The Great Winter War (revised)

A Canadian man ran through the snow stumbling and carrying a packet saying top secret. He gets to a horse tied to a tree and unties it and rides off as fast as he can. As he got to the Canadian camp a soldier is there and says "What do you need city?" the man then says "WERE ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED I NEED TO SPEAK TO THE HIGH COMMAND NOW!" the soldier then said "Old man the war is down south..."

Mean While the HIMS Carrier Johnny

The High Grand Admiral of the Imperial Fleet is looking at a map when a man runs in "THE SIGNAL SIR! CLIMB MOUNT VERNON!" the Admiral Stands up and looks at the soldier revealing to be Prince Billy Acahcalla "Then I must get to the bridge." when he gets to the bridge he talks into the intercom and says "Men today we will make history and launch the biggest surprise attack on our rival...The Canadians! Now to your planes and landing craft! WE GO TO WAR!" He then looks at the men on the bridge says "Fire the ballistic missiles at the pre designated targets...launch the aircraft then the landing boats." The Captain salutes and yells "FIRE THE BALISTIC MISSLES!" all across the fleet in the night could be seen a glow across the water as over 200 ballistic missiles are launched signifying the start of the War. A sailor aims a flare into the sky and shoots a red flare and the pilots rush to the fighters and jump in and start the engines. The Fighters begin flying off the carriers in arrow formations as down on the water below landing craft drive towards the coast.

A Few moments earlier

The soldier thin said "look sir I need you to leave right now or I will do it by f-" all the sudden the soldier stared into the clear sky with horror as missiles flew over...he could count at least 200 flying over then the soldier looked at the man and said "OK GET TO THE HIGH COMMAND NOW!" the man ran to the high command and yelled "WER EUNDER ATTACK!"

On a landing boat few moments later

"Ok Men! When we land on the beach form up and wait for the tanks!" As he looked in the air about 3,000 air craft fly over and about 200 helicopters. The Landing Craft reach the beach and the men storm out along with over 35,000 other men. The banner of the Emperor was brought onto the beach and the men yelled in unison "He is the protector of the Continent! We are his Arm and Sword! Death to the Fang that wishes to suck us dry!"
As the landing went on the Prince said "Send word to my father we've landed don the beaches unnoticed but we have launched ballistic missiles and plan to bomb major airfields any second now." the man bows and begins using a telegraph to send the message.

At an air base in northern Canada

"Sir come look at says we have 5 unknown objects heading our way.." the captain talks over and says "Is it a plane..?" the man shakes his head and then the radio comes on "THIS IS AIR BASE FARKWA WER EUNDER BALLISITC MISSLE ATTACK! 5 MISSLES HIT OUR FUEL TAKES AND BASE HAS GONE UP IN FLAMES THOUSANDS DEAD AND THOSUANDS MORE WOUDNED! I REPAEAT UND-" then they hear an explosion then static. The Captain yells at a man "SOUND THE SIRENS! GET EVERY JET YOU CAN IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW DAMNIT!" The man nods then the other man screams and the captain looks out the window and see's 5 missiles hitting strategic targets across the base sending it up in flames. The man stared in disbelief as the base burned and the radio came back on "THIS IS MONTREAL AIRPORT WEVE SUFFERED A TERROIST ATTACK! MASSIVE EXPLOSION WEST WING!" the captain then replied back "This is no terrorist attack...this is war..." the tower then explodes.
About 10 B-52's are flying to bomb Montreal and one of the pilots says "Ok boys you know the plan...strip bomb the whole city...then head back to friendly air space back in Washington." As he said that another pilot radioed in "Sir the Canadian Air Base is demanding we identify." the main leader then said "Put him through to me." The Canadian Radio operator said "Identify your selves immediately or we will scramble a fighter to escort you down!" the pilot then said "Oh my I'm so sorry but I must say...your city will look good as rubble...OK BOYS DROP DROP DROP!" the B-52's began dropping the bombs. The Radio Tower thins aw a line of fire come at them then...nothing.

