God Strikers

Chapter 1

A World Apart! Enter Velvet High

Was there ever a time you looked around, wonder what made your universe so mysterious. Both space and the depths of the ocean remain largely unknown to us, despite our best attempts to understand them. Yes, many mysteries still await us. But what of the mysteries that exist outside our natural senses? A world we've yet to see that no mere mortal could ever hope of comprehension. We believe only what we can see, but what of those invisible to us? Worlds of mysticism, wonderment, and conflict. Truly, only a true intellectual could possibly understand such a reality. Or in this case, a few 17-year old's. Hey, reality works in mysterious ways.

Events leading up to the current day weren't what many scientists and weather experts would consider as normal. Hurricane like winds, large, 13-foot waves that swept the beaches, tremors that shook the earth, these were but a few strange occurrences that persisted over the last year. It wasn't like the people of Earth had never experienced such things before. But the places they were occurring, that's where the confusion lied. In many of the cases, those hit had hardly ever, if never, experienced such weather patterns before. Earthquakes in the south? No way. Something else was going on. Of course, for the students of Velvet High, it mattered very little.

Velvet City: a sprawling town filled to brim with a wide aray of people from many walks of life. Young, old, poor, or rich, all were welcome to throw their hat into the ring. And because of this, it held a wildly diverse variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Wanted to try an authentic Japanese dish? Nagoya was the way to go. Needed an outfit for a themes celebration? Gailbird's Costumes was open to all. But, their pride and joy had to be Velvet High. At a glance, it appeared more as a community college campus, than an actual high school. Three buildings, each of which held different classes.

The main building stood front and center as the scene where most classes were held, as well as the library. Being two stories tall and nearly 50 classrooms, there was plenty of space to spare. Next up, the Gym, which stood of to its right. Holding a total of four separate rooms: the men and women's locker rooms, the supply room, and the snacking quarters, where anyone could grab a drink after class. And lastly, the J.R.O.T.C unit, where those whom studied the ways of the army took up. Much like the gym, it too contained separate rooms; three to be exact. The first two were the standard classrooms, while the last one contained all their supplies. From uniforms and rifles, to sports gear for Free Fridays. All of this surrounded by a large campus gave everyone room to breathe.

Like any high school in existence though, there was, of course, a pecking order; categories nearly every student fell into. Up at the top were the athletes and cheerleaders, followed by the 4.0s, the average, and finally, the failures. One such girl named Luna Vale found herself perched near the very top. Young, beautiful, smart, and a cheerleader? What a fine hand life had dealt her. Not to there weren't any bumps in the road though. Having her looks meant a locker crammed with letters, as well as her late-night study sessions meant a lack of sleep. Whatever, so long as she graduated on time. Speaking of which, the poor thing had fallen asleep before their World History 210 class could even start. A sight her friends were familiar with.

"Yo, Luna, you awake there girl?" Jaylin asked, while giving her soft cheek a gentle poke. "Christ, I swear."

"She looks kind of cute like that though." Replied Sarah, giggling at the sight.

Jaylin Garcia: friend of Lunas and part of the school's track team. Two-time silver metal winner and darn attractive to boot. Her brown skin lacked any sort of imperfection, while her form curved in all the right areas; though her breasts were significantly smaller than that of her sleeping friends'. Due to her coach's own orders, she normally had her long, black hair tied into two long ponytails that hung down the sides of her face. When in motion though, fiery determination filled those orange eyes of hers.

"Think maybe we should do a little doodling? Teach her a lesson?" suggested Jaylin.

"That's a little mean of you. I have a better way." She replied, only to pull an MP3 player from her book bagwith excitement in her voice. "Tada!"

Sarah Davis: a rather chipper lass with a knack for tennis. Petite as she may have been, her arms packed quite the punch. Though her popularity status hadn't reached that of her friends, it never really bothered her. Keep you head held high and work your butt off, that was her motto. Much like her friends, she too had let her dark green hair grow out, with a dark pink headband to contrast with it. A wonderfully polite girl, with a talent for handing balls.

"Um…Isn't that a little rude?" asked Jaylin.

"I'd be worse if the teacher caught her." She reminded her, while scrolling through the list of songs.

"I guess. Just no loud stuff, please."

To their annoyance, the lack of ear buds meant they couldn't silence the sound from their 20 other classmates. Then again, standing on ones' feet for two hours didn't exactly feel good. Screw it. Why not? It beat getting in trouble. Queuing it up to just the appropriate verse, she quietly positioned it next to her right ear.

"Three…two…one." Jaylin counted town.

"Wakey-wakey, sleepy head." Sarah whispered, giving the screen a tap.

Poor Luna, she was about to have one heck of a wake-up call, thanks to Ill Nino. The moment her finger made contact, a blast of vocals from "How Can I Live Without You" filled both her ears, along with the rest of the classroom. Thankfully, it wouldn't take long for her to snap out of it. A mere two second later and she sprang back up; the look on her face expressing her drowsiness.

"Ah. That worked like a charm." Jaylin said with satisfaction.

"My head…" Luna whimpered, giving her dimples a rub.

"That's what you get for being stupid." She replied, while crossing her arms in disapproval.

"You're mean." She whined in response.

Luna Vale: senior, cheerleader, and the girl of many boy's dreams. Very few of her peers could hope to match the perfection she's sculpted her body into over the years. With long blonde hair, the bangs of which she had tired into a bun on the left and a long ponytail on the right, light, blue eyes, a wonderfully curved 5"8' figure, and 75F cup breasts, it came as no surprise when finding several letters stuffed inside her locker nearly every day of the week. Adorning her body was the light-yellow academy blazer, with a white, button up top covering the rest of her abdomen. To match her pink fingernail polish, a soft layer of eyeshadow of the same color was often applied along the top of each eye. Finally capped off with a blue skirt and white sneakers. Despite all her popularity though, there was but two goals she had in mind for life: her college graduation and a secret for which only her best friends knew about.

