"Go in solo, save the innocents. Anyone with a gun is there to kill you. I do not care what they say to you, you are to drop them by any means possible. I am not going to risk your life over that of someone else's on earth purely because they said they're innocent, with no proof. They have a gun, drop them. Understood?" Chrysus explained. "Yes." I replied. "Good. Nathan and Ian will back you up, Lisa and Charlie will be on the outskirts of the area. As soon as you make a move, they will make theirs. This operation should take no more a few hours at the most. This is a cleansing operation, not a rescue or kill. Charlie, Lisa, you two will be air dropped in. Go. Claim you weapons, meet back here in seven minutes." We all jogged off to get our weapons and gear up.

Where we were standing was very tactical, the road beneath us, a water tower to our right, and an overhang to our left. There were three trucks, creating a chicken foot shape. The middle truck had a man in the bed shouting. The other two were empty, men standing beside them. Each truck had one man standing at each tire, plus the one in the bed, equaling 13 men. Off to the sides of the chicken foot were triangles of three men, two groups. There were three hostages in the center out in front of the man screaming. Each hostage had a man in front of them, plus a man with a baseball bat. 23 men. Easy enough. "Nathan, Ian, get in position. One of you on the overhang and the other on the tower. When I kill I want you to start with men closest to the hostages, work your way out from there. Leave the man with the bat alive. I'll take him. I want to give him a good scare." I ordered. There was a path leading down to the area, so I started walking down it while Nathan and Ian took their positions silently. I walked up just as Bat Man was starting to swing his bat."Hey. What's this?" I asked. All eyes turned on me. "Well, missy, this is an execution. Why don't you get up there and join them, for interrupting us?" He ordered. "What if I told you that in the next eight seconds three things are going to happen. One, I am going to kill the man in the truck, two, your friends are going to die, and three, I am going to kill you." Just as he started to laugh the man in the truck found a knife in his throat, and the other 21 men started dropping like flies around us. When there were six left I held up my hand. The arrows stopped coming and the remaining men pointed their guns at me, but held their fire. After all, in the position I was in, If they fired, then they would kill Bat Man. He then drew a pistol on me and backed up quickly. I smiled at this. I heard the numerous clicks of triggers being pulled and jumped. I had spent a little time with my old friend Kenny, so I had learned a few new tricks here and there. As I flipped I pulled out a .45 Kenneth had given me. I unloaded two shots into the heads of each man, excluding Bat Man. Him, I just shot off his kneecaps, bringing him to the ground in front of me. I waved at Nathan and Ian as I unloaded my last shot into the head of Bat Man. I could hear gunfire in the distance until, after a minute or two, it slowed to only a few occasional bursts of fire. After another 10 seconds it stopped completely. I slapped another mag into my pistol and holstered it. I untied the hostages and climbed back up the hill. Nathan and Ian met me on the path, Nathan asking "Did you really have to kneecap him?" I responded with "No. But I only had three bullets left, and I figured it as punishment for the many kneecappings he has performed on others with that bat of his." As I refilled my empty magazine.

After half an hour of running we finally made it to our secondary objective. It was a three story building, Smooth stone walls, very few windows, all but one too small to crawl through. The only one that was big enough was on the second floor. And it was just barely big enough. Ian and I strapped on our claws and carefully approached the wall of the building. Claws were hardened steel, curved spikes that attached to our hands and feet, allowing us to climb the smoothest of walls. Even steel walls we could climb with these. Together we slipped up the wall and through the window. Nathan waited outside and watched for others. Ian went up to the third floor while I cleared the first floor. A dagger makes quick work of unprepared militia troops. "Rebecca! You need to see this!" I locked the doors and jogged upstairs. What I found on the third floor with Ian was truly unbelievable.

