he didn't think that he needed to refer to the Captain as sir. However, he was the highest ranked person on the ship and thus deserved some respect.

"Ok Tilano, in a few moments, I'm going to need you to help lower the sails. Of course, it isn't as simple as just releasing some ropes. You need to ensure that the sails are properly extended and stay in position or else they won't be much use to us." He then glanced over to Tahl who stood near her cousin. "You, running girl."

"It's Tahl and I'm the fastest girl in the world." She smiled after this declaration and no one doubted what she said was true.

"Whatever you say. From what I can see, you're probably the most useful one here. You could probably do the work of two, maybe even three people at the same time. But no matter how fast you are, even you can't be in two places at once. You will do mostly the same work as Tilano here and then some. Plus, it's likely that you'll have a few more duties but I'm sure that you can handle it." He then looked at Macrona who was still in the arms of Tahl. Due to her growth spurt, she seemed to be the size of a small baby rather than an adult. "You tiny woman."

"My name is Macrona and I'll remind you that I am bigger than I was yesterday," answered Macrona who was far from happy about being called tiny. But after having her height increased, she was in a good mood. "I'm not going to be tiny for much longer and when I get big…"

"Yeah, whatever you say." He didn't want to hear the small woman speak on about things that he didn't think would happen. "To tell you the truth, there isn't too much that you can do, but I'm sure that we can find some kind of use for you." He then looked at the back of Lucy and he remembered her determination from the night before. To him, she had been some kind of mighty giantess but seeing her now made him see that she was just as human as the rest of them. "Giant girl."

"That's Lucy," answered Tahl who knew that in her current condition that her very large friend couldn't really talk. "She's feeling a little unwell right now."

"Yeah, I took that into account. I have no doubt that you will be of great use to me. Like raising the anchor and moving things around if need be. I know it'll be difficult for you, but we'll have to make do with what we can."

"I-I will do my best," replied Lucy. It took a lot of willpower for her to not throw up, she felt that she had done enough of that already.

The giantess hadn't even noticed that she hadn't eaten since she had been on dry land. Her appetite had taken a nosedive thanks to her seasickness and she thought it was unlikely that she would eat anything until they reached their destination. Normally by now, she would have been starving and begging Macrona to grow her a gluttenberry. This time around, eating was the last thing on her mind.

Instead, the giantess simply did what she could whenever she was able to. The moment she reached dry land, would be one of the biggest reliefs of her life. Although she wouldn't go as far as kissing the ground like she had seen people in film and TV. That was where she drew the line.

The two crewmembers knew that they had their work cut out for them as they had to instruct Tilano and Tahl about how they should operate on the ship. Since they were beginning from scratch, it was going to be a less than ideal situation but with little option they did their best with what they had.

Thanks to his military training, Tilano was able to grasp what needed to be done easier than the others. When extending the sails and knotting the ropes, he knew a note that was strong but also easy to untie when need be. It did take a little bit of strength to be able to pull down the sails but he seemed to take it well.

When it came to Tahl, she had a more difficult time grasping the concept of what she needed to do. The Lookout was the one who was meant to train her but he too was finding it difficult. One thing that he was surprised with was that her superhuman speed wasn't just limited to her running. Her general movement too was incredibly fast as he saw her move her hands at speeds that he thought was impossible.

At one moment in time, the Lookout was showing Tahl how to tie one of the essential knots that were needed. When he watched her make the knot, her hands moved so quickly that he struggled to see exactly what she was doing. It was only when she stopped that he could see the actual knot. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite correct but he was still impressed with what she had done.

For the time being, Lucy and Macrona didn't have much of a role but the giantess had been moved to the stern of the ship. At first Macrona did consider doing some more exploring but decided to stay with the giantess instead. There was a small amount of concern as she could see that her friend was unwell. This was something that she couldn't comprehend as she had never been ill in her incredibly long life. It was just another factor of her immortality and something that did make others jealous.

The only person who wasn't on deck was the Captain as he was on the bridge. This was where the ships steering mechanism was located. If Lucy had seen it, she would have thought that it would be a steering wheel type object like she had seen in the media and the couple of ships that she had seen. Instead, it was a simple lever like device that the Captain would move in order to steer the ship.

The kind of mechanism that Lucy would have been expecting, simply hadn't been invented in Panolia yet. If she had known, she would have told them all about it but since she didn't know exactly how it worked, then she wouldn't be able to recreate it herself. As far as the people of Panolia would be considered, she would simply be as if she was telling them a fairy tale.

From where he was standing, the Captain could see that the sails had been extended. However, for the moment, they weren't moving at all. This was something that he expected as he poked his head out from the bridge and looked towards Lucy who was still leaning over the stern.

"Lucy!" shouted the Captain. His voice was loud but not because he was angry with her but instead so that she could hear her. "Raise the anchor!"

