Down deep in the large castle like abode that Mean Man called home the man himself was working hard. Ever since his latest defeat to the crime fighting duo Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup he had been working on his revenge. In this time, he was certain that he had come up with the best plan to defeat them and finally rule the city. He had attempted this many times but each time Chrissie-Girl would stop him. This annoyed him greatly but now it seemed to all be at an end.

Just when he was finished Mean-Man stepped toward a door and called up to his minion who also lived with him. He had a large smile on his face and he rubbed his hand with glee. The thoughts of his victory were too great in his mind for him to keep a straight face. If anything, he was as excited as Chrissie-Girl was the majority of the time.

A few minutes later his minion did eventually step into the room. However, she was different than almost anyone else on the planet. After their last encounter with Chrissie-Girl she had found herself much taller than normal. Before Mean-Girl had stood at a respectable five foot eleven. Now she was a little over eight feet tall which made doors and some ceilings a problem for her. This door in particular was only a normal one so she had to bend down in order to get through. Thankfully the ceiling was high enough for her to stand at her full height without the fear of her head striking the ceiling.

"What is it?" asked Mean-Girl with a sigh. She was sure that he had come up with a new invention that he thought would lead to his world domination. They had never worked but he would still be undeterred.

"I have created a machine that will finally lead us to our goal of world domination," replied Mean-Man with a mighty voice. He was filled with confidence and he didn't even mind that his clothing was covered in oil.

"Is it a device that's going to make me small again?"

"No, my dear, that ship has sailed." He then grabbed onto the sheet that was covering his machine and he pulled it off quickly. "Behold my latest and greatest creation." With the sheet off Mean-Girl could see that it was a bulky humanoid like robot that she swore that she had seen in some old nineteen fifties B-movies. It had a large head with glowing red eyes and antennas attached to them. The body was also large with several flashing buttons on it's chest with basic hands which were nothing more than those seen in a claw machine. The legs were nothing of interest with blocky feet that made it look cumbersome. It stood at around seven feet in height which still looked short in comparison to Mean-Girl. "So, what do you think? Pretty nifty doesn't you think?"

"I think it's destined for the junk pile." There was a slightly annoyed tone to her voice as she looked down at her employer. "You've spent God knows how many weeks on this thing and this is all you have?"

"Ah but it might look like a hunk of junk but just watch." He then looked up at the robot and smiled. "Mean-Bot take two steps forward."

"Acknowledged," replied the robot in a computerized voice. It then took two steps forward just like it had been commanded it stopped dead in its tracks.

"Is that supposed to be impressive?" asked Mean-Girl who seemed to be becoming more annoyed with each passing moment. "You've created a robot with a less than creative name which can walk forward. I don't know about you but I think Chrissie-Girl is going to find a way to defeat it."

"But there is one important aspect about this machine that will trump everything," answered Mean-Man. His voice was still confident as if his final victory was a mere step away. "It has the capacity to learn and become more intelligent."

"Wait what?" There was some confusion in her voice and also a sense of dread that sent a chill down her very long spine.

"It learns from all it's experiences and increases its effectiveness. It also has the ability to calculate on a scale that no human could ever achieve. It might seem slow and dim-witted now but in a very short while it will become Chrissie-Girl's worst nightmare." He gave an evil chuckle.

"If this thing actually gets smarter doesn't that mean its eventually going to get smarter than you and simply replace you?"

"Of course not, it is programmed to obey my every command. It cannot harm me in any shape or form. Your fears are misplaced."

"Normally whenever I fear something it happens. Remember what happened when I told you not to use real lions in that one plot?"

For a brief moment Mean-Man fell silent as he remembered how he created a helmet that allowed him to control the minds of animals. He had used it to try and get a group of lions to take down Chrissie-Girl. Instead she was able to stop them through kindness and they turned on him. He and Mean-Girl were chased for a couple of miles before they jumped into a river to escape from them. She had told him from the beginning that it was a bad idea but he had gone through with it anyway and he still had some bitemarks that was a constant reminder of what had happened.

"This time is different," said Mean-Man. "Last time I tried to control the mind of an organic being. A mechanical is much easier."

"I don't know," replied Mean-Girl. "I've seen more than enough movies with intelligent killer robots to know a bad idea when I see one. Maybe you should try and fix that size changing device, just so you can shrink me back down to normal. Being eight feet tall was fun for a few days but buying clothes and eating is nothing short of a nightmare. I actually want to be able to go into a room without my head hitting the ceiling."

"But there are so many advantages of you being so tall. First is that you can perform a lot heavier lifting that I could possibly hope. Plus, I can easily spot you in a crowd."

"It's an advantage for you but for me it's horrible." She seemed to be annoyed by this and continued to cross her arms.

"That reminds me of something I've forgot to tell you." He paused for a moment before carrying on. "You're fired."

"Wait what?" This caught her completely by surprised. "I'm fired, but why?" She felt a series of confusion and rage as she spoke.

