The love you weren't searching for.

It's driving late at night. You're on a small road; you can't see farther than your headlights will reach. You feel a calm travel through your body. The vibrations from the car slowly relaxing you. You turn on the radio in hopes that it keeps you alert. You roll a window down and feel the cool autumn breeze flow into the car. Inhaling, you find your mind wandering to places you thought has long passed. You think of the times with the people who are no longer in your life. You think of being younger and possibly naïve. You try to push the thoughts from your mind, but know that there is a reason you are thinking them. You use them. They are your tool now. You're older and wiser. You know you can learn from them; hell, you already have – to a point.

Then you look over and see you lover asleep in the passenger seat. You think of the future ahead for you both and can't help but to smile. It was a love you weren't expecting. You weren't wanting. But, when it happened you jumped in with both feet. The water surrounding you, but you can breathe even better. You can open your body and mind to the cool rush.