Self-blinded eyes are glued to minute worlds

That don't even exist anywhere but within them,

Forgetting the one they once saw with unimpeded vision

Through rose-colored glasses.

The one they wanted to change, but gave up on

Because something shattered their lenses and robbed them

Of their sense and senses.

Ears that once perked up at the sound

Of fairytales that lured out the stars and moon

And lullabies that laid the sun to rest

Hear nothing now but the drumbeat of the

Monotonous symphony that their owner composed

Because he was too lazy to add that extra note,

And too uninspired to care.

A voice, once filled with curiosity and the beautiful

Tenor of wonder and awe, burns now with the sting

Of cynicism and doubt that singes every

Throat. No cough drop can mend this sickness,

No matter how much it tastes like candy that

You aren't supposed to be eating.

Sugarcoating doesn't help anyway, right?

Hands were made to create worlds, to touch hearts and

Hold onto dreams so they can't fly away when

The moon sets and the Morning Star winks out.

Not to shoot down birds of a different feather than

We are, or to throw in the towel before the fight's

Even begun, nor should they be used to close doors.

Try opening them for onceā€¦

If nothing else, use them to break away the crust of

Ice around a soul, be it yours or another's, and

With your heart, keep it warm until it no longer

Shivers, but sighs and drifts to sleep in your embrace,

Like a lost child found again. Don't let it go until it

Can stand on its own, and even then, don't stray far.

It may still fall again.