Clouds formed in the east and with them came a gale of wind and snow, the ground icing over wherever the storm touched. Yet, he stood among the storm with a calming stillness, facing the immense castle walls with confidence amidst the sheeting sleet. His cloak whipped in the wind, snapping every other time and fraying its edges. Soon, it would be over. The forces within the walls would succumb to his soundless power. He took a single step forward, and the stone beneath his foot cracked. The walls of this castle were powerless to stop him. He raised his right hand and spoke. "If you destroy Me, then I shall raze your homes to the ground. There will be nothing but ashes remaining." Many knights of the castle raced out to arrest him, and took him to their king. Deep inside the castle walls, he spoke to the king in a hushed voice, so quiet it was thunderous. "Hear me now and hear me well, you and your people will cease to exist if you make the wrong decision. Innocent or not, their homes will be leveled, their families separated forever. If you choose to slaughter me like your animals, then I will return in seven hours to lay waste to this land. The Maiden of Death has made me exempt from the Laws of Life and of Death." The king weighed his options for a moment. "You will be hanged for death threats to the kingdom." He declared. The man in the cloak stated confidently, "Then I will see you in seven hours upon a horse of pale complexion, bearing all the beasts of the land, and the diseases, and the Sword of Death. You do not realize what power I wield."

They walked to the gallows, the storm getting worse. "The Queen of the Wind is soon to arrive, along with the Mother of Ashes, Queen of War. The Wind Queen's mother is coming for you personally, your majesty." The king laughed at this, saying "Those are just old fairytales, told to scare children at night." "Then explain the sights you see after you hang me." And they did hang him. And sights they did see. The storm reached its peak when out of the clouds descended a woman with fiery orange eyes. The winds seemed to bend to her will, whipping up a frenzy of sleet and ice, shredding through doors left and right. Walls were crumbling, and then the next woman arrived. At her back was an entire legion of ornately armored warriors, pushing their shields and spears back and forth, destroying anything and everything in their path. And then the Maiden of Death herself came forth from a patch of midnight black roses, raven wings tucked and folded around her head to hide her eyes. But nothing was as bad as when a man on a pale horse appeared on the horizon, wielding a sword that emanated death. At his back were all the beasts of the earth, large and small, two of each beast, and one of each kind of beast carried all the diseases of the land made to infect the populace of the castle. Then, suddenly, without notice or warning, all the people of the castle were infected with starvation as the man raised his sword. The gates to the kingdom were closed and the drawbridge drawn, but the Wind Queen simply raised her hands and the winds obeyed her commands. The walls were eroded in seconds, and the beasts of the earth charged through, shredding and infecting anything alive. The Queen of War lit a fire, and the winds fed it, and in less than an hour after the strange man had returned from the dead, there was not a trace of the town. He took his Sword of Death and slashed the ground with it. All the grass within a half mile radius died, and no living thing would ever grow there again. Centuries later, millennia even, scientists would be baffled as to why nothing could grow in the dirt, in the rough shape of a scar.

A scar upon the face of the earth.