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I was a mistake, they told me. I was an accident, and I believed them. I've been locked up for as long as my mind can recall. I don't believe I've ever been outside these walls. It is the only place familiar to me. What was out there was still a secret, and I still believe that will remain that way forever.

If they could they would have ended me a long time ago, yet here I was, still inhaling and exhaling my empty days away. The thought of ending my own life had passed my mind more than once. However, I feared that if the people who kept me from the outside world couldn't kill me, was it even possible to kill myself?

And just like that, I've lived for years in this small room. It was occupied with a bed, a table accompanied with a single chair, and a toilet. These were the only things given to me.

Every day at the same time I would get a bowl with food from a hole in the wall. Always the same way. Always the same substance. Sometimes I would overhear voices on the other side of the wall when the hole would open. Sometimes they ask each other questions, other times they would laugh, making me wonder what was so amusing.

There was one time when I overheard a rather interesting and serious conversation. I gathered that they were talking about me, since they were close by my living space. A voice that sounded like one of a grown man had spoken sternly, yet also curious. "What can you tell me about this one, is there any process at all?"

Then a woman had spoken, gentle and soft, though I couldn't detect any caring in her words. "He's an interesting one, not reacting to a thing. We've used all the methods we used on the others but none of them seem to work, he doesn't get any weaker no matter what we try. So no, no progress so far."

Since then I've been wondering what they've meant with 'doesn't get any weaker' and who these 'others' were. I wasn't strong, nor was I in any other way abnormal. Well, not that I have anything I can compare myself to.

Still, the reason why I've been kept in here all my life is a mystery I might never uncover, or at least, that was what I believed.

I woke from a loud bang and jolted upright. It was unusual for me to hear such loud noises in this awfully quiet place. It scared me, but made me curious on what had happened at the same time. I blinked in the dark, waiting for my eyes to adjust, when I noticed the soft, silver-like light streaming into my room. It was beautiful. Something I couldn't imagen on my own, which was the reason I believed it was real.

My feet hit the cold floor, but the chill that usually ran through my body didn't shake me since I was too focused on the stream of light. I reached out slowly, eager to touch it, to see if I could feel it, but my hand got only illuminated. There was so difference in touch, but my hand didn't look like my own anymore, for it was a completely different image from what I was used to see.

My eyes widened with amazement. I retrieved my hand, looking with even greater wonder when it appeared nothing had happened. The longing for this light to caress me again was bigger than anything I've ever experienced. I wanted it to grace me with its beauty for eternity.

Desperately, I searched for its source and found it in the form of a gaping hole in my back wall. I reached out, my fingers moving along the rough stone. It was new, since I've only ever felt smooth surfaces, yet it felt so familiar in a way. My finger came along a sharp point and I pulled them back to me. A red cut was now on the tip of my finger and a crimson red liquid started forming a drop on top of my skin before drippling down to the ground as it became too heavy.

I stared in awe at the stained floor. I've never hurt myself to the amount that I opened my skin. What was this liquid that ran through my body; so red and clear. It was beautiful, gorgeous, pure in any way imaginable. It was like the light, as if I'd stepped into a whole new, different world. In a way it was familiar, a name on the tip of my tongue, yet I knew I'd never seen it before.

I longed for more. I longed to discover what was beyond this wall that created this light. I longed to see what more colors there were. I longed to hear what other sounds could be made. I longed to feel the different textures that were unknown to me. I longed for everything new that I didn't know.

This sudden curiosity that rushed through me was unknown to me, yet it excited me. I never had the urge to leave this place, thinking there wasn't much more out there that wasn't in here. Not to mention that there was probably a reason for me to be here. I couldn't have been more wrong in my entire life. There was so much I didn't know. I would be an idiot to not want to know more.

I peeked through the hole without a second thought. The cut on my finger stung slightly as it came in contact with the crumbled wall. The pain rushing like a drug through my body. A soft breeze blew in my face, causing my eyes to close. It was cold and refreshing, just like the air I inhaled. I didn't even know air could be so different from what I've inhaled all this time.

From what I could see through the hole opened my eyes for good. From that moment on I knew I needed to get out of here. I needed the freedom that the other side of the wall provided. I needed it so badly. I got a taste of it and now my hunger for more grew by the second.

For the first time the sides of my mouth lifted higher and higher the longer I gazed through the hole. Though, reality hit me hard all of a sudden. This wall was immensely thick. There was no way I could break though it even with the hole already damaging it.

I stepped back, letting my hands fall to my side. I could only hear the soft dripple of the crimson liquid that still fell from my finger. My brows furrowed as I started to wonder how it was even possible for a hole like this to form in a wall this solid. It was meant to keep me in, but the longer I stared at the hole, I wondered if maybe it was there to keep something out too.

Squeaking behind me caught my attention, snapping my out of my deep thoughts. I turned to the sound, and to my surprise found the once solid wall on the other side of the room had now a gape in it in the form of a door, opening outwards. I had been so caught up with the shimmering light that came from the hole that I'd missed the giant opening on the other side.

I stalked closer, peeking around the corner. It was dark, unwelcoming, but a sense of adventure came to me as fast as the other feelings had. I wanted to explore the unknown just as eager as I wanted to get out of this place I've spend so many years in rotting.

One step after another, I proceeded down the depths of the hallway. I didn't know where I went, if there was danger, or if there was anyone around at all. I passed doors just like mine, all opened, with inside the same room I've been staying in. With each door I passed a feeling of dread grew inside me. If I managed to get out of here I would never return. Not ever.

Each door had a sign next to it. 004, 005, 006, 007… I glance back, noting that I had passed 8 doors, meaning that my door number would have been 000. What could that mean? Was I some sort of experiment? Did I fail because I was the first? But if the first one- which was me -had failed, how come that the others were locked up as well?

I walked passed another 15 doors before finding myself standing before a staircase that lead to a closed door to who knew where. I eyed the dark and empty hallway one last time, and I swore to myself that the moment I left it, when I set foot on the first step of these stairs, I would never return. Not under any circumstance will I ever return to the place where I've been dying slowly, yet never did.

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