Sirens wailed

Time seemed to have slowed

I wondered

As I peeked out the car window

A woman,


A man,

So angry

A child,



A passerby

I looked on with curiosity

Their lives

Whether so beautiful

Or unbelievably ugly

Were now engulfed

By hazing flames

Were now bruised

By the monstrous dent

Were now dimmed

By the broken headlights

Were any of them hurt?

Will they have enough money for repairs?

Will the parents fight?

Will the child cry?

Will they ever be the same again?

Its bizarre

How everything could


In one short breath

How everything could

Be overcomed by


Erasing the smiles

Of yesterday

Their lives are broken.

But it doesn't affect me

Their lives aren't mine

I'll drive past the melting metal

The ash-covered skeleton

The burning tires


I'll move on

To me

In the end

They were just

faceless victims

I won't even remember

this night

Yet, to them

This was the night

Screams wailed

Hearts bleed

Tears dropped

Like atomic bombs