The bar was called the whistle stop, he took a seat near the back but not before going to the bar and ordering two beers. He took out his pen and started to hit it. When his beers arrived he was already a little gassed from his pen and was excited to taste the local micro brews they have.

After his beers he felt a lot better. He wanted to get to the bottom of his would be assassination. He picked his phone out from his coat and dialed his lady friend Mara to see if she would like to join him for a drink. His ribs pulsed with pain but after a few more it would dull. This isn't the first time he's been shot with a vest on.

Mara answered her phone with a smokey voice, "Hello, Rey?". "Yea Mara, why don't you join me for a drink at the Whistle Stop bar for a drink". "You ok Rey? You sound flustered.", "I'm fine Mara, just dodging bullets like usual." "You kid too much Rey, one day a bullet is going to get you." "Just come over, I'll buy.".