"Holy crap. What do we do? We were never trained for this kind of thing. How did they even get hold of this thing? Or even this much of it?" Ian asked. I was still a bit in the dark about what exactly this thing was, but judging from Ian's reaction, it was not good whatever it was. "Ian, calm down, can you explain what exactly this is?" I asked. He sighed before saying "I didn't even know this much of it existed. Much less in the possession of these people. Or anyone other than Chrysus. Heck, even he doesn't have this much. It was supposedly a material not known to humans, but apparently that idea was wrong. When Chrysus found me, I was heading a research team on this material. For a while he told me to continue my work. But as we discovered more and more, he decided to bring me in. He showed me his key, which was supposedly 95% of the material in existence. He used the other five percent to make a table. He outlawed the material throughout the dimensions. The thing is, there's something special about it. Once we discovered this, he allowed me to work around it a little while longer before pulling me out. He destroyed the mine, and all of the material within it, and cordoned off the area. Entering that area is punishable by death into the Abyss. This stuff is that dangerous. I guess somebody just got through the multiple layers of defenses and managed to somehow find a chunk. But the special thing is that it has free will. It is not alive, not dead, not non-living, yet it has free will. That is why he pulled me out. When that was discovered, it changed everything we thought we knew about anything. It is, admittedly, more like a rock or mineral in terms of living/non-living, but it still has free will. It's why Chrysus uses it for his key. It only unlocks a lock if both he and the key want the lock to be unlocked." As we were speaking there was suddenly a deep hum in the building. The windows became solid stone, the lights went out, the door hole became solid stone. We were trapped. The only light in the room was coming from the stone on the table in the corner. It was a basketball sized chunk, the sound of powerful bass increasing every second. We slowly backed away as the rock started stretching and squeezing as if trying to give birth to something. It glowed bright, and then went dark. The room was pitch black. Then we heard something that still terrifies me to this day. A high pitched, descending voice saying "Eeeeeevil. They will take yooouuu. Ruuun. Here is your warniiingg." The windows reformed, the lights turned back on, and the door reappeared. The stone was back to normal, or at least as normal as it could get. "Get down!" Ian yelled as he shoved me to the floor. The roof of the building flew off as if a massive axe had chopped it off. I looked up and saw something that was truly impressive. And intimidating. There was a singleā€¦ being. She floated in the air on four massive wings. The wingspan had to be around 50 feet, 25 feet per wing. The debris from the roof swirled around her, faster and faster, until finally the rock lifted into the air. It gravitated towards her, slowly but surely. Then all of a sudden it started moving faster towards her. I looked behind us and saw Chrysus in his full Flight of Gold form, 10 feet tall, wings pure gold. He, too, was floating, concentrating on the strange rock. Finally it was within the unfamiliar beings grasp, and just as it made contact, she vanished. The debris turned to dust as it fell, Chrysus landing in front of us. "What did it say?" He interrogated. Ian said "I didn't hear anything, but I think it spoke to Rebecca. It did just as the other ones did, no light, no escape." Chrysus turned to me. "What did it say to you?" I stood up straight and said "It said "Evil. They will take you. Run. Here is your warning." I don't know what that means, but it looks like you do." He put his hand on his chin and thought. "What voice did it speak in?" I answered with "It was a high pitched, almost childish, but also adult like voice. It was a strange mix." He turned away from me and yelled. He stomped his foot and we were all back in Aurelius. Something I hadn't seen him do before. He was in a bad mood, obviously, as he blew a hole through the wall again as he walked out of the throne room. Then he blew a hole in the east wall, again. The water in the river shot up into the sky hundreds of feet as he walked through. We didn't see him for another three days.

"Who was that that took the stone?" I asked Chrysus. "That was a friend of mine, Soraya. She agreed to come help me with this in exchange for a favor, of which she has not specified yet. She is technically retired, but she still had the authority to transport a piece that big. Luckily that thing is gone now. Before you ask what it is, I will explain. I know Ian probably tried his best, but I know a little more. That stuff, we never made a name for it, it was so rare that it was a waste of time to do so. I know he told you that it has free will without being entirely alive. But that's the scary part. It is alive, and it is not alive. Not dead, just non-living. It is a being beyond comprehension. It can only exist in our world as a stone. It is a being so powerful, so large, and so complex, that the creator of the creator of the universe was created by it. It lives in its own universe, too complex for even myself to begin to imagine." Chrysus stated. At our confused expressions, continued. "Okay, so get this. Humans are three dimensional beings. I am a five dimensional being. My father is an eight dimensional being. His father is a 13 dimensional being.

His father is a 21 dimensional being. His father, this stone, is a 40 dimensional being. This is basically in accordance with the theory that the universe is infinite, and that the universe is within another universe containing an infinite amount of universes, and those are within another universe containing infinite universes, and those are within another universe containing infinite universes, and those within another, and those within another. The stone being lives in complete control of that last universe. If this doesn't make sense, don't worry, you're not alone here, this was Soraya's theory, not mine."

I am Rebecca Amund, and that is my encounter with the Creator of the creator of the Mover, the creator of the Mover of the Mover, the 40 dimensional being, the Watcher, the Stone.