"Simply put with Mean-Bot up and running now it can perform any task that you can and then some. It won't ask for a raise or vacation time and because of that your services will no longer be needed."

"So, after all that I've done for you, you're just going to cut me loose just like that?" She was becoming more and more enraged with each passing moment.

"It states in your contract that I can terminate your employment whenever I see fit. Thank you for your contributions to my plans of world domination, I will make sure that you have a place in my new world. Not by my side of course but I'm sure there will be something for you."

Mean-Girl wanted to berate him but instead simply turned around and walked away as she knew that if she stayed that she would do something that she was going to regret. She stormed toward the door, she was so enraged that she forgot to duck and because of this her head struck the door frame. She staggered back a little in pain before simply walked ducking through the door and leaving.

Now that she was gone Mean-Man looked to be quite happy with what had happened and he looked up to Mean-Bot. The machine stood there motionless and he couldn't help but chuckle at his accomplishment.

"By this time tomorrow Chrissie-Girl will be defeated and this city along with the entire world will be mine," said Mean-Man. "Soon all will bow down to me and they will call me King Mean-Man." He then began laugh evilly, this continued for several seconds before he realised that Mean-Bot was still silent. This caused him to stop as he realised what he had forgotten to do. "Activate evil laugh two point one." As soon as he did this Mean-Bot began to laugh with its computerised voice. Mean-Man also resumed his laughter as he thought that nothing could stop him.

Meanwhile on the streets of the city a bag snatcher was running away after snatching the bag off a woman. He had been running as fast as he could and he thought that he had gotten away before a small dog stepped in front of him. The dog was a golden retriever puppy but there was something that looked different about him. Not only was he wearing a light blue domino mask but he also had a cape

The bag snatcher knew that this puppy was none other than Remy Jr.-Pup and his fear quickly increased. He knew that whether this puppy was that Chrissie-Girl wouldn't be too far behind. This caused him to try and run in the other direction but just as he turned around he found himself looking at a pair of giant feet.

As he looked up he could see a light blue dress and then he saw the head of Chrissie-Girl who loomed above him. She had recently grown making her thirty-six feet tall now, like her dress her mask was light blue as well as her cape. She still didn't wear any shoes and with the crime fighting duo confronting the thief from two fronts he knew that he stood little chance of escaping.

"Hey," said Chrissie-Girl as she squatted down, even when she did this she still towered above the bag snatcher. "You're being naughty again, I thought that you said that you'd be good from now on."

"I'm sorry," replied the Bag Snatcher. He was trying to think of an excuse to try and fool her. "I was just taking it to be fixed, yeah the bag is ripped so I was going to take it somewhere to get fixed." This caused Remy Jr.-Pup to bark repeatedly, there was some aggression in his voice.

"Remy Jr.-Pup says that you're lying." She didn't seem to be too impressed with what she was seeing as she looked down at him. She lowered her hand to him. "Now give me back the bag that you stole."

The bag snatcher considered his options. He thought about running but it was unlikely that he would be able to get away from both Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup. However, he thought that he could outsmart them. He had been outsmarting people most of his life and today wouldn't be any different.

"Look over there," said the Bag Snatcher. "There's a huge sale on teddy bears just behind you."

"What, where?" replied Chrissie-Girl who turned her head to try and spot what the Bag Snatcher had just pointed out.

This distracted her and the Bag Snatcher ran as fast as his legs could carry him. However, his trick had not worked on Remy Jr.-Pup who had already began to chase him. Although he tried to run as fast as he could he wasn't fast enough to outrun the superhero puppy. He was chased for several seconds until Remy Jr.-Pup jumped and landed on the back of the Bag Snatcher.

This caused him to fall to the ground and the bag that he had taken flew several feet in front of him. There was nothing that he could do as he watched the towering giantess that was Chrissie-Girl step over to him. She looked to see the Bag Snatcher lying on his stomach with Remy Jr.-Pup standing on his back. She squatted down at them and she even gave the puppy a stroke.

"Good work Remy Jr.-Pup," said Chrissie-Girl with a smile on her face. "You're getting a treat later." This caused the puppy to bark a few times with glee as he looked forward to receiving his treat. She then looked at the Bag Snatcher who was still lying there. "And you have been very naughty again, I think going back to prison is the best place for you until you learn to be good."

"P-Please have mercy," replied the Bag Snatcher. He wanted to get up but the he was too exhausted to do so.

"Well ok. But only if you promise that you'll be good from now on."

"Ok, I promise." His tone was that of defeat. "Just please don't send me back to prison, you don't know what happens to people like me there."

"Yeah, they get a lot of hugs and it makes them a better person." She then looked at Remy Jr.-Pup for a moment who was still sitting there and bobbing his tongue out. "Ok puppy dog, you can get off of him now." Without any hesitation Remy Jr.-Pup did step off of the Bag Snatcher and he got back to his feet.

