Royal court - The capital.

Judge: Guilty!

A judge banged his gavel on the stand as he sentenced another poor soul to death. The court and its people celebrated as the court handed its verdict down. The gallery clapped as it mostly made of aristocrats who had a sadistic view of justice and enjoyed the antics of this court.

Caesar: Another runt put to death….

Caesar was in the audience and he watched the trial with boredom. He always came to the royal courthouse when he was bored and wanted to pass the time. He sat in a specialized booth at the end of the courtroom, which was custom made to suit all of his needs

Pastrami: My liege….

Caesar's royal knight - pastrami came through the entrance to the booth.

Caesar: Pastrami! What are you doing here? I sent you out to guard the treasury!

Pastrami: I'm sorry milord but I merely could not obey that order.

Caesar: Why not?

Pastrami: because to be honest with you milord, I am concerned with your wellbeing.

Caesar: You're worried about me? Pah.

Caesar sighed and slumped down in his chair.

Pastrami: Of course I'm worried about you milord. It's literally my job to be. I am your knight afterall.

Pastrami knelt down next to the sullen king.

Pastrami: I am your knight milord. Please tell me your woes.

Caesar: *Sigh* I'm not worried about anything, pastrami. In fact, its the exact opposite - I'm ecstatic.

Caesar exclaimed.

Caesar: Over the past few days, I've gotten some wonderful news.

Caesar: Alexia has been captured, She's being held at saint moyers castle and will be transported back to the capital in one day's time.

Pastrami: That sounds excellent milord-

Caesar: That's not all!

Caesar: - In about a week, Anemone and Dane will be tried in this very courtroom.

Caesar rubbed his hands together.

Caesar: I'll certainly enjoy their trial and sentencing!

Caesar: Everything seems to be going well for me.

Caesar: -And yet…. I still feel some undeserved passion.

Pastrami: Passion, milord?

Caesar: Yes, Passion. A passion for justice.

Caesar took a deep breath in and leaned back in his chair.

Caesar: I can't wait for Anemone and Dane to go on trial.

Caesar: -But I'll feel even more satisfied when alexia is put in my dungeon.

Caesar fiendishly said.

Pastrami: ….

Caesar: Sorry, Did I go too much on a tangent?

Pastrami: No, Milord. May I just ask a question?

Caesar: What is it?

Pastrami: Why is it that you are so-

The two of them were interrupted by the sound of clanking metal. It sounded like someone was running towards them.

Pastrami: Get down, Milord.

Caesar: …..

Caesar bowed his head down and pastrami pulled out his longsword.

Knight: My king!

The person running towards them turned out to be a regular guardsman.

Pastrami: Egads sir! You scared the living daylights out of us.

Knight: S-Sorry.

He apologized.

Caesar: What is it that you want?

Knight: M-My king! There is something outside that needs your urgent attention!

The knight declared.

Caesar: What is so important that you must barge in my hold like a madman?

Knight: I cannot say… A dire message was nearly passed on to me from one of the gate guards.

Caesar: Is there nothing else you can tell me?

Knight: I don't believe so. All I got was vague rambling about something happening on castle grounds and the king needing to come immediately.

Caesar at pastrami who had put away his blade. It was a glare saying a bunch of words but none at all. Pastrami looked away and sighed.

Caesar: *sigh* I suppose there is nothing else for me to do.

He got up from his seat.

Pastrami: Milord? Are you going to go out there?

Caesar: What else am I to do, Pastrami?

He smirked.

Caesar grabbed his overcoat and stood up from his chair. He looked at pastrami before walking out of the booth. He knew no more about the situation than the knight but he still went forward. The tide of the situation hadn't been yet clear, but no matter what he was going out there to face it.