Sylvie and Hugo ran up the stairs wearing the clothes they wore to their reception. It was the moment they had been spending all their virgin lives waiting for. Everyone knew to give them their privacy.

When they reached the door to Hugo's room, he allowed his new wife to open the door for him since she could use technopathic abilities to open it without touching the knob.

Hugo gazed upon her in wonder as they walked in together. As a newly-orphaned Senegalese 15-year-old, Hugo fell in love with the 20-year-old blond French beauty, but he figured that she would never look in his general direction. For five years, she didn't.

Hugo understood why. He was never exactly normal. He had red eyes that glowed when he used his pyrokinesis. To make matters worse, Hugo's skin was always burning. He burned anyone who tried to touch him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His skin was hot because it heated the fire inside his body he needed to attack or fly. He was also quiet, introverted, angry, and depressed, but then again, so was she.

Sylvie was always shy, and she had every reason to be. Her classmates were always jealous of her. They mocked her for her abilities as well as her "outdated" Catholic faith. That convinced her that keeping to herself was the best option to shield herself from the world. She put up a wall like her culture and her parents taught her to, so she was lonely and hated but never hurt. That was one thing she and her new husband had in common.

The apocalypse was ironically the best thing that could have happened to them both. Their parents died, and they had to flee to the states to find their mutual family friends and a good place to hide. But, they found each other and a church community that taught them it was okay to bear their souls. They had been adopted into a spiritual family. They found true friends. Then, they eventually found each other.

Neither of them could understand God's plan, and neither of them could explain their circumstances. They didn't bother. It was not theirs to figure out anyway. All Hugo and Sylvie knew was that their lives brought them to this, a blessing neither of them thought they could have, and that was worth it all.

Hugo shut the door behind him but left it unlocked. Sylvie shut the blinds and laid on the bed with an excited giggle escaping from her mouth. She was as happy as a kid in a candy store. She had every right to be. They were both virgins.

Hugo turned to her with a worried look on his face. Every part of his body burned. He walked over and sat on the bed next to her.

"Are you sure you want this, Sylvie?" Hugo asked. "I will hurt you. I will burn you alive. Roscoe might not even be able to bring you back. And for what? Something as base as…?"

Sylvie put her finger over her lips and reached for something in her bra. Hugo watched in confusion.

"I 'ave a wedding present, lover," Sylvie said with a calm smile belying her excitement. "We found some during our bachelorette party…"

Sylvie pulled out a little package. It was a condom. Hugo smiled and almost cried in happiness.

"Where…?" Hugo asked excitedly. "How did you find this?"

"We found a gas station with several boxes worth in storage," Sylvie said matching his enthusiasm. "I wanted to make it, so you had nothing to worry about."

"You are so thoughtful."

"Mon amour, I spend my days speaking to computers and robots. If there is one thing I know how to do, it is being logical. Maintenant, as they say in New Orleans, que les bons temps roulent!"

Hugo smiled, took the condom from her hand, started unbuttoning his pants and said, "Okay, but I will burn you with my kisses."

"That will just make it more exciting."

"You have dirty thoughts, virgin."

"Like you, I've been only waiting to share them. Maintenant, que les bons temps roulent!"

Hugo smiled, jumped on top of his wife, threw off his jacket, held her with his warm gloved hands, and said about an inch from her face, "Que les bons temps roulent."