A few days later

2 soldiers sneak through the snow and lay on their bellies looking through binoculars one hill down at an encampment. One of the soldiers says "Private look down there..." the Private looks down and says "is that...a ballistic missile?" the soldier nods and says "As if they didn't bomb the cities hard enough they seem like there going to bomb them again." the Private replies and says "But...usually encampment have about 5 from what other scouts have reported since the invasion a few days ago..." the other soldier then pushes the privates head into the ground and she puts her head down as trucks drive by with Ballistic Misses. Then the soldier looks up and says "Hmm...There moving back towards the coast...strange..." The soldier patted the private not he shoulders and they began crawling back.

Few weeks later near a small village known as Pine Wood

"OK MOVE MOVE MOVE!" The Canadian yelled as artillery rained down all around. The Canadian Army was in a complete retreat since the defeat at Unite at the utter destruction of the Canadian Tank Division. A Canadian was driving a jeep as fast as he could and a women next to him yelled "PRIVATE ROBERTS SLOW DOWN OR WERE BOTH GONNA BE DEAD! NOT BECAUSE OF THE ARTILLERY BUT BECAUSE OF YOUR DRIVING!" Private Roberts slams on the breaks as a Supply truck come barreling from another road on fire and their jeep rolls into a ditch. Robert wake up moments later and sees a man their pulling him to his feet "ROBERTS IM GETTING TIRE DOF SAVING YOUR BUTT FROM THESE SITUATIONS!" The Women walks over and hands Roberts a pistol and says "WE NEED TO GET TO THE RALLY POINT!" Roberts's nods and the 3 begin running.

An Imperial Cav Office remount ships horse and yells "THE CANADIANS ARE RUNNING IF WE CHARGE THEM NOW WE CAN RUN THEM DOWN! THE IMPERIAL ARMY IS MOVING IN SO LET THE IMPERIAL CAV DIVISION DO SO TO! CHAARGE!" His point ships sword forward and he begins riding as fast as he can over a ridge towards the Retreating Canadian and is soon joined by 500 more men charging.
Roberts looks at the ridge and yells "IMPERIAL CAVALRY!" everyone then looks in disbelief that their own cavalry is charging into an artillery storm and they begin to run as fast as they can. A few soldiers begin firing and cover the retreat. Alex ran to a jeep and threw the dead driver out and started it and yelled "GET INTO THE JEEP NOW!" when the other 2 got in he put the pedal to the metal and drove down the road.
The Remnants of the Northern Army had fled to the Yukon Woods and dug in ND called for reinforcements and about 200 Reinforcements came and helped reinforce the position. The Empire then launched their attack sending about 2,000 infantry believing there were very few and would surrender but how wrong they were. The Major yelled "OPEN FIRE!" the Imperials were taken by surprise when hail of bullets came from the forest killing most of them in matter of minutes thus giving the Canadians a chance to retreat and spread out covering their tracks.
The Imperials then continued the Advance into Canada crushing any resistance not allowing the Canadian Army to reform or Regroup. The Imperial Army then halted the advance and secured the Gap that they had been tasked with and now waited for reinforcements to come so the true advance could start. This allowed the Canadian Army to regroup and form the Northern Army mad up of over 32 million men.
The Prince was looking out the bridge onto the Bay in the morning light and said "Tell my father that we will be launching more ballistic raids today on the military bases all across Canada." as the man went to the telegraph the phone rang and he picked up and then dropped it and yelled "CANADIAN AIR RAID SOUND THE ALARMS!" the sirens all across the fleet began going off as they waited for the attack.
A Canadian Pilot was looking down and the fleet "Ok men...on me take out the carriers...remember we do this for those that died in Montreal...FOLLOW ME!" he then did a dive towards the fleet and the attack force followed then AA filled the sky as he pulled up and strafed a carrier and said "SPLIT OFF GO GO GO!" the attack force then split off and began assaulting the fleet strafing and bombing a couple ships.
The Prince ducked as a fighter strafed the HIMS Johnny, then he yelled "GET ALL FIGHTERS WE HAVE LEFT INTO THE AIR NOW!" the man runs to the phone and yells into it "GET FIGHTER SINTO THE AIR NOW!" As pilots runs to their planes on the HIMS Ron a Canadian Fighter strafes blowing up one on the run way causing it to be blocked.
A Canadian pilot says "Sir we've destroyed 5 carriers but there starting to send fighters we need to turn around and head back h-" all the sudden his fighter exploded into flames as AA fire shot it out of the skies. The Fighters then turn around and head for home and the fleet gets back under control and takes in the losses.

