Luck belongs to her from birth but she is not stupid enough to trust it.

Taye is a plain, or maybe not, eighteen year old from London who works in a haunted hotel and cleans the museum near the house in her spare evenings. Long dark curls, deep fawn eyes and cellulite on the hips are her mother's heritage, whose exact location she doesn't really know and who doesn't really care that Taye abandoned school two years before. That place is dangerous. But this is her normality, as is also making sure that her older sister Holly doesn't get involved in too many troubles or that the smaller one, Ayn, has a place to stay during the summer holidays. One thing she has never had to worry about was her brother Miles, he was never the problem, he was the ally; and he had disappeared. As soon as he stopped responding or sending emails and messages from his military training Taye's ugly character made itself known. Paranoia, anxiety, pessimism and sarcasm suggested that she already knew what had happened to him.

When Holly is more and more reckless, and perhaps the next victim, disturbing messages are sent to her by someone who is perhaps responsible and her only rock, Miles, is gone she has no time for Oliver. Handsome and cold-eyed, he seems to reserve glances and words just for her and for the first time she doesn't feel an invisible attendant. But those feelings are dangerous for her life, she made invisibility an art and flowers and chocolates will not convince her to risk her sisters' and hers' lives.

Between mysteries, betrayals and a past out of the worst tales Taye will have to live.