Skylar pulled Mason up the stairs and into her room, smiling all the way. Silently, Mason pushed the door closed, hearing only the little click as it snapped into place. Finally, Skylar let go of Mason's hand, taking a few more steps towards the bed. Slowly, she toed off her boots, unbuttoning her shirt at the same time. Her smile widened as she shrugged out of her over shirt and began to remove her socks.

By the time Skylar's hands were at the hem of her black tank top, Mason's eyes were black as he stood, frozen to that one spot on the floor, just watching. He gasped as the muscles lining Skylar's abdomen were exposed, and it took all the control he had to not close the gap between the two of them and run his hands over that sun-kissed skin.

Once her shirt was off, Skylar made quick work of her jeans, kicking them off the first chance she could. She smiled as she watched Mason's face. Mason looked so...scared, almost. Chuckling, she walked over to her bed, climbing in and pulling the blankets over her body. "What's the matter, Mason?" she asked, still smiling at him.

Mason shook his head, finally blinking. "Nothing," he assured her, walking over to the chair that sat by Skylar's window. One there, he took a seat, leaning back, but keeping his eyes on Skylar as he continued to get comfortable in the small chair. It wasn't going to be a comfortable couple of hours, but he could handle it. He would have to handle it, because there was no way he was going to sleep in the same bed as Skylar. That was a dark road to go down, and Mason didn't want any part of it.

As Skylar watched Mason walk over to the chair, she knit his brows in confusion. What the hell was he doing? Was he really going to sleep in that chair? That didn't look like it was very comfortable. "Mason, you're not going to sleep on that chair all night, are you?"

"I don't sleep," Mason stated matter-of-factly as he tried to take his mind off the fact that Skylar was lying in that big comfy bed about two feet away from him in nothing but her underwear.

Skylar rolled her eyes. "Fine, sit, whatever. You know, you can sit in the bed if you want." She smiled, patting the mattress beside her. "It's a lot bigger, and more comfy than that little old chair you're sitting in."

Mason shook his head. "I'm fine over here."

"Are you sure? I won't mind if you come over here." I'd actually love it she said to herself.

Again, Mason shook his head. "I'm fine. I'll just sit here. No biggie."

Skylar shrugged a shoulder, pulling up to a seated position. "Fine." Grabbing her blanket and pillow, she stood, walking over to the chair Mason was sitting in. "Move over," she ordered, nudging Mason's knee with her own.

Mason almost jumped out of his skin when he realized what Skylar was doing. And when Skylar ordered him to move over and nudged him, Mason jumped out of the chair, slightly. "What are you doing?" he asked, his eyes wide with shock. Also, his eyes were darkening, he could feel it happening as he listened to the beating of Skylar's heart. Skylar was nervous, Mason could tell.

Skylar's breath caught in her chest as she looked down into Mason's inky black eyes. "W-Well, if you're not going to come over to the bed, I'm going to sleep over here in this chair with you." She nudged him again. "So, move over."

Mason shook his head rapidly. "N-No, you can't sit here with me. It's not big enough for both of us." And if she did, Mason's whole plan of leaving in the middle of the night while she was sleeping would have gone right out the window. Sure, he wouldn't have had much time to slip out since it was early and Skylar had to get up for school, but he had every intention of not being here when Skylar woke.

"Then I suggest you get over to the bed," Skylar said, her tone serious. She sighed, shaking her head. "I'm sleeping next to you no matter where you are in this room. So, you can stay here and I can crush you when I sit on the chair, or you can come with me to the bed." Offering Mason her hand, Skylar waited for Mason's response.

Staring into Skylar's eyes, black clashing with hazel as he did, Mason sighed. Finally, he reached up, taking Skylar's hand, and pulling to his feet. He wasn't scared, per se, never. Nothing scared Mason. He did the scaring. Just...nervous, and cautious. Not exactly sure if he could trust himself to be that close to Skylar and not hurt her.

Skylar smiled as she pulled Mason to the bed with her. Finally, she was going to get what she wanted. And, no, it wasn't sex. It was just...closeness. Being close to Mason. Breathing in Mason's musky scent and being able to touch him and know that he was there. However, she felt Mason's resistance as she pulled him down with her as she sat. Crawling under the blankets, Skylar held the edge up, letting Mason know she wanted him to climb under, too. "What?" she asked, feeling a little frustrated.

