"Hello, Miss Azure. How can I be of assistance today?" He asked. I bowed, and then stood as straight as I could. "I am afraid I have decided to resign. Here are my papers." I told him. He seemed shocked at first, but after a second he slowly nodded. "Where do you wish to retire, and with whom, if anyone, Miss Azure?" He asked in his thunderous voice. I answered "Earth. I would like to retire to earth, with my son." "As you wish." There was a pop and suddenly I was standing on earth, my son next to me. I grabbed his hand and together we walked off into our new lives.

13 Years Later

"Hey, Soraya! You want to have a try at it?" We were currently at my son's martial arts class, me forcing him to do it. I knew the importance of him having these skills, especially with my background. "I better not, Jeff. I'm afraid I would knock you down a few pegs if I did." I told him. "Oh, really? How about you give it a shot and we'll see." He suggested. "Yeah, mom! Come on! It'll be fun." My son Gavin told me. I sighed, saying "It's been about 15 years since I have done anything remotely like this, but I'll make you a bet. You and Joseph, along with five human analog dummies, against me. I will land a lethal blow to all five dummies, along with incapacitating you and Joseph. In 10 seconds or less. If I win, I get 20 bucks from each of you. If I lose, then you each get 20 bucks from me. Deal or no deal?" Jeff seemed a little shocked by my answer, and before he could respond Joseph came over, having heard some of our conversation. In unison they answered "We accept." The four of us dragged some dummies out onto the mat and set them up in a pattern of Jeff's choice. Each dummy was about 10 feet from another, the five of them forming a pentagon. Jeff and Joseph got into their ready positions as I stood tall and straight, legs together and arms down to my sides. "Gavin, at first movement will you please start your timer?" I asked. "Yeah, sure." He responded. I closed my eyes and crouched as low as I could go. I heard the beep of my son's timer, and the approaching footsteps of Jeff and Joseph. I opened my eyes as I pushed upwards extending my legs fully before tucking them into a flip, during which I grabbed my boot knives. They were very small knives, no bigger than a nail file, and no longer than a toothpick. They simply slid into the heel of my boots, easily concealing them. As I came out of the flip I stuck four out of five of the dummies through the throat with the knives. I landed in a roll towards the fifth, standing up about a foot in front of it. I simply spun and punched the dummy in the forehead, crushing through its skull and knocking it over. At the end of the spin I grabbed Joseph by his shins and took him to the ground where I made a neck-snapping motion. I caught a kick from Jeff and pushed him backwards onto his back. I pulled him up and held him in a chokehold until he tapped out. I hollered over to Gavin "What's the time?" For a second he didn't respond but finally he said "About seven seconds…" I looked down and then back up saying more to myself than anyone, "That is shameful. I used to do more than that in less than half the time." Jeff looked at me and said "Shameful? You just took out two black belts and five dummies, with lethal blows, in less than ten seconds! How is that shameful?" I responded with "Well, for starters, where I come from, ten seconds is an eternity. If you aren't able to kill 20 people in half as many seconds or less, then you're dead already. Along with the fact that 15 years ago I could land 20 lethal hits in 2.3 seconds, I would say what I just did is shameful by my standards." Joseph just stood there in shock silence, not knowing what to do or what to say. I guess when you've been training for 25 years to be the best fighter you can be and then all of sudden a soccer mom comes in and cleans house against you and your other black-belt buddy, there's not much you can say. Figures. "Take me on a date and I'll tell you more." I proposed to Jeff. Now, he too, was shocked into silence. "O-Okay." He said in response. I was more excited about the fact that I just got a free dinner and a date with the guy that I liked.

3 Years Later

"So, Soraya, tell me. I've heard you reveal snippets of your old life, but you haven't exactly explained how you were able to do what you did back there on the day of our first date. You said you worked as a physicist for a man, but then again, scientists aren't exactly martial arts experts. Generally. So, what's the story?" Jeff asked me. I had always been a little apprehensive about telling him or anyone of my old life, back before I had found my son. "Well, I guess I'll start at the beginning, keep things clearer that way. Like I told you, I was a physicist. But that wasn't all I did. The man I worked for, like most of the people that worked for him, he had rescued from some pretty rough places. He rescued me from an abusive father with lethal intent towards me. Like all of his rescues, he took them in, raised them, and he trained them. He trained us so that nobody could ever hurt us again. He would save us, and then give us a choice. We could stay and train with him, or we could go back to where he got us from, and lead new lives from there, free from our old burdens. But the moment we chose to stay with him, our training would only begin. We were trained to be lethal. We have zero training in taking prisoners and non-lethal attacks. For years, we focused on purely lethal training. After a while, he would evaluate us for certain jobs in his kingdom. I became a physicist, others engineers, some trainers, teachers, etc. Some of us became elite soldiers. Some of us did many things, some soldiers, later becoming teachers or engineers, just trying different things. Then some of us, a select few from every walk of life, became one of his elite of the elite, not really soldiers. Those select few became something like nothing else. Hundreds of leagues above soldiers, more like assassins, but even that word doesn't fully describe the lethality of these people. They were known as The Wolves, all of them women. Nobody dared to cross paths with them, for they had power, raw physical power, and an immense strength in their muscles, and a lethality only bested by three others. The Wolves would carry out missions, be it assassinations, rescues, reconnaissance, or meeting with people. I once trained as a Wolf, but found an interest in physics in the middle of it. I left the Wolves to become a physicist, to discover the secrets of the universe. During my Wolf training I went on a few missions, most of them kill missions. I have killed many bad people. After many years of working in physics, I found my son. He was four years old at the time, alone and abandoned in the snow. I took him in and raised him, and then retired to here. 13 years later I met you and we started dating, and now we're here." I sighed, and was about to speak again but was interrupted by Jeff standing up before kneeling in front of me. From his pocket he pulled out a small box and opened it, revealing a beautiful diamond ring inside. I covered my mouth with my hand as I teared up a little. Then he said the magic words. "Soraya, will you marry me?" I hugged him and said "Yes. Yes, I will marry you."

Later that night I had a breakdown. I had started to remember who I was before I retired, and I started questioning wether or not I was a good person, and if I deserved Jeff. He came in when he heard me crying and asked "What's wrong?" I didn't even look up at him as I responded "Almost everything. I don't deserve you. I am not a good person. I have killed hundreds of thousands of people." "What do you mean?" He asked gently. "I was a Wolf. I was the most lethal Wolf. I was chosen for the most dangerous of missions, and the most mentally and emotionally straining of them. Hitler's death? That was me. The ordeal in Benghazi? The reason only four people died was because I was there, in the shadows. The force the U.S. Consulate encountered was only a fraction of what it should have been. Mussolini? That was me and a Wolf recruit. Mao Zedong? That was me. The list goes on and on, but those are only a few out of the 743,490 people that I have killed. I did many years in physics, but I was called to become a Wolf, and already having had the training, I was ready to go from the start. But I have killed men, women, and children. They all had lethal intent, but they are still people. Still women and children. If you knew who I really was, what I really was, would you still love me?" I asked him. He nodded his head. I reached out with my hand and said "Then gaze upon the truth, and the Wolves of the Mover." I touched his head with my hand and he suddenly jumped back. "What-What was that?" He questioned. "I simply showed you the truth. If you still want to go on, we can. If not, then I understand why you would not want to marry a killer."

I was doing the dishes one night when there was a knock at the door. Jeff and I both walked to the door to see who it was. I took a step back when I saw who it was. I opened the door and said "Hi. Come in. It's been a while since I've seen you." As the massive figure stepped through the doorway, the earth shaking with every step, he said "Yes, it has. And I need your help, Soraya."