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Chapter 1

Oh shoot! What have I done? How did I do it? 100's of people – innocent people – have died because of me. And I didn't even know I was doing it. The screams are still piercingly loud even when I'm at least 80 miles away from the scene. Yet again, how am I this far away already? I don't remember anything…

I knew from the start that I should have trusted Ryan when he told me he could teach me how to control my powers. Now I fully regret the decision of going solo. I live like a normal 16-year-old girl. On the cheerleading squad, obsessed about boys, make-up and fashion. But a weird thing is the fact that I get A and B grades in all of my subjects when I never study. However, I don't think grades will help me in the situation I'm in now.

One night, I'm in my room painting my nails a deep blood red colour and listening to my favourite song, Cheerleader (obviously), and the next night I've set 2 cars on fire as well as a garden bush! And not with a lighter or cigarette (because I don't smoke) but I remember fire coming out of my hands! It sounds ridiculous but I'm sure it's true.

The first night I did it, Ryan was there. He told me to calm down and that I was safe with him. To me, it looked like he was trying to calm a rabid animal from the afraid look in his eyes. I wasn't sure why he was scared of me at the time. Poor, little Charlotte, in the woods for some odd reason and It looks like he's just seen a ghost. I thought that I was sleep walking, but apparently, I must have been triggered by something that set me off. He explained everything. Who he was, who I am, and that there are things I wouldn't understand unless I let him teach me. That's when I told him to leave me alone and that he is a psycho, out in the woods trying to manipulate me in thinking I was a thing called a "Flaremian". He doesn't even know my name yet he calls me this weird thing? I'd never heard of that before or the thing that he called himself which was an "Externum". Ryan said "Externum's" were the opposite of "Flaremian's" so being partnered with him would have benefited me as he could help me stop setting everything on fire. But, like I said, I didn't believe a thing he said so I ran.

I didn't believe him but I also didn't tell my friends of what happened because they would have kicked me off the squad for definite. Somehow, deep inside my mind and heart, I knew he wasn't lying about what he said. Well, I found out not so long after it was my fault, the fire and all, from the nightmare I had throughout the night. I woke up, screaming for my mom in the morning and she came in, eyes glaring, wondering what on earth was happening. Luckily, I had the restraint not to tell her what I had seen in my dream because she would have gotten another meeting with a therapist for me as "they always solve the problems" so she says.

Last Tuesday I was walking to my ex-boyfriend's house so we could go out to Domino's pizza place or McDonald's and again, I swore that I saw Ryan watching me from the Shell garage on the opposite side of the road. I blinked, and all of a sudden, he was gone… It's not hard to tell what Ryan looks like either. His hair is a bit like an emo's - black, medium length, and it looks so silky in the day, and at night, you can only see the outline of the parted bangs on either side of his face. It makes him look so mysterious, especially when his right side of his face is covered with his hair and his black beanie I saw him wearing on both occasions. And don't even get me started on his eye colour. You can see the ocean in his eyes, the gentle waves send you into a trance. I mean, everything about him is beautiful even down to the shape of his jaw line. He's at least 6ft 3inches tall which means he is like a giant as I'm only 5ft 7 inches, and he is quite skinny, basically average for a teen or young adult (whatever his age is). Overall, he is not too shabby looking even for someone who could come across as an emo without piercings or weird coloured hair which I never usually like but I can make an exception for Ryan.

Brandon, my ex-boyfriend, knew something was up but I didn't tell him anything either because I don't trust him like a typical couple should. However, that's not why we broke up. It was on Wednesday that I broke up with him as we had an argument because he knew I was hiding something from him and he demanded that I should tell him. People say that they can tell when you're lying but I usually get away with it, obviously Brandon wasn't going to let it go easily. Instead of telling him what happened, I said

"I caught you and my best friend making out behind the hill on our playing field!" This was true as it happened 5 months ago but I tried to forget that had happened. He didn't take this lightly.

"Well Charlotte, if you weren't still a virgin and boring, I might not have done it in the first place!" The way he spoke to me, like I was a piece of rubbish under his shoe made me so angry I couldn't help myself.

"At least I don't make a diary of how it went! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I read all of your diary entries? Must have slipped my mind!" Straight away I knew I shouldn't have said it, it has happened too many times to count but it only happens when he doesn't get his way. He slaps me across the face with full force. The pain leaves a tingling sensation on my face but this time, I don't cry, I just say,

"This time, don't come running back to me. I'm done with being your little pet you can abuse when you have a tantrum!" And from there, I walked out of his house and didn't look back. This time, I don't regret my choice.

On the other hand, the thing I do regret is getting angry about it earlier this evening. I was face timing Amelia who is the team captain of our cheerleading squad. Apparently, as soon as I left, he changed his status to single on all of his accounts (which I wouldn't have known as I blocked him on everything) and asked if anyone wanted to go on a date with him. Surely any boy who has just been dumped feels a bit sad. Anyway, for at least one and a half hours, I was ranting to Amelia about him and how much of an ass he was and is. Amelia mentioned after an hour of talking that she had a message of Brandon to see if she would go out with him and that's when things got a bit too much for me to cope. A flood of water was pouring out from my hands, my neck, my forehead. Everywhere was soaked from what must have been sweat. Without further hesitation, I told Amelia that I had to leave as I had left the bath tap running for ages which she obviously didn't believe but I had to escape from the screen as well as her.

I ran and ran until I got to Brandon's house. Just seeing his figure moving across his bedroom window made me so angry I could see red. From that moment, I blanked out until hours after when I woke up with Ryan standing over me.