My Best Friend


The day we met

Best day

I ever had

First time you saw me

I am alone and no one likes me

But you approach me

Telling me your name

And asking me

"What is my name?"


We became close friends

You are the first true friend

I thought I will never had

And forever I will be alone and sad

As the friendship progress

You and I became best friends


We talked everyday

The day we had

Sharing or exchanging

Feelings and thoughts

Whatever it was

Doing even the silliest things

When we are together

Happy and contented

To be with each other


When I am mad and wanting to rant

You always listened while soothing my back

You are always there for me

When I am feeling lost and lonely

You give me a huge hug and comforted me

Supporting me liked a mother

You act as my big sister

Even though I am a month older


In my life

It is the first time

Felt a genuine love

That once I never had

And I will thank you for that

For sharing your love and trust