Few weeks later near the Hydra River

The Canadian Army had dug in near the Hydra River and was preparing to stop the Imperials here. Private Roberts was running down the trench line to the commander and said "Commander our scouts report the Imperials are bringing everything they got...there mounting the first full scale offensive I suggest we fall b-" the commander then said "we will not retreat this is our home and we will defend it to the last!" Roberts wanted to say more but couldn't so he saluted and ran back to his position and looked in the air as an Imperial F-16 flew over. A red flare was seen from the forest and sound of tanks were heard as yelling and such were heard to.
A Imperial soldier got out of a fox hole and began running and a soldier next to the soldier yelled "PRIVATE CLARA ON ME WHEN WE GET OUT OF THE FOREST!" She nodded and looked forward extremely scared as she exited the forest and saw a trench ahead and the Canadian flag behind it. She yelled "FOR THE EMPEROR!" and then the forest was then filled with those 3 words sending a shock down the Canadians backs.
The Canadian officer yelled "OPEN FIRE! AVENGE THE MONTREAL BOMBINGS!" The Canadians began firing at the charging Imperials causing several to fall before the Imperials began firing back. Clara aimed her m-16 and fired 5 rounds at an entrenched soldier, then she stared at the woods as a trees fell down and tanks came out of the woods and began firing at the trench line.

Meanwhile in Ottawa

The Cabinet and the Prime Minister were discussing the way ran the north when one of his Cabinet members said "Why attack north there is nothing worth noting up there..." the Prime Minister then said "Because...we wouldn't have expected it in the north. They attacked where we didn't expect." another Cabinet member then said "How did we not notice there entire Navy moving there, our radars should've picked up such a massive movement...unless...the radars were tampered with..." one other said "Who would tamper with the Radar? Unless...NY god..." They all look at him ND he says "The Empire is fighting another war down south in Texas and Oklahoma...its stalemate from what I've read...what if...the Confederated Colonies set up this whole war...planted some kind of evidence so the Empire would attack us...thus taking troops off the Southern front and sending them here." as the prime minister was about to say something the sirens came on and the speakers said "Ballistic Missile Raid imminent report to your local bomb shelter immediately." the message repeats over as everyone scrambles for the bomb shelters.
Few days later

Private Roberts is driving with Major bastille and Colonel Astarte, Roberts then says "So Colonel why has the Empire not advance for the past few days?" the Colonel looks down at him and says "We believe there going mount a massive offensive towards Nava City to acquire oil and such." Roberts then turns down a street and says "seems Illogical that would spread their lines very thin unless there getting more reinforcements." The Major thins as "Well Private that's what we think is happening there brining in reinforcements from the west. But were in no position to launch an attack due to the fact that we are still disorganized and are still attempting to reform the Army." The Radio then comes one don words come from it "Ballistic Misses were launched form the invasion fleet aiming for the airbases again." The Private turned and said "The airbases are nothing why are they bombing them?" then a rocket was seen in the air. The Major then said "The Misses are going to destroy this country before they win..." All the sudden an explosion went off in a nearby house and the Colonel yelled "ARTILLERY! GO GO GO!" Roberts then put the pedal to the metal and began speeding down the road. A fighter then flew over and the Major yelled "ROBERTS TURN HERE AND HEAD DOWN THE ROAD!"

On board the HIMS Johnny a few days later

Billy was on the deck as he bowed to his sister saying "Sister...what brings you to the north?" Sally then says "Father sent me to make sure the battle goes well." Billy looked at the sky and said "Gonne rain soon we'd best go inside." as they walk inside Sally says "The War with Fang is going against us...he's advanced into Alva destroying it and our entire army in a panic running west." Billy then said "well it's a different story here the Canadians were unprepared for us...we've been bombing the cities and pushing them back." Sally smiled some and said "Mother is worried about you...afraid you won't come back...but...I'm not afraid I know you'll come back when the time is right." a sailor came up and bowed and said "Sir the missiles are ready for launch milord." Billy nodded and locked at sally and said "Your about toss eel a light show." they all look out the window as the bay lights up once more as 2,000 missiles are launched into the air. Sally watched sin awe as the missiles diverge to different targets.

