Their Sin
The world is against them, but as long as they have each other...

Evelyn has a beautiful voice.

Noah leans against the doorframe as he listens to his sister play on her harp and sing like the world depends on her song. The coolness from the wall and tiles soak through Noah's skin, but it does nothing to calm the fire burning within.

It's been like this for… how long? Years, at least. Noah can't remember a time when he didn't love his sister; from the moment their mother announced her pregnancy, Noah promised his unborn brother or sister he would protect them. And then when she announced he would have a little sister, the desire to protect went tenfold.

And then she was born. Evelyn's eyes were a light red, similar to their father, and hair bright as the sun. Noah remembers standing on his tiptoes to get a better view of his new sibling, and reaching in to touch her. Evelyn's small fingers held on to his index finger like her life depended on it, and it was then Noah decided: no one would hurt Evelyn or they'd pay dearly.

They did everything together. Noah inserted himself in everything Evelyn did, and she never seemed to mind, not once. She would give him a wide, happy smile when he approached her, then run until she literally fell in his arms. Noah snickers to himself at the memory of spinning Evelyn around and the giddy laughter erupting from the depths of her spirit.

In the beginning, their parents appeared to be happy their children were getting along so well. But it all changed when Noah was fifteen and Evelyn thirteen. They caught Evelyn kissing her brother, and normally this wouldn't be a huge issue-but it was a liplock, and this snapped their mother and father.

Mira grabbed her daughter, telling her what she did wasn't right and siblings didn't do those things. And Kou smacked Noah across the face, yelling how he shouldn't have let Evelyn do such a thing. All the while, Evelyn cried for Noah, reaching towards him.

Noah tried to fight through his father and mother to get to her, but Mira dragged her away and Kou gave him a final slap before following. That night, they approached him, and told him he had three hours to get out and never come back.

Somehow, someway, Evelyn managed to get away from their parents, and burst into Noah's room, grabbing onto him and wailing. I don't want you to go!, she said. Don't leave me with them!

Her desperate cries made Noah's stomach turn as he grabbed onto Evelyn and held her close. With a final kiss to her hair, Noah vowed one thing, I will come back and get you someday. Wait for me.

It took three years, but Noah never broke a promise to his beloved sister. They had moved away, likely trying to throw Noah off their trail, but if he's one thing, it was smart. He tracked them down and confronted them. It wasn't pretty, and blood was spilled through punches, but Noah took Evelyn away from them.

As Noah drove Evelyn farther and farther away, her small hands never loosened on their death grip of her brother's. Crystal tears fell down her cheeks, but a content smile rested on her countenance. The drive was silent, but no words needed to be sad.

Noah pulled in his driveway, and the second the car turned off, Evelyn flew between the seats and held on to Noah. Her tiny shoulders shook with the force of her sobs, and Noah let out a gentle sigh, tangling his fingers within bright blonde tresses and whispering words of reassurance.

Eventually, Evelyn calmed, and she looked at him. Her mascara was running and she sniffled constantly, but Noah didn't care; he took her chin between his thumb and index finger. Running his thumb across her lower lip, Noah leaned in just as Evelyn did, and their lips connected.

The sparks that exploded within their stomachs was beyond compare. Despite the messiness of the kiss and the overall grossness of it, it felt as if everything was alright again. Noah gently prodded Evelyn's lips, to which she opened them, and their tongues danced.

When Noah pulled away, Evelyn was blushing, her cheeks a vibrant shade of pink as she panted. Patting her on the head, Noah stepped out, the warm summer air caressing his skin. The wind blew his short hair, but Evelyn's longer locks had more trouble, and she grumbled as she tried to fix it.

That was two years ago. Noah was twenty now and three years in university, while Evelyn, eighteen, was still trying to decide what she wanted to do as a career. It was a happy lull for the both of them. Whenever Noah came home from school, Evelyn would be waiting for him with a hot meal and lazy smile, and they would share a tender kiss before Noah dug in and told her of his day.


Blinking, Noah looks around before his eyes rest on Evelyn. She giggles and pats his cheek, an amused glint in her eyes. "You were watching me and then spaced out. What were you thinking?"

"About you," Noah states, bluntly, causing Evelyn to stutter and blush. "I was wondering when I fell in love with you… but I realized I've loved you even before you were born."

"C-C'mon Noah, that's so cheesy, even for you!"

"Why lie?" Chuckling at the embarrassment muttering from his sister, Noah smooths back bright blonde tresses and smiles a little. "You should know I'm not a man for lies."

"Haha… yeah, you always were honest. I made the first move, sure, but I could tell. Your eyes gave away the love you had for me." Evelyn nuzzles into Noah's touch and laughs quietly. "Even if your lips lie, your eyes never will."

