Emily had just finished looking up old and abandoned places for her to investigate with her sister and some friends. She had found a website about an old school nearby which she decided would be a great place for them to investigate. She immediately told her sister and they made arrangements for the whole group to meet up to discuss it.

Two days later, everyone was sitting on the comfy chairs and sofa in Sarah's conservatory. They were discussing if they should investigate the school Emily had found.

"Okay, but why should we go to MooresVille Academy?" James asked as soon as Emily and Jenifer had finished explaining

"I literally just told you. Were you even listening to me?" Emily asked as Jenifer sighed.

"Firstly, they said it's an old, abandoned school. Second, Emily just said that some of the students never left the school. Poof. Gone." Tina, James' younger sister, explained.

"Anything else?" Sarah asked as she finished writing down all the information they said.

"The website said that two people who investigated last year got an EVP saying 'run' and one got scratched. The site also says that a teacher there went insane" Derek said looking up from his phone.

"Did people say anything about shadows or anything else out of the ordinary?"

"There isn't much about that. One of the guys said they think they saw something but wasn't sure. Oh, there's one comment that says ' The Paranormal Club should definitely check out this place' so I say we do it" Derek replied

"Well, if no one objects, I say we meet at the usual place around twelve on Saturday, that way we can get lunch before James and Alicia drive us out to the school. " Emily said before asking if Derek would drive in his car with the heavier equipment, which he agreed to. After finalising a few more details they went out and got some food in town before everyone headed home