The group spent the next several hours enjoying food, drink, and videogames in the community center's reception area.

Mayor Nathan was playing a fighting game shot on a large screen projector with a bunch of adolescent kids that he and his wife had almost officially adopted.

Nathan was going easy on the other players without making it too easy for them. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy enough.

"Nathan!" a young Cherokee woman with her baby resting in a baby carrier on her chest said amidst the protest of other young adults and teenagers. "I thought you said you would go easy on us."

"What are you talking about, Sarah?" Nathan replied with a cocky smile. "That was easy."

"I think you're using your blessing on us," a red-headed teenage boy with a Scottish accent replied.

"I am not," Nathan replied. "You all just suck."

"Then show us the replay," the teenager retorted.

"Okay, Sheamus," Nathan replied selecting the playback feature on the game. "If that's what'll make you happy."

Nathan smiled as the kids gathered around the screen to watch for any signs of their adopted Dad allegedly cheating, but to their chagrin, they found nothing.

"Argh!" Sheamus whined. "I was so sure you'd cheated."

"Maybe you'd win if you focused more on your technique than whining," Nathan said with a playful jab as he moved his wheelchair over to where drinks were being served.

There were fresh-delivered soft drinks sitting in a red cooler on top of the table.

His niece Sarah followed Nathan over and grabbed him a soda since everyone else was socializing.

"I wish they'd stop accusing you of cheating," Sarah said with a smile. "You've been alive since videogames were first invented. Of course, you're good at them. I think you should use your blessing to mess with them."

Nathan nodded in thanks and said, "There's no need for that. Someone who abuses their power doesn't deserve it in the first place. By the way, your daughter has a dirty diaper and is about to start fussing in a minute. I can smell it from over here."

Sarah just gave a quick "thanks" and power-walked away as quickly as her sandals would allow to find her diaper bag.

Nathan took a sip of his soda and enjoyed the taste. The simple taste of carbonated sugar water was a pleasure he missed when society collapsed and he was glad that the companies had found their footing again.

Nathan then moved his wheelchair over to where his wife was sitting with their new town members.

"Hello there," Nathan said moving his chair to the table where they were all talking. "I'm not interrupting anything. Am I?"

"We were talking about you actually, dear husband," Hilda said in her sweet, sarcastic tone that let Nathan know he had screwed up somehow.

"Me," Nathan replied with a curious grin on his face. "What did I do?"

"You forgot to add on the slide that I eventually graduated nursing school," Hilda complained with fake scorn. "I just had to finish explaining to these men that I wasn't just a housewife after I had the kids."

"I'm sorry, babe," Nathan replied before adding. "But isn't fixing the slideshow your responsibility? It's on your laptop."

Hilda had a dumbfounded look on her face as the two new inhabitants failed to conceal their snickers.

"Well, you should have reminded me," Hilda retorted facetiously.

"I'm not a mind-reader, honey," Nathan said leaning over to give her a kiss. "That's not my gift."

"UNCLE NATHAN!" Sarah said rushing over with her baby and diaper bag in her arms. "Someone new's here! I just saw them coming. I think they're in trouble."

Nathan and Hilda gave each other a knowing look as Hilda stood up and Nathan followed behind her in the chair.

"Sarah, who is it?" Hilda asked.

"Why are they in trouble?" Nathan asked.

"I don't know," Sarah said. "But I saw the look in their eyes. They look scared like someone is chasing them."

"I gotcha," Nathan replied powering his chair. "Where did you see them?"

"At the gas station down the road," Sarah replied.

"Got it," Nathan said speeding away with Hilda following behind him. "You change your baby's diaper. We'll handle this."