"Hmm… I'm not entirely sure if that's a good thing," Noah muses, continuing to ruffle his sister's hair. "But if it's what led us to this point, it did one good thing."

Evelyn sighs in content. She grabs Noah's hand and kisses his knuckles, then leans up to give his lips a chaste peck. "I love you, big brother. I always will."

"I love you as well, my darling little sister," Noah replies, lifting her up. Evelyn squeaks and wraps her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. "And I won't let you forget it."

Noah walks until Evelyn is plush against the wall, then devours her mouth with his own. Evelyn lets out a tiny moan into their kiss as Noah's erection presses against her opening, and in response, tightens her thighs around his waist.

A thin line of saliva connects their lips as Noah pulls away, and he wets his, tasting the distinct strawberry chapstick Evelyn always uses. Evelyn's small breasts press against her brother's chest as she pants, cheeks bright red, and she lets out a small giggle when Noah walks them to their room.

It's average size and has different decorations to show each sibling's tastes. Noah gently lowers Evelyn on their queen sized bed, then makes to worship her body with his mouth, teeth, and tongue.

Her thin, pink, spaghetti strap shirt is the first to go, Evelyn lifts her arms to let Noah take it off, and she's left in black lingerie. Noah arches a brow, and Evelyn laughs, grinning a bit.

"I had a feeling this would happen… and I wanted to please you. Hence this."

"You know me well," Noah praises. "I almost hate to take it off…"

Noah lifts his head to nip, lick, and suck at Evelyn's neck, and she lets out a little mewl as he marks her skin. When he's done, a bright red hickey and teeth marks rest against Evelyn's peach skin, and he smirks at his handiwork. "Now no one will dare try to claim you as theirs."

Evelyn lets out an exaggerated sigh. "Brother, please. Even if they did, I'd tell them I have a boyfriend and leave it at that."

"Oh? I like that. Boyfriend." Noah's hands wander as he speaks, and nimble fingers find Evelyn's nipples, and he gently pulls and rubs them, warm laughter erupting from his chest when Evelyn moans and arches her back.

The flimsy lingerie comes off quite easily, and when her chest is exposed, Noah lowers himself further. One hand cups Evelyn's right breast and massages while his tongue licks her left; the dual sensations make his sister a mess as saliva drips from the corner of her mouth as she squirms and moans.

Noah continues to worship Evelyn's chest for a few more moments before licking a path down her stomach until he reaches her jean shorts. He undoes the button with his teeth and pulls down the zipper, then pulls them down, pleased to see Evelyn decided against wearing underwear.

"You really want to please me, don't you?" Noah teases, giving her stomach a little bite. Evelyn makes a little squeaking sound as Noah's mouth goes even lower, until he's inches away from her vagina. Licking his lips, his tongue darts out to taste her, and Evelyn screams when he nibbles and sucks at her clit.

While he's eating her out, Noah takes two fingers and gently inserts them into her vagina, lazily pushing them in and out while he continues to nip and suck on her. Evelyn barely lasts a minute, she lets out a loud yell as she cums, body trembling with the aftershock of her orgasm.

Noah gives a final lick before pulling away, a small smile on his lips. "You usually last longer than that, dear sister…"

"I…" Evelyn licks her own lips and looks at him, eyes dark with lust. "I couldn't stop thinking about you all day…"

"Oh? You should have come to me sooner. I wouldn't have made you suffer so long."

"I know." Evelyn grins a little. "Now get undressed and penetrate me."

Hearing such sinful words fall from his sister's lips is all Noah needs; stripping off his tank top and shorts, he presses his body against Evelyn's and smashes their lips together. Twin moans fall from their lips as Noah shamelessly grinds against Evelyn, the tip of his penis pressing against her vagina.

When Noah pulls away, Evelyn is left a panting mess, her tongue constantly wettening her lips. This tells Noah all he needs to know, as he guides his cock into her pussy, and moans at the wet tightness clenching around him.

Noah starts a lazy pace, the sounds of skin slapping together the sole sounds besides the squeaking bed. Noah kisses Evelyn, gentler than before, and their tongues rub together as he starts a faster pace. Evelyn bounces as her brother pounds into her, and she tilts her head back, breaking the kiss as she mewls.

"N-Noah, haaaaah…"

"Ghh… E-Evelyn…!"

Noah thrusts a few more times into Evelyn before he cums into her, cock pulsing as he unloads. Evelyn squeals as she cums as well, her juices coating Noah's erection.

Pants escape as Noah rolls over until he's facing Evelyn, a content, lazy smile on his face. He reaches forward and smooths back her sweat slicked fringe, and kisses her forehead.

"Thank you for loving me, Evelyn."

Evelyn takes his hand and gives him her own smile.

"You're welcome."