The Gothic girl, first seat, last row,

Next to the window where the Sun pours in

During the last 30 minutes of class

Turns to the budding rapper with

Bleach-tipped dreads and asks him about

That Soul Eater episode last night, to which

He replies, "That was crazy man." And she agrees.

The football player, who won't sit in his desk

To save his life and instead insists on stealing the

Teacher's rolling chair, asks her about that night's

Spanish homework, and she jokingly exclaims,

"¡Qué asco!" before explaining how to conjugate verbs

And where the acentos go.

Her smile drops to a smirk when her eyes,

That can see beauty in the darkest shades, notice

The popular girl staring at her silent phone with

Mascara-coated tears threatening to mar her Barbie

Features. They've never spoken, but she wishes

Hurt upon no one, so the Gothic girl quietly,

As is her supposed nature, gets up and goes to the other side of the room, and asks if she's

Okay. "No," she sighs, "I don't have any friends. Not real ones."

The Good Ol' Boy in the back of the class takes

A swig of his Mountain Dew, and drawls with a

Crooked grin, "I reckon you do." He kicks the desk in front of him for good measure.

And the teacher himself speaks up and, in a snarky

Tone adds, "He's right, for once."