The command was quickly heard by the giantess and with some difficulty, she moved to a mechanism that was close by. It was a wheel like mechanism with a chain attached to it. This was used to lift and lower the ship's anchor, normally it would take three people to operate but for someone like Lucy. She could do it by herself.

It took some effort for the giantess to complete the task as she saw the anchor slowly lift up. Once it had reached as high as it could, the ship began to move forwards much to the relief of everyone. The sails caught the wind and the ship continued to move with some pace. Lucy didn't really notice this and instead she felt even worse.

The slight rocking of the bed had upset her stomach and now that she was moving, her sickness only became worse. As Macrona looked over to her, she thought that her extremely tall friend wouldn't be very useful for the time being. She would only really be herself again once she was back on dry land.

Out of the group, it was Tilano who took a step back to take in the fact that they were moving again. He took a sigh of relief as there were several moments during the night before that he had thought that they weren't going to move ever again. At least now, he thought that they were on the right track.

Suddenly he noticed someone quickly approach him and stand right next to him. The figure had approached so quickly that he didn't even have to look to know who it was that had just arrived. Sometimes he would be a little annoying by their sudden appearance, but this time he didn't really mind.

"Is everything alright Tahl?" asked Tilano as he continued to look up at the sail. He was still happy about the enchanted sword that he had obtained, but still was a little upset about what had happened the previous night.

"As well as they can be," replied Tahl. She too looked up at the sail for a moment. "I'm glad that we're moving on now, but I can't help but feel a little guilty. Those men who died last night, I can't help but think that we could have done something to save them. Maybe I could have been a little faster, they would still be alive right now."

"It's tough I know Tahl." At this point in time, he looked down towards his cousin and she looked back at him. "But unfortunately, not everyone can be saved. Everyone feels like they could have done more at some point in their lives, but unfortunately, we can't dwell on the past. What's done is done and we can't do anything to change that. We did all that we could for them and Mortius decided to take them anyway. What's important is that everyone on the ship now is still alive. Nothing we can do will bring back those who have died and the survivors have to carry on living. We might not have known them, but we will remember them for the rest of our days."

Tahl remained quiet as she thought about what her cousin had just said. She knew what he said was true but it didn't make things any easier for her. Instead, she still felt some guilt and she still felt that she could have done something to save them. Her speed wasn't lost on her but she thought that if she could have gone even faster, she could have been able to save them.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn't that fast and she thought that she was going to have to accept that she couldn't have prevented the deaths of the three sailors. She had even witnessed one of their demises but she had been too far away to do anything about it. Tahl had only realised what had happened, right after the sailor had his chest slashed by one of the pirates.

Over and over again, she thought that if she had noticed him plight earlier, she could have done something to save him. There was even a thought in her mind that she could have taken him to Lucy so that she could heal him before he had passed. Unfortunately, there were too many pirates between herself and the crewman. Although she didn't like it, she had to admit that there was nothing that she could have done to help him.

These were thoughts that she couldn't dwell on for long as she and Tilano had to continue to help run the ship. Thankfully for them the rest of the journey was mostly uneventful with everyone pulling their weight so to speak. Lucy was still more or less incapacitated as her seasickness simply made her unable to do anything of real note.

Macrona also didn't make herself all that useful. Instead, she simply stayed next to the giantess as the former was simply too small to be of much use. For Lucy, this was definitely one of the most uncomfortable experiences in her life. More than ever, she just wanted to be back on dry land.

Her condition had gotten so bad, that she could barely move from where she was and she couldn't even make her way back into the cargo hold. Instead, she was still by the stern of the ship with her head leaning over the edge and she would throw up every now and again. Under normal circumstances, she would never have allowed herself to be in a situation like this. But her determination to reunite with her son spurred her on and she just kept thinking to herself that this would all be worth it in the end. The moment that she had her son back in her arms, she would truly be happy again.

When night came, there were many who were worried that there would be another pirate ship who would try and board them. Because of this, everyone stayed awake as they were simply too worried to go to sleep. It was nerve-racking for them as everyone onboard feared a repeat of the night before.

As usual, there was a lookout at the bow of the ship but on this night, it was Tahl. When the Captain realised that she didn't need to sleep, he thought that she would be the perfect lookout as there was no danger of her becoming fatigued and falling asleep. Because of this she was placed on lookout duty.

The thoughts of the night before were still evident with her but for now she would stay quiet about it. Instead, she stuck with her task as she knew how important it was. If there was anything that might cause them problems, she was to inform the captain as soon as possible. Especially if it was another pirate ship.

One thing that Tahl couldn't see was that Lucy was trying to get some sleep near the stern of the ship. It was quite a chilly night and she would have felt cold but thankfully she had been given a spare sail. The giantess had used this as blanket and even to her own gigantic size, it was much bigger than her.