Few minutes later near the Buffalo Forest

"Set the artillery up over there! Get some fox holes and MG positions and call in for air support!" the Canadian Army was preparing a daring defensive that could halt the enemy long enough for the winter. Roberts was digging a fox hole as the leaves were falling down from the trees. He looks up and says "So beautiful...sad blood will be spiller here today..." The Major walks up and says "Many of them will die in the name of their bloody Emperor." Roberts then says "There invading us for bloody resources...RESOURCES!" he then throws his shovel down and screams "THEY WANT RESOURCES YET THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN WERE KILLED IN THE VANCOUVER STRIP BOMBING! MY SISTER WAS KILELD INT HE MONTREAL AIR PORT BOMBING! THESE IMPERIALS WILL DIE KNOWING THE CANADIANS WONT GO OUT WITHOUT A FIGHT!" the major steps back and says "The Empire has committed war crimes yes and when the times come for their Empire to fall we will march on L.A and charge the leaders with are crimes but until then it won't happen." all the sudden an officer yelled "KEEP DIGGING MEN! IF WE WANT TO SURPRISE THE IMPERIALS WE BEST KEEP DIGGING!"

In the forest a few hours later

The Imperial Army is walking through the woods believing that the Canadian Army had retreated 20 miles beyond the forest, how wrong they were. Clara looked at her officer and said "Sir what if the Canadians haven't retreated but have set up in the forest waiting for us?" The officer scoffed and said "Don't be stupid the Canadians aren't in any position to put a good defense up." all the sudden all around them soldier popped out of the snow under white blankets and began firing sending the Imperials into total confusion and Panic then Artillery began pouring down on the tanks behind the Imperials destroying several before the tanks began retreating.
Roberts fired a spray of bullets into about 12 imperials and the Major threw a grenade exploding killing 5. The Imperials still in chaos began running for the hill and Roberts yelled "RUN YOU FOOLS! WE CANADIANS WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST!" the Canadians began cheering and kept shooting. Later the Imperial General was on a horse looking at the forest and saw his troops in complete retreat and got on the radio and yelled "COLONEL WHY ARE YOUR MEN RETREATING!?" the Colonel rode to the general and said "The Canadians...they took us by surprise...they were ready...dug in...we took to many casualties in just 5 minutes!" the general then yelled 'FOOL TURN YOUR MEN AROUND NOW AND KEEP C-" as he was yelling the Canadians began shelling the position killing the general and over 200 more.
Few weeks later in the Buffalo Forest

A Imperial soldier runs down the Imperial line sending the news of the Canadian Armored division heading there way. A soldier aimed the machine gun into the forest and the loader nervous was running his fingers along the bullets. The line was entirely silent as they wait for the charge to come from the Canadians...then...a red flare...then a yell from the forest "CANADA!" the Imperials felt a shock go down there back as tree's starting falling down and war cries were coming from the forest. A Canadian Tank came from the forest and fired a shell at a fox hole and the officer yelled "WAIT FOR THE INFANTRY THEN FIRE!" the infantry then charges out and the Machine Gun begins firing a barrage of bullets into the charging infantry. The Canadian armored division was advancing rapidly as the Imperials keep laying bullets upon them. As the Armored Division was about to overrun the Imperial emplacement an Imperial fighter strafed the open area killing over 300 Canadians then an Imperial Dive bomber dropped napalm on the Canadian Charge killing even more and the Imperials were cheering as they kept firing. The Canadians then fell back only to be bombed and strafed more.

