Hey All Another Grass Story This One Involves The Grass God Of War Himself Grasseowulf As He And His Followers Battle The Grassnemy Faction.

I said nothing watching the Grassnemy caravan. Malice Flan was being her usual gitty and happy self. Her hands clutched to her throwing knives. My name is Grasseowulf (Grass-Eo-Wulf) and all I care about is destroying this cruel and corrupt world. Malice Flan would follow me into hell itself. Kenlarnock serves me so I can bring back his family in the need world.

The mouth of Grasseowulf serves as my messenger and voice though stoic and calm. Malice Flan can get on her nerves. Balthere Kenwardick serves me out of fear he is loyal however. Wulffrutharn (Wulf-Fr-Uth-Arn) Is a mercenary as I have money he follows me. Finally my last minion is Brunhulda loyal though she always hides behind her hood.

The Grassnemy caravan seemed oblivious of their impending doom. "Malice Flan do the honors". She smirked and threw her throwing knife. It rang true and sent one of the bodyguards to the next life. I Charged crushing another once they saw who I was their morale wavered. Brunhulda muttered in an ancient language she threw her arms engulfing three lackeys in fire.

The mouth of used her sword craft cutting down dozens. Wulffrutharn smashed into the vanguard line. Balthere used his quarterstaff knocking three out. He tries to spare as much as he can.

The caravan force was crushed. We took the loot which was food and wool. I'll send this to my contact. Balthere said I nodded. Content with crippling the forces and stealing the loot. We headed back to our lair.