Mason nodded towards the blankets. "You want me to actually get in there with you? Like, snuggle in the bed, or something?" He wasn't exactly the type of guy who snuggled. Especially not with lunch.

Skylar rolled her eyes, sighing as she let the blanket fall from her grasp. "What's so wrong with that?" she asked, sitting up and leaning against the headboard. Was it really that hard for Mason to just not complain and get into the bed with her. Wow, those were words she never thought he would hear coming from her. Usually, if someone wasn't interested, she just left them alone. But she knew Mason was interested and just holding back.

"I don't...snuggle," Mason said, knitting his brows. He just wanted to get out of the room as fast as possible. Not because he didn't want to be with Skylar, because he did, more than he could have imagined, seeing as how she was a human. But, he didn't want to hurt her.

Shaking her head, Skylar looked into Mason's eyes. "What are you afraid of?" she asked, swinging her legs over the bed and trapping Mason between them. She reached down, taking Mason's hand in hers again. "I'm not going to bite you," she assured him, smiling slightly at her own joke.

Mason's whole body tensed as Skylar trapped him between her legs. And then with the hand holding, damn, didn't Skylar know what she was doing to him? Hie teeth ached and his eyes darkened to an even more intense shade of black as he listened to Skylar's voice. "No," he agreed, shaking his head. "But I might bite you."

Before Skylar could stop him, Mason had wiggled out from between her legs and bolted to the window. He stood there a minute, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down. Slowly, he turned his head so he could see Skylar out of the corner of his eye. "I'll see you tomorrow at school," he sadly whispered, jumping from the window and running back to his apartment.

Skylar sighed, flopping back down onto the bed. Getting close to this vampire was going to be harder than she thought. But she wasn't a quitter. And now that she had been so...close to Mason, she wanted more. She needed more. Otherwise, she was going to go mad with thoughts of the damn guy. Oh wait, too late. That was already happening. Slowly, she allowed her eyes to drift closed as she pulled her legs back onto the bed. Sleep would help take her mind off Mason. Hopefully.

The bar smelled like alcohol, sweat, smoke and sex as she walked in. She scrunched her nose as she got a nice big waft of it all. It wasn't the best combination of scents, but what did she expect from a place like this? For it to smell like roses? Shaking her head, she brought her attention back to the task at hand. This needed to be dealt with as soon as possible for the sake of her sanity.

As she walked further inside, the smell became overpowering, and she thought she was going to gag. But that was when she saw him; standing by the rear exit, his dark eyes gazing into her hazel eyes. It was as though she was being pulled through the crowd with that intense stare, her feet moving on their own accord in her desperate attempt to reach that vampire.

Finally, when they were so close she could reach out and touch him, the vampire pushed the door open, backing out into the alley slowly. Of course, she followed, needing to touch. To feel. Once they were outside, she reached out again, grabbing the vampire's arm and pulling him close. But that did nothing but earn her a hard shove, sending her into the alley wall. As the wind was knocked out of her, she gasped, trying to catch her breath.

Before she even had a chance to do so, though, her personal space was invaded by the vampire. Her wrists were grabbed and pulled above her head, pinned to the wall while her body was pinned by the vampire's body. She gasped as she felt the vampire grinding his semi-hard cock into her hip, making her thighs tremble. The vampire then nuzzled against her neck, making her somewhat uncomfortable. But she knew he wouldn't hurt her. She trusted this vampire.

"M-Mason," she breathed, squeezing her eyes closed against the pleasure that was coursing through her body. "I-I want you."

A low growl broke from Mason's throat as his grinding motions became harder. Faster. More desperate. He planted a kiss on Skylar's neck, right over her pulse, allowing his tongue to dart out and lap at the woman's flesh. "Who's your master, Skylar?" he asked, squeezing Skylar's wet heat through her jeans

Skylar gasped, bucking her hips into Mason's hand as he groped her. "Y-You are," she whimpered, thrusting harder into Mason's hand, needing more friction.

Mason smiled, pulling back from Skylar's neck to stare into her beautiful hazel eyes. "Say my name," he ordered, tightening his grip on Skylar's sex.

