I had a long couple of weeks and that's where this came from. I hope that people can't relate but they probably can.

What do you do with the in-between moments?

The moments when you're tired but you can't sleep,

The moments when you're hungry but the thought of eating makes you sick to your stomach,

The moments when your emotions are right at the edge waiting to spill out but you can't handle letting them out so you hold them in,

The moments when you're so desperately lonely you want to cry but you have no one to help you.

The moments when you want to be able to break down and be weak and let someone hold you but you can't risk it,

The moments when you feel nothing and there is no emotion but at the drop of a pin you'll shatter,

The moments when all you want to do is stop and you want the world to stop but you also don't because if the world stops you'll have to deal with everything,

What do you do with those?