No sooner had he done this he quickly began to move away from the giant superheroine. He She did pick up the bag that he had stolen and within a minute was able to find the owner who was more than happy to take it back. She was happy that she had been able to help out but she also thought that it was best to go back home now. She was tired and all of her superhero antics had drained the energy from her.

Quickly she picked up Remy Jr.-Pup and began to walk away with him in her hand. She walked what to her was a relatively short distance back to the mansion where she lived along with her faithful butler Remy. She didn't waste any time going inside and taking off her mask and cape. When she did this she had transformed from Chrissie-Girl to Chrissie, an average gigantic girl. Even though she had been a superhero for some time now her secret identity was still intact.

Remy the Butler had been enjoying a small dinner to himself when he heard Chrissie come back. He knew that any chance that he had of peace and quiet was completely gone, he tried to eat his food as quickly as he could but he soon heard his name called out. He just gave a sigh and got up from the table. With some reluctance he walked over to where Chrissie was, she was in the front room playing with Remy Jr. The puppy was continuing to bark with joy as he was having fun with her.

"What is it?" asked Remy without any enthusiasm in his voice.

"Hi Remy," replied Chrissie in her usual cheerful tone. "I just wanted to see how you are, I haven't seen you since I came back."

"You've only been back for two minutes." He gave another sigh, he wanted to be annoyed at her but he couldn't when she was smiling at him like this.

"I know but I missed you so much when I was out." She then picked him up and quickly gave a hug. He could do nothing to stop it as she thrust him against her chest and embraced the hug with enough force to keep him in position but not to hurt him. He could do nothing but wait for the hug to end. "You're the best butler a girl could ask for, you make me so happy."

Remy tried to say something back but his words were muffled by the fabric of her clothing. She didn't seem to notice this as she was simply enjoying the hug. She did eventually decide to break it off as she suddenly remembered something. She lifted him up to her level and she continued to smile.

"Oh, I almost forgot, tomorrow is a very special day," said Chrissie with some excitement in her voice.

"It's not your birthday, that was last month," replied Remy. He was glad to be able to catch his breath again.

"No silly, it's Remy Jr.'s birthday." This got a couple of barks out of the small puppy who remained close by. "We're going to have a big party for him so that he can have the best birthday ever."

"When you say a big birthday party do you mean one that will just be the three of us?" He didn't seem to be too impressed with what had been said and instead remained there with his arms crossed.

"Of course not, I've invited every puppy in the city to come. Remy Jr. is going to have the best birthday party ever."

"Wait, how the heck has you invited every puppy in the city? How is that even humanly possible?"

"I sent out invitations to all of them."

"How? You can't read or write." He was becoming more and more confused with each passing moment.

"I made my own puppy language and wrote it in that. This means they'll read it and they'll all come for the party."

"Oh." He gave a sigh of relief as he knew that none of the puppies would be coming. A mansion full of puppies would be a nightmare for him but now he didn't have to worry about it. "Sure, they'll come, but in the meantime it's time for you to get something to eat. You can't go out being a superhero and not eat in the meantime."

"Ok, so what's for dinner? I fancy a burger today; do we have any of those left? Maybe some cheese along with it as well."

"I'll take a look, if you wouldn't mind taking me to the kitchen."

Chrissie smiled at him and began the short walk to the kitchen with Remy Jr. following on the ground below. It only took her a few moments to get to the kitchen. Like everything else in the mansion, it had been scaled up to Chrissie's size. There were several steps so that he could get to the top of things and grab whatever he needed. They quickly went over the freezer and Chrissie opened it up with ease.

Inside was a large stack of various food that was capable of feeding the sweet giantess for a fairly long time. Some of the food had even been specially scaled up to her size which made cooking it both easier and harder at the same time. The burgers inside were such a food that had been scaled up.

Giving her instructions Remy told her how to begin to cook the burgers which she was more than happy to do. She would giggle every now and again while she did it as she felt that she was doing all of this by herself. The truth was because of the extreme size of the burger and ingredients Remy would have had a difficult time doing it himself.

Allowing Chrissie to do this made his life a little easier and he could see that she was enjoying what she was doing. It did take them several minutes to complete everything but by the time they were done she had a perfectly edible burger. This made her feel very happy and she couldn't help but smile.

The brave puppy Remy Jr. wasn't left out as he was given some premium dog food along with some treats that he more than deserved. He jumped up and down several times as he waited for his food to be placed on the ground. When it was he quickly went over to it and began to eat as much as he could. It was very delicious and he enjoyed every bite that he was taking.

Despite the happiness that Chrissie was experiencing she had no idea what Mean-Man was planning. So far none of his plans had actually gone correctly so Remy in particular wasn't worried. However, they didn't realise that he had created something that was not only a threat to the crime fighting duo but also the entire world.

For now, rather than worrying about him Chrissie just thought about unicorns and rainbows. She had only seen one and not the other which did disappoint her but she was sure that one day that she'd see a unicorn. Even if she did she didn't think that it would be as cute as Remy Jr. who was still eating his food right next to her. It was taking all of her willpower to not just pick him up and hug him.