Three years later

Corporal Roberts and the Major were driving in Vancouver one of the few untouched cities not bombed, they were on leave, just merely 2 months earlier they had gotten engaged after serving 3 years together. Roberts then said "So Major-" he was cut off by the major "You can call me Bastille, Alex none of this major stuff when were eon leave ok?" Alex nods and says "So Bastille feels nice to actually eat hot food and stuff." Bastille laughs and says "Yeah it does feels nice to not have the Empire breathing down our neck for once."
Alex kept driving when a Fighter flew over very low and then another and then everyone stopped and got out of there and looked into the sky as another fighter flew over then one began to strafe the road. Everyone then began to run or drive off, a bomb then fell from beyond the clouds then about 100 more...thus began the strip bomb of Vancouver...

6 months later

The Imperial Army marches in LA as people throw roses and are cheering for the troops returning. Canada had surrendered and the Imperial Army was victorious in cumbering the 5 major cities of Canada forcing the surrender of Canada, The Prince and the Winter Expedition were welcomed home as the true heroes as they had taken the most casualties. The Entire Empire was in celebration s the northern and Eastern War had ended peace finally ruled in the Empire.
Despite the loss that the Canadian people have taken they begin to rebuild their broken and fractured nation. Alex and bastille still engaged gather support for a resistance in the northern frontiers of Occupied Canada and meet at a cabin near Buffalo woods...

Near Buffalo Woods in a Cabin

"The Empire will know that the Canadians will not go quietly into the knight...they will have to hang us before we go quiet...the Empire believes that we are defeated...broken...pacified...BUT...unknown to them this defeat only makes our resolve even stronger...that we just can't stop at liberating Canada we have to march on LA and bring our terms to the Emperor and Empress ourselves! WE WILL PREVAIL...CANADA WILL PREVAIL!" Alex then looks around and bastille smiles proudly at him as the men one by one pledge there allegiance to the New Republic of Canada. Alex and Bastille were outside discussing the future of the Revolution when Alex said "The Empire will throw everything to keep us under check and make sure we don't rise up." Bastille nods ND says "Emperor Caracalla and Empress Gertrude will try to subdue Canada...they aren't even helping rebuild Canada..." Alex nods and says "The only way we will win is by marching on the Imperial Capital and restoring order to the continent."

One Year later in the Imperial Frontier of the North

Alex and Bastille were looking at a map planning the first operation to reveal themselves until a knock on the door comes and Bastille opens the door to see a man in winter clothing who looks jump and says "I am the Toilet Toucher...former general for the Confederated Colonies of Prince are an enemy of Acahcalla...and an enemy of Acachalla is an enemy of mine" Bastille then says "Come in we can discuss this over some hot tea." The toilet toucher walks in and says "for the Frontier you got a good place." Bastille nods and yells "SPENCER GET SOME TEA GOING!" Spencer yells back "FINE YOU ABSOLUTE NERD!" Bastille sits down and says "The Empire took my country away from me and killed were part of the Confederated colonies which reformed into the Empire of the 16 Dimensions when Fang disappeared...why help us...we are of a different ideology." The Toilet Toucher chuckles and says "My master wishes for me to fight against Acachalla for the upcoming Empire...where Prince Fang will rebuild the fractured Dimensional Empire." Bastille nods and says "When we march on LA we will see where your loyalties lie..."

Few Weeks later near a military check point leading to a major rail yard

The Trucks are driving down the snowy road as Alex is giving the instructions over the Radio "Alpha team will sabotage the switches and place C4 all across the rail yard while Bravo Team take south the sentries, Charlie Team will launch direct assault and kill as many guards as possible as a distraction for the 2 teams.", meanwhile at the Railyard "So Joe when you going home?" Joe looks at the soldier "After tonight I'm heading back home to my family to finally see my daughter." he then looks at the snow falling and says "This brings back memories of the Winter Expedition.

In LA during an Imperial Rally

The People were cheering and watching the Imperial Army march along the streets with pride, the drums, flutes, and boots were all heard, then an officer raised his sword and said in the Dimensional Lounge "KAI IMPERATOR!" then the men halted and slammed there feet down in unison that I caused a little tremor and they yelled "Burn the oppose. Destroy the Force. Purge the disloyal. Only in death does duty end. An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded. There is only the Empire, and it is our shield and Protection against the Dimensions!" the men began marching again. The people were cheering but a man came to the Emperor and whispered in his ear and he looked at him and kissed his ices cheek and ran to the War Room where the phones were going off everywhere and the generals were in chaos looking at a map and the Emperor yelled "What is going on!?" a general looked and said "We have reports from our northern frontiers that their heave been several attacks against many military bases!" The Emperor then said "The Canadians are Revolting!?" the general saluted and said "Only about 300 have been seen and their spread all across the frontier sir!" the Emperor then said "Call for total military occupation of Canada...Curfew...everything...we must pacify the Canadians and bring them into our Empire successfully."

