I was working undercover at an exclusive salan. I had just started a few days earlier, and hadn't as yet come up with my payoff.

A man came into my room, one day. I immediately recognized him—Ron! He's an ex-thief friend who occasionally helps me on jobs.

He also recognized me. He started to talk, but I motioned him to silence. And then I quickly took him out of the room and into a nearby changing room.

"Sorry about that, Ron."

"What's going on, Jenny? And why are you here?"

"I'm on a job." I quickly told him my mission.

"OK. But why did you shoo me away from the room?"

"It's bugged."


"And why are YOU here?"

"I wanted to get one of their 'special massages.' You see, they have this massage where-"

"-Never mind, I know what it is! Say, you might be able to help me, Ron"

"Will I get a massage out of it?"


"I'll be glad to!"

We talked over details. Then we went back into the massage room.


He lied on his stomach and I began kneading his back.

"You're very tense, sir."

"I've been under a lot of stress, lately. I understand you offer a very special massage?"

"Oh, yes. Just a moment, please."

I slipped my shoes off. Then I climbed onto the table and began massaging his back with my feet!

He sighed contently. "Your feet are heavenly!"

I continued the massage for a little while.

"Say, I've got an idea that would make this better," he said.

"And what's that"

"If I was completely nude! Then you can do other parts of my body. And while we're at it, what if you were nude, as well!"

I immediately pushed a white button that was on the table.

A few seconds later, a woman—the spa owner—and a beefy bouncer came into the room! I had, by now, gotten off the table. When he saw them, he also got off.

"What's going on?," the woman demanded.

"This man made a pass at me!," I said. "I was massaging his back with my feet, and he made a very unsavory suggestion to me."

"Is dat so?!," said the bouncer, and he cornered poor Ron!

"I was just kidding around!," he responded. "I'm sorry! Look, I'll just pay for my massage and leave, and you'll never see me here again."

"It's not as simple as that," said the woman. "You insulted one of my girls. I think you should pay a little something to her."

"And if I don't?"

"We have the whole conversation recorded. You wouldn't like your wife hearing it, would you?"

"You mean this place is bugged?"


He sighed. "What do you want?"

"A nice round figure. Let's say. . . $1,000—plus the $100 for the massage, of course!"

"I don't have that kind of money on me!"

"How much do you have?"

He pulled out his wallet. "About $200."

"$100 plus $100 will be fine, for the moment. Oh, and your driver's license, please."

He gave those things to her. She went to her office and returned a couple minutes later. She gave him back his license.

"You can give us the rest of the money next Monday."

"I'll come to your house to collect!," said the bouncer.

"Can I go, now?"

"Yes, you can," said the woman.

He glared at me and left.


Unbeknownst to the spa owner—but known to Ron—I had recorded the whole thing on my own bugging equipment!

The very next day, while I was on duty—the cops made an appearance. They shut down the spa and arrested most of the staff!

I got $5,000 for my work. I gave Ron $2,000 for his help—plus the $200 they took from him!