The fabric was fairly thin, but it would be enough to keep the giantess warm throughout the night. This time, Macrona was nowhere in sight as she had chosen to try and sleep below deck where it was warmer. Although like the others, she was very tired but found herself unable to sleep.

The tiny woman could remember how she had been flung into the ocean the previous night. Although she wasn't in danger of drowning or freezing to death, but there was a good chance that she would have been left adrift for many, many years. There was even a good chance that she would never see dry land again. This was something that had scared her since she thought that if that had taken place, then she would never be able to restore her true height. Then she could walk through the ocean without getting her knees wet.

If it had not been for Tahl, then this fear would have likely been realised but the speedster had put her own life on the line in order to rescue her. Although the tiny woman couldn't really express it, she was thankful for what the speedster had done for her but didn't think that she should say anything about it. She feared that this would only lead to her being hugged once again. The tiny woman might have been bigger, but she still wasn't strong enough to be able to break free.

When morning came, it was a great relief for everyone as they knew that they had survived the night. Thankfully it was far less eventful as the previous as it had just been a simple voyage as was expected. Everyone on board was still tired as they hadn't really slept, they had all been on edge and it seemed like it was for naught. With the power of hindsight, they would have seen that there was no need to stay awake, but with everything that had taken place, they had simply been too nervous to sleep.

Not long after dawn, an island was spotted just off the bow. It was a very large island and even from a distance, they could see a couple of ships travelling towards it. This did make the Captain smile as he knew that they were very close to their destination. What they were seeing was indeed the Isle of Ferins.

Upon hearing the news, Lucy was able to use a lot of willpower in order to move herself closer to the bow so that she could see their destination. Even from a distance, she thought that it looked to be quite tropical. She remembered travelling to the Caribbean once when she was younger and the Isle of Ferins looked very similar to islands that she had witnessed during her trip.

Seeing the island did make her smile as there were two important things that she remembered. One was that she was one step closer to returning home and to her son Toby. This was the most important matter on her mind, but she was also glad to think that she would be on dry land in the very near future. Only then would her seasickness go away. But then it gave her another worrying thought. This was notion that there still needed to be the return trip.

With the Isle of Ferins in sight, the Captain and his remaining crew began to prepare for docking. Since they were attacked by pirates, they were behind schedule and they knew that their employer wouldn't be happy about this. They just hoped that he would understand given the circumstances. But there was a chance that they would suffer some harsh penalties for this.

The Captain wanted to blame Lucy and her companions for what had taken place but ultimately he knew that he couldn't'. Even if they hadn't been on board, it was likely that they would have been boarded anyway. The situation could have been far worse if they hadn't of been onboard. There was a chance that they would have all been killed and their precious cargo would have been stolen. Even though it had led to the demise of three of his crew, it was certainly the lesser of two evils.

Everyone was on deck as they saw the island seemingly grow in front of them as they slowly sailed closer and closer towards it. To all of them, they were just glad that this voyage was coming to an end. Although there was one thing that they noticed that was just over the horizon.

This was some dark clouds that were just above. There was still strong sunlight but this was soon covered by the clouds as the day became dimmer than it had a few moments before. It was only a couple of minutes after this when the first raindrop fell. It was only a few at first, but it wasn't long before it became a downpour.

To the people on board, this didn't really bother them as this was nothing in comparison to what they had been through. Thankfully it wasn't a tropical storm which would cause them grief, but instead just normal rain. Such a thing was expected in an environment such as this so it was not seen as out of place.

Unfortunately, everyone quickly found themselves to be soaked before long but none of them wanted to go below deck. This was because the sight of the Isle of Ferins was too tempting for them to step away. Many of them did go to their position so that they could bring the ship into the port. This included Tilano and Tahl who had been given their instructions and now had to carry them out to the best of their abilities.

Slowly but surely the ship continued on its way to the Isle of Ferins, after everything that they had been through, they were all looking forward to docking up and spending some time off of the ship. The Captain knew that he would have to recruit some more sailors before they could leave. This wouldn't be too hard of a task as there were always sailors who were looking out for work.

None of them were going to forget this voyage in a hurry and especially for Lucy, she didn't want to be on another ship for as long as she lived, even though there she had the return trip to worry about. Also due to her size, she struggled to shield herself from the heavy rain but to her it wasn't as important. Instead, her main focus was trying to prevent herself from throwing up again, a task much more difficult than it seemed.

Now all she could do was hope that they find what they were looking for or else this would have been a completely wasted trip. With everything that they had gone through, a wasted trip was probably the worst outcome that could happen. But there was still plenty that could happen between now and when they left the Isle of Ferins, it was unlikely that it too would be unforgettable.