3 years later

The Rebels had bene under the Radar for 3 years but now had enough people to launch full scale revolution but...they needed more weapons...artillery...air craft...tanks...the toilet toucher could answer that problem...

Alex, bastille, the Toilet Toucher and a few other Rebel leaders walk through the 13th Dimension to a Palace where Prince Fang Resides and the 6 Rebels bow before Fang and Bastille says "oh Might lord over the Dimensions we request tour help against the Acachalla Empire...Canada is about to revolt but we need weapons...tanks...artillery...guns...air craft...anything you can spare." Fang then glided down and was before the Rebels and said "Acachalla is my mortal Enemy...the Armies of the 13th Dimension shall support you and supply you with weapons." Fang then yells "MY CHILDREN...TODAY WE MARCH BACK TO WAR TO DESTROY THE ABOMINANTIONS THAT TIME IT SELF HAS CREATED...THE ACACHALLA'S! TO WAR!" the creatures and humans of the 13th Dimension cheered as they chanted the word "CHA...CHA...CHA...CHA!" The Rebels then walked out of the Portal and back to the Northern Frontier where they saw the Portal Grow and the sound of machinery and marching from inside...

Near an Army Fort near the Buffalo Forest

A Imperial Soldier is scanning the area with binoculars until he sees a blob in the distance making its way towards them, as he magnifies the Image he sees the Canadian Flag and at least 300 tanks and 13,000 Infantry, he then turns around and yells "TO ARMS!" the whole fort went into a craze...

Alex stood on top of a tank and yelled 'TODAY WE WILL SEND THE EMPIRE A MESSAGE! THAT WE CANADIANS ARE NOT TO BE MESSED WITH! FROM THIS DAY FORTH I MAKE A VOW! THAT WHEN WE MARCH ON LA... . . . .WAY!" everyone cheered and he then yelled "FOWARD TO VICTORY...CHAAAAAAAARGE!" the tank begins rolling forward as the Rebel Army begins advancing...
Few hours later

The Imperial Defenders had lost the fort...they were ever run...severe casualties...and out flanked...the Rebels then raised the Canadians Flag above the fort and it waved in the wind, but this was only the beginning of a bloody war...

1 year later

"KEEP THE FIRE UP!" "ARTILLERY SUPPORT IS GONE!" "DIVE BOMBERS!" "CANADA WILL RISE AGAIN!" "TO L-AAAAAH!" Alex woke up from a nightmare in his tent and he looked down at Bastille who was still asleep and he played back down and stared at the top of the tent, then bastille woke up and kissed his cheek and asked "What's wrong?" Alex shook his head "nothing..." Bastille then kissed his lips lightly and said "well good..."

6 months later

The Canadian Army was about to attack the city of Vancouver and were setting up the last bits of Artillery. Alex and Bastille were walking down the Line and Bastille said "Alex...when this war is over...what we will do?" Alex says "I don't know...stability will be restored to the continent and the world will follow eventually." Bastille looks at the sky and says "Air Support should be arriving soon." a soldier then runs up with a message and says "COMMANDERS! IMPORTANT NEWS FROM THE SOUTH!" Alex and bastille look at the soldier and the soldier says "THE NEW ENGLAND CONFEDERATION HELD A REFERENDUM...THE UNITED STATES HAS REFORMED AND HAS INVADED THE EMPIRE AS WELL!" Alex smiles and says "good!" a fighter then fly's over screaming and Lex yells "BEGIN THE ADVANCE! MARCH!" The men begin marching in a skirmish line across the grassy plain towards the outskirts of the city. The Imperial Artillery began to fire and Canadian Artillery fired back. The Canadian Troops then charged the City Tanks and Infantry combines swarmed into the City and a bloody battle ensued for the City of Vancouver which lasted for many months.

