I, um, don't know how to justify this. I really wanted to write a Modern AU for 'HKIMA' with a love-sick Liam. XD



After talking to her at least once in class—Liam knew he would grow interested in her over time. Bella had mutual feelings about him soon enough. Whenever they could—they'd sit together on a bank in the school courtyard whenever they could, in the morning or after lunch.

It only made sense. The shy girl that knits alone—paired up with the lowly, bitch-faced boy.

Bella would knit on her US 8-sized needles, as Liam watched her. The needles looked pointed and sharp; he liked things that were.

What he didn't like—was when one day, some bitch—wearing an old Abercrombie jacket and too much makeup on her face walked up to Bella.

"Why are you doing that old-lady crap?" she asked in a rather twang-ish, but obnoxious tone.

Bella didn't know how to respond, she just looked at her. She was unnerved, almost whimpering.

"Ditch that shit!" the bitch told her, in a very harsh tone. She snatched her needles, trying to take it from her. Bella grunted, telling her, "Stop!"

Liam was watching from his Physics class window, a hand on the glass. When he saw Bella be shoved to the side, he seethed, palm breaking the glass.

No one treated her like that.

The boy stayed by her side no matter what, keeping an eye out for that bitch or anyone that tried to get near her. Bella felt it was unnecessary but he disagreed.

Liam went to go get some ice cream for her, while Bella got up to throw away her eaten lunch—when the same bitch and some friends came around and undid all of her work own her knitting needles.

Liam was the first person to see.

That bitch was found dead, hanging in her parents' living room, by her more successful older sister. Autopsies were done—but nothing was found.

It felt peaceful for a while, Liam holding onto Bella's shoulders as they sat in the quiet, spring air.

That was until one afternoon—Bella was walking out of the building after the last bell rang when some dumb soul walked up to her—jabbing his stupid olive-skinned finger at her chest. He knew she was behind his friend's death, and he told her vehemently that she would pay.

She was slammed into the wall, her backpack falling down. Just when the asshole's fist could go for her lower end, a blur of black leather appeared, tackling him. Liam was seeing red, teeth out like a ravenous wolf's, holding his fist to the asshole's face.

Liam kept on hitting, hitting, hitting, and hitting until someone called out to him. He felt several arms and hands touch him, holding him back.

When Liam came to his senses, he looked around. The entire school—students, teachers, and even the principal—had seen it, all terrified by his actions.

The boy was turned around by force and he saw his father, Isaias.

The man looked almost as shocked and laden with concern as the asshole's face was discombobulated.

His brother, Rennedy, was looking over him, trying to hear his pulse. Where was Bella?

She was on the ground, right where the asshole pinned her. She looked almost… mortified.

Before Liam could hold his hand out for her—he was dragged away.

Liam had been investigated, interviewed, by both police and psychologist. Why he did it, Liam already had a reasonable answer for them.

In the words of Ted Bundy, "Murder is not about lust and it's not about violence. It's about possession. When you feel the last breath of life coming out of the woman, you look into her eyes. At that point, it's being God."


No one should ever have to be bullied/teased over something they like/believe. I know, I've been through it.

-The Youngest Mistress.