"Excuse me, ladies. I'd hate to interfere with your conversation, but could you withstand from playing music while in class?" Classmate Carl Quincy asked of them.

Carl Quincy: quite the mystery character for many. Aside from being the self-appointed peacekeeper of the classroom, there wasn't much else he'd done. His G.P.A sat at around 3.7 and his passion for modern literature was well known. Knowledge was his game, they guessed. An overall okay guy.

"It's already off, genius." Jaylin pointed out.

"Good." He uttered in satisfaction.

"Sheesh. Mr Rulebob over here trying to tell us what to do."

"Yeah, well I'm…yeah." Luna sleepily stated, giving off a soft yawn.

"What's up with you? Seriously."

"Sorry. I may have stayed up a bit late last night going over yesterday's lessons. That's all." She answered, her expression having yet changed.

"How late are we talking?" Jaylin asked, raising a questionable brow.

"…1 A.M?"

"Excuse me. Did I just hear you right? You said 1 A.M?" She pressed, finding the excuse rather frustrating. "You spent all that time going over notes?"

"And homework."

"Oh great. Homework that should have taken you an hour."

"Well, what do you want from me? I'm just trying to do my best." She tried explaining.

"And I commend you for that, but you can't be spending this much time going over simple notes." She said in return. "Look, I love ya, girl, but you've gotta take it easy from time to time. I'm surprised you managed that make up of yours."

"I know, but I just really want to pass with the best of my abilities is all."

"Girl, you're worried with a 3.5 average. You're good."

"Heh-Heh. Maybe you're right. You know what, I'm taking the night off. No more notes, no more textbooks, no more studying, period."

"Good. Relax that brain of yours before it short circuits. Right, Sarah?"

"Absolutely! You'll only give yourself a headache otherwise."

Seven minutes remained before the first bell. Those who were standing began taking their place in their assigned seats. Only to jump up at the sudden yell coming from the hall right outside their door. And by the sound of it, they weren't too happy.

"Asshole!" the boy cried out.

"Oh boy, in come the chimps." Jaylin sighed.

"Not again." Carl followed up, sounding even more disappointed.

A cry that had become common place over the past year. For a moment, it seemed their interest in entering had dropped. How naïve they were. Only a few second later, a pair of khaki dress pants, along with red and black sneakers, entered through the door frame. Followed by their wearer: a boy with an average, skinny, though somewhat toned, 5"7' body, whose black hair looked as if it had been blown back by a large industrial fan, and whose attire was very similar to that of the common male student.: a white, button up top, khaki pants, and a belt. His frustration became even more apparent when looking into his lime green eyes. This was Shaun Gregor, an average student with an aggressive side.

"Bastard. You didn't have to hit me in the gut!" he exclaimed, while attempting to push back against the hands of his opponent.

"Then you shouldn't have made me spill my drink. Idiot." His enemy growled in return.

"Oh, forgive me for being in a hurry." He hissed, while pushing back.

Well, it made for somewhat amusing entertainment before class could start. Even if it felt a bit one-sided. Giving it his all may not have been enough for Shaun, his large, 6"2' opponent just had more strength behind him, as he struggled to keep him at bay. His opponent? Eighteen-year-old William Taylor, yet another average joe who felt the need to assert his dominance. He too wore the same clothes as Shaun, but what made him stand out was the blonde streak that ran down the center of his hair. Separating it into black and blonde.

"Excuse me, gentleman, I'm going to have to ask for you to stop your squabbling!" Carl demanded, as he marched towards them.

"Shut it, nerd!" they both exclaimed.

"You'd think these two would run out of steam eventually." Said Jaylin, looking 101% done with the situation.

"It's kind of funny to watch though." Sarah replied, the situation having brought a little enjoyment to their day.

"Yeah, if you like seeing Neanderthals butting heads."

To everyone else, it was only a show. But to Luna, an aspect of their conflict had her slightly miffed. If it went on, they'd eventually catch their instructors attention. Best end it before it could get out of hand.

"Ape!" exclaimed Shaun.


Try as he might though, Shaun could only barely hold him back. This guy, his arms weren't just toned, but ripped. Possibly due to his exercise regiment when he was on the wrestling team. Regardless, he wouldn't give up. Not when others were watching. Or, maybe he would? Before it could escalate further, both felt a pair of soft, beautiful hands wrap around their wrists; the left gripping Shaun's wrist, while the other held Williams'. It was none other than Luna who'd come to separate the two.

"That's enough, the two of you. You're acting like idiots." She stated in a sterner tone. A complete 180 from a couple of minutes ago.

"Luna? The hell?"

"William, you know better than to do stuff like this. You want your butt detention, or worse, suspended?"

"…No." He grumbled, looking away in embarrassment.

"And you, Shaun, just walk away next time."

"Right…" He unconvincingly replied.

"Good. Now, go your seats and settle yourselves." She demanded, before letting them go.

What an embarrassment. Not only had she interfered, but also talked down to them like children. William especially hated it, while Shaun couldn't give a care. Their conflict had ended and that was that. Once their butts were in their seats, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Good going, Luna. You actually dispelled the situation." Jaylin credited, giving her shoulder right shoulder a pat.

However, her words fell on deaf ears, as Luna's attention turned to more pressing matters. Like her left hand. The same hand she'd grabbed Shaun with.

"Oi. Should have figured as much." She said, shaking her head.

The smile on her face said everything, as she held it close to her chest.