"Okay. So right now it is… two-forty-five and we are about to enter the building" Alicia say as she turns the camera to face to old school, then shows the surrounding area "As you can see, we're in the middle of nowhere" she finishes as she shows all the trees and the worn down driveway before walking up the crumbling steps in front of the school.

"So, you know, if the Easter bunny wants a fight, we're screwed" Derek jokes as he goes in front of the camera. James opens the door, causing most of the group to shudder as it screeches open on the rusted hinges.

"Geez. Sounds like James, when that thing popped up during that movie last week" Sarah bluntly states to the camera Alicia had pointed at her.

"Does not"

"It really does" Tina says going inside

"So, if you're new to this chanel, we like to arrive at the location a few hours before sunset so we can look around and decide where to place some of the equipment" Alicia says as she walks into the main entrance "This place is covered in dust. Damn"

"What's wrong?" Tina asks

"We forgot the masks"

"The dust isn't too bad. I'm sure it will be fine" William says.

"So the best way to check the place out is split into two groups, one goes left, one goes right. Meet back here in twenty to pick a base. How does that sound?" Alicia asks looking around the dusty room with cracks and dead looking vines snaking up the wall.

"Looks welcoming doesn't it. Who wouldn't want to stay here?" Derek jokes


" We are currently on our way to the location we decided to make the main base for the investigation. As you can see, Emily, Tina and Derek have already gone ahead to set up the monitors. We think it's was used as a teachers lounge when it was a school, but we're not too sure on that. We could be wrong." Jenifer says holding the camera to show the hallway as she crushes the leaves beneath her.

"I think when we get back, we're going to decide where to put some of the cameras and digital recorders. I think we should…" Alicia trails off as she trips

"Careful. There's a branch" James states

"You don't say. " she replies sarcastically. " Anyway, as I was saying. I think we should put a camera in the west hallway and this hallway"

" For anyone wondering, we are currently in the hallway of the girls dorm. Apparently the school tried to cover up a girl's suicide by saying she fell out of a window whilst playing" Sarah tells the camera


The room that they had decided to make their main base was located near the old classrooms. They believed it must have been some kind of teachers lounge. It had a huge window covered in a blanket of webs and the old wooden frame had almost completely rotten away. The cracking wall on the left had an empty, broken bookcase in the corner.

Emily, Tina and Derek had just finished setting up their main base in a broken, torn up room when everyone else returns from exploring. They decided to sit around the table and chairs they had placed in the middle of the dull room so they could make a plan for where they would place some of their equipment and what they would be doing for the first part of the investigation.

"Firstly, I think the girls hallway and and the west hallway should have cameras. " says Alicia

"We should also put a night vision in the North hallway. Its where a lot of the children disappeared during night when the school first opened. Also, the girls hallway should also have a digital recorder just in case anything wants to talk" Tina suggests

"We should also place a thermal camera and digital recorder in the room of the insane teacher" William suggests

"Good idea. What else?" Alicia asks, marking it down on a rough map

"We could put a digital recorder in the main entrance and dining hall" Jenifer says as she walks over to her sister

"I think one should go in the small library" Derek says

"Perfect. I say we also put a camera in the kitchen, a classroom and a digital recorder in the main entrance" Alicia concludes before turning on the camera and explaining where they were putting the equipment. They decide to film them discussing where each person would go.

Thirty minutes later, everyone knew what they were doing and set alarms on their phones to tell them when to move and where they had to be for the first two hours of the investigation. They decided that around eight they would all go to the dining hall to discuss more and investigate the room and tell more information about the school.


Now that everything has been decided, everyone starts to collect the equipment they will need as Alicia finishes off writing down the plan and making sure everyone has set their alarms. Alicia then picks up a camera and turns it on

"So, right now we know what we are doing for the next few hours and are just about ready to head out. I just checked and the sun is starting to go down now, as you can see" she says pointing the camera to the window "Also, since a lot of you recommend it, we have some walkie talkies this time in case we need to talk to each other. The current plan is, me and Tina will stay here whilst everyone else is out in different rooms and in about an hour Sarah and William will be joining us. Each group has a camera and various equipment and it is almost six, so they will be setting out in a few minutes. So, um, wish them luck guys."

"Hey. Don't make it sound so bad. We'll be fine like we always are." Derek says grabbing a bar of chocolate.

"Okay then, anybody want to say something before they leave?"

"Yeah. Just one thing. More like a question really. What stories do the Easter bunny prefer?" James asks walking over to them.