Skylar groaned as pleasure mixed with pain in her body. "Mason," she whispered, gazing into black eyes, begging with him to ease up on his grip.

"What? I didn't hear that," Mason teased, tightening his grip once more.

"Mason!" Skylar practically screamed, biting down on her bottom lip as Mason squeezed her harder.

"Good girl," Mason said, loosening his grip, but not removing his hand completely. His head dipped forward, capturing Skylar's lips with his own, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth and mapping out the wet heat. Moaning slightly, he again began grinding against Skylar's hip.

Skylar moaned into Mason's mouth, tangling her tongue with his as they wrestled to gain control of the kiss. Eventually, Skylar, being much less experienced, lost the battle and Mason had control. And damn, did he use it well, fucking Skylar's mouth for all he was worth.

Remembering that Skylar was human, Mason pulled back, his forehead resting against Skylar's as he allowed her to catch her breath. He wasn't happy about the lack of contact, but the girl needed to breathe. Otherwise, she'd die and Mason would just be left with a corpse. And he wasn't that into necrophilia. Odd, right, being that he was dead himself?

"I love you," Skylar breathed when she could finally speak again. She pressed her head closer to Mason's making their contact harder as she shook her head back and forth. "Love you, Mason."

Skylar's eyes snapped open as she jackknifed awake. Damn, so much for sleep helping to take her mind off Mason. Instead, it just made her think of him more. And gave her some really wet panties. As she looked down at the sheets, she sighed, laying back down. "Really?!" she yelled to her privates, knowing that it wouldn't answer, but feeling the need to yell anyway.

Rolling her head on the pillow so she could glance at the clock, she realized she had about twenty minutes before she needed to get up and shower for school. Shaking her head, she reached under the blankets, shoving her hand inside her underwear. Slowly, she began to stroke herself to completion, closing her eyes and seeing Mason as she moaned softly with each thrust into her hand.

As she felt heat start to pool low in her belly, she groaned, stroking harder, knowing she was about to lose it. Her thighs began to tremble as she gave her sweet spot one last stroke, moaning again as she was cumming all over his hand, Mason's name falling from her lips as she rode out the waves of her orgasm.

Mason's eyes shot open, and he jumped out of the chair he had been sitting in. "Holy shit!" he yelled, breathing heavily although he really didn't need to breathe at all. What the fuck had just happened. He just closed his eyes for a minute, and his mind was invaded with images of him and Skylar against an alley wall. That had never happened before. Now, he was confused.

This had to have something to do with Skylar. It just had to. Mason didn't dream, because he didn't sleep. And he sure as hell didn't have visions, or whatever, when he closed his eyes. Suddenly, he felt like someone was jerking him off, and he had to grab the arm of the chair to keep himself from falling over. He gasped as the invisible hand worked wonders, stroking hard and fast sometimes, and slow and steady others. Fuck, what was happening to him?

He squeezed his eyes closed, his lips parted as his breaths panted out of him, his grip on the arm of the chair tightening, fingernails digging into the fabric. He fell to his knees once it was all over, feeling more satisfied than he had in a very long time. Longer than he could even remember. He frowned as he realized he had made a huge mess in his boxers.

Slowly, Mason pulled to his feet, glancing at the clock. He still had some time before he needed to be at school, so he walked to his bathroom, turning on the shower. Sure, he had taken a shower last night before he had taken a seat in that chair, but now it was kind of necessary to take another. This all had to do with Skylar, and he knew it. He just didn't know how. Yet! But he would. The second he saw Skylar at school, they were going to have a little chat.

The bell sounded to go to first period, but Skylar hadn't heard it. She was out of it, having had a long night the night before, and an even longer morning. Now, she was sleeping, her head rested on her crossed arms in the desk she sat in each morning. A nudge from a neighboring student brought her back to the school, and she pulled to her feet, grabbing her books as she did. Great, first period. No more sleeping.

As she rounded the corner and was about to walk through the door to her first period class, she felt someone grab her and fling her backwards, causing hre to hit the wall of a secluded hallway. She gasped as the wind was knocked out of her. Suddenly, Mason was in front of her, just like in her dream. Skylar's eyes widened as she gazed into inky black eyes.

"We need to talk," Mason said, his expression hard as he pinned Skylar to the wall.