"This will be your most important mission to date. You will go in solo, and you will get out solo. If something goes wrong, there will be no backup. If you are hurt, you must take it upon yourself to either heal yourself or find someone to do it for you. If you are captured it is up to you to decide on and execute a plan to get yourself out. After the mission you must take it upon yourself to get back to home if I am unavailable. This is a kill mission. You will enter earth with me. I will drop you at 25,000 feet three miles from the target compound's boundary. From there you will work your way in at whatever pace is effective. Once inside the compound itself you will kill everyone. You shall leave no witnesses aside from innocents. Any innocents shall be dealt with in the usual fashion. If Alpha target escapes and flees you are to track her down and kill her by any and all means possible. Once she is dead make sure she is dead. After that you must find your way home as I will most likely be indisposed at that time. Understood?" "Yes." "Good. Here is some cash to get you by and then some, and here is a picture of the target along with a map of her compound. Grab your gear and meet me back here in five minutes."

For some reason I was nervous about this mission. I had done dozens like it before without possibility of backup. Maybe it was the fact that I would have to find my way back to Aurelius from earth. Whatever it was, I brushed it off. Five minutes later I was back at the meeting point with Chrysus. He grabbed me around the waist and we popped into earth. Just as he had said, we were about 25,000 feet up. However, I knew how iffy the transportation process was, so he just got lucky. I saw the base and double tapped his arm. He looked down at me and said, "Good luck." Suddenly I was falling, the wind in my face and hair. For a few seconds I just fell, enjoying the sensation. When I decided it was appropriate, I reached down to my ankles, slipped my wrists through some cuffs, and brought my arms back up, held out wide. I wing suited the rest of the way to the compound, landing on the outer west side in the woods. Just as I had trained, I leveled off over some trees, and as I slowed down I kept pulling up, eventually stalling out and landing in the top of a tree. So far so good. I dropped down though the tree to the forest floor. I crouched for a second, listening. I heard running. I focused and managed to locate the source. I slowly crept along the forest floor until I saw him. I maneuvered myself where he would run right past me. I hid behind a tree and waited. As soon as I could hear him close enough, I sprung out from behind the tree, grabbing him with a knife to his throat. Now I was confused. This was just a boy, no older than 12. He looked panicked. "What are you doing?" I asked. Instead of answering he hit my knife arm in the elbow, bringing the knife away from his throat and tried to run away. I simply let go and punched him in the stomach. He collapsed and while he was trying to catch his breath I asked again. "What are you doing? And why are you running?" He finally blurted out "I'm running from them! Now either let me go or run with me!" But I got the feeling it was already too late to run. I also got the feeling that he wouldn't have made it much farther as 10 armed men approached us. Armed with rifles and handguns. This was going to be harder than I thought. I was still holding the dagger, which, if carefully thrown could take down one and fatally wound another. Although in this situation I would end up dead if I wasn't careful. One of them took a step forward, aiming their gun at my head. "Drop the knife." I smiled an overly cheerful smile and dropped it. However, as it fell, I leapt straight up, grabbing two throwing knives from my waist. I took down two men, mortally wounding two others. The knives were thrown in such a manner that they spun horizontally instead of vertically, like a Frisbee. The knives would penetrate all the way through the first targets windpipe and out the back without losing its spin. It would continue spinning towards its second target and would cut just deep enough into the side of their neck to pierce the Jugular. I landed behind the group, cutting down two more with my short sword. I made quick work of three others and threw my sword at the last one. Unfortunately, he used his rifle to block it. It ruined the rifle, the blade sticking into it a couple of inches. He threw down the gun and brought up his fists. "Okay, I can do that. I like hand-to-hand. Come at me." I told him. He was very skilled, but my hundreds of years of training meant that I was out of his league. Every punch he threw I caught or blocked, and every kick he sent my way I blocked. I caught one kick and pushed him back several feet. "And I was going easy on you." I taunted. He ran at me with renewed ferocity, but I was no longer holding back. In a flurry of blocks, punches, and kicks, I had him down within seconds. I decided not to kill him yet, instead I would interrogate him and then kill him. "You want to live?" I asked him. He currently had his head between my calves. All it took was a small movement in my legs to snap his neck. "Sure." "Understand that if you try anything at all or fail to comply with my orders I will kill you where you sit." I released him from my chokehold. He started to stand up, but I stopped him. "Sit." "Okay." I started with the first of my questions. "Why were you chasing this boy?" I asked as I pointed to the boy who was sitting behind me in a daze. "Because he escaped from his cell. You have no idea what he has done." He answered. "Okay then. What has he done to get him thrown into a cell at his age?" I questioned. "He killed my brother and sister." He responded solemnly. "What did they do to make him want to kill them?" "They were the leaders of a strike team that killed his sister. But she was a monster." "Oh really? How so?" "She killed her mother." Well, this was getting more and more interesting by the second. "Do you know what I'm about to ask?" "She killed her mother because she was trying to force feed her milk." "Milk, or a milky substance? Because if I'm guessing correctly, that 'milk' was not milk, but rather poison. So, all I see here is the boy getting justice for his sister that was killed while innocent. Which leaves me with nothing to do but kill you." I decided. "Wait! Please! I have a child!" He pleaded. I sighed. "How old?" "He turns six tomorrow." I sighed. "Show me a picture." I demanded. "Okay." He said as he pulled out his wallet. "Here." I looked at the picture and gasped. "No… No, that's not possible." I stuttered as I dropped the picture. "What's wrong?" He asked. He picked up the picture and looked at it and back at me. "Is that… Is that your son?" He asked. "I don't know." I responded quickly. "He's my biological son. The day after he was born my wife disappeared." He stated. "Take off your helmet and glasses." I ordered. He did as I said, and my breath hitched when I saw him. "Jason…" I said softly. I felt like I was in a dream. "What are you doing here Jason?" I questioned. "Rebecca?" He asked softly. "Yes. It's me Jason." "Duck!" I did so just as a knife passed over my head. In the next second and half three throwing knives embedded themselves in the person holding the knife behind me. The boy had tried to kill me. A knife had found its way to his heart, neck, and skull. Luckily, I was able to throw my knives hard and fast enough to go through a human skull. "What are you doing here, Rebecca? I thought you were dead. Where have you been? It's been three years, Rebecca. I've missed you. And what happened to you? Last time I saw you you were a school teacher. Now, you're a cold-blooded assassin. You just killed a boy like it was nothing, so what happened?" He asked, stopping himself before he raised his voice. "Sit down, we have a lot to talk about."