Before was painted blue and dandelion yellow

Autumn wind full of music

Winter forests in the dark

Spring rivers bursting their banks

And moonshine on summer afternoons

This was when I didn't know better

Than to hang my heart on the front door

But I learned

Then came frosted jade and dusty gold

Dogwoods in the courtyard bloomed as we did

We hid from the Sun; we had our own warmth

Until the leaves fell like angels

And winter came very, very early

I should've known better

Sometimes I think I did, that you did,

But didn't admit it

Now there is unearthed amber and firewood smoldering

That lingered through lakeside thunderstorms

Behind velvet curtains swaying in spring air

And trod through the stained-glass leaves of fall

To watch the winter sky throw us useless wishes

By now I know better than to let go so quickly

However, I am beyond willing, if you are,

To unlearn