In the city of San Jose, California, there are some people going to work or taking their children to the School, the city is the largest in northern California, in a peaceful neighborhood, there lives some people in Naglee Park, one of these houses is the DeLeon residence, whose number is 2580, the home of the DeLeon family, in a bedroom inside the house, there's a girl named Evelyn DeLeon, a 7-year old girl who is a prankster and her older brother, Monty DeLeon, who is 8 years old, he is calm and level-headed, unlike Evelyn, Evelyn loves to play pranks at somebody, especially anyone, Monty is reading a comic book, unknown to him, he gets hit by a water balloon by Evelyn, who giggles.

"Evelyn!" He screamed as he starts to chase her.

Evelyn looked around to find a place to hide until she sees a elevator which takes her to the basement, she gets out and pulls the elevator back to its place before Monty opens it to reveal it's empty, as Evelyn tells him.

"Don't worry! I just cleaned the elevator!" She said.

In a office inside the house, Evelyn and Monty's parents, Mr. and Mrs. DeLeon, are surfing in their laptops, looking for a place before the day of summer, they discovered that their children needs a babysitter to take care of them.

"someone needs a babysitter to babysit our kids." said Mrs. DeLeon. "Monty is the oldest son, and Evelyn is the youngest who play pranks!"

"Hon, we gotta find someone to babysit, a adult, a elder or a teenager or something." said Mr. DeLeon.

"During the summer day?" Mrs. DeLeon asked.

"Yes, Evelyn played pranks at the previous babysitter years ago." Mr. DeLeon continued.

"Who was the previous babysitter?" Mrs. DeLeon asked.

Mr. DeLeon remembered of Evelyn and Monty's former babysitter, a young adult woman named Sandra, who babysit the siblings since he and his wife left to do some shopping, Evelyn and Monty watched their parents leaving in their car, a green 2002 Chevrolet Impala, later on, Sandra is watching TV as she notices Evelyn blowing bubbles at her, blinding her, in the dinner night, Sandra gave the children two slices of pizza, Evelyn puts some mushrooms while they are praying, after the pray, Sandra ends up eating her piece of pizza with mushrooms, she begins to choke uncontrollably as Evelyn chuckles at this, much to Monty's disappointment, however Mr. and Mrs. DeLeon showed up and sees Sandra feeling exhausted after being choked by the mushroom pizza, she tells them that she dislikes mushrooms, Evelyn and Monty looked at each other in shock.