Bastille, Alex and 5 other soldiers were scouting and walking down a road, but unknown to theme sniper watches then and is aiming at Alex. The Sniper put ships finger on the trigger and pulls the trigger sending a bullet through Alex's stomach only to have about 40 bullets come shooting up at the sniper killing him. Bastille ran over to Alex who was clenching his stomach and one of the soldiers ran off to get a medic. A medic and Soldier came back and immediately went to work on Alex.

The Imperial Army was marching to the north to officially end the Canadian Blunder as it was called politically but such dreams would not come true when USA Paratroopers dropped from the skies and assaulted the Army at night inflicting SEVERE casualties causing the Imperial Army to retract and retreat from Canada leaving Vancouver all but surrounded by the Canadian Army. The Imperial Commander Johnny Toast (who never even liked the Empire and was forced into the position) surrendered and gave his sword to Bastille who then offered Toast a place in the Canadian Military in which he accepted.

The City of Vancouver even though in rubble was full of life as the founding of the Republic of Canada was founded and Johnny Toast was elected president but...Johnny Ghost was nowhere to be seen...rumors say he was a POW of the Rebellion and was at a camp near Vancouver...

Few weeks later under the cover of darkness

A Canadian Commando sneaks around the barbed wire fence and went into a hole dug out by some POW's planning an escape and were alarmed when man with black face paint and camouflage comes up and says "Where is Ghost?" they point to a man who is bruised and has several teeth missing he then looks at the men and says "The Canadian Army is about to assault this place...and free all of you." when he got out he signaled the attack force and the Imperials heard a tanks tart up and smash through the fence and infantry began to poor over running the Camp quickly as they began to free the prisoners.

3 years later on the Borders of the Imperial Californian State

Alex steps on top of a tank and yells "MEN FOR 7 YEARS WE HAVE FOUGHT THE EMPIRE...SACRIFICED SEVERAL CITIES TO STARVE THEM...BUT NOW IT IS THERE LAND...THEIR BLOOD...THEIR PEOPLE! WE WILL MARCH ON LA AS I SWORE ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! MARCH!" The Canadian Army marched into the Imperial Homeland and began the fight towards LA...

The Princess of the Empire Sally Acachalla was organizing a trench defense against the Canadians she vowed she would die trying to hold this position. The Empire had lost MANY resources over the past 3 years...the temporary victorious push back into Canada was turned when the Canadians simply retreated and let the winter deal with them...the push to New England was also disastrous...hell even Mexico had pushed the Empire out. Sally then looked out into the grassy plains and saw an army of tanks infantry and halftrack approaching their position and she yelled 'TO BATTLE POSITIONS! ARTILLERY FIRE AT...51:32!" She then jumped in the trench and picked up a M4 and yelled "HOLD YOUR FIRE TILL I SAY FIRE!" everyone aims until a Canadian comes over the hill and sally yells "FIRE!" the trench erupts into a fire storm as bullets fly into the Advancing Canadian Army, many were falling, then a tank came barreling over the ridge causing everyone to duck as it passed over the trench then the Imperials taken off guard were charged again bit he Canadians who jumped into the trench and began fighting. Sally was killing many Canadians with her M4 by spraying into the crowd. Then Alex jumped into the trench and punched sally and began pushing the M4 against her, sally struggling kicked him in the stomach and attempted to hit him with the Butt of her Gun only to miss, she then threw down the gun and pulled out her knife and yelled "THE EMPIRE IS THE ONLY WAY THIS CONTINENT WILL REMAIN STABLE!" Alex then pulled his knife out and said "The Empire has only caused problems..." Sally then tried to cut Alex with her knife and got him in the arm but this only enraged Alex and dropped his knife and grabbed her wrist and began pushing her wrist towards her own chest trying to kill her with her own knife, Alex was to powerful and her wrist gave out and sally's eyes widened as blood trailed from one side of her mouth and dripped off and she clenched the left side of her chest as her uniform became red from the blood and she coughed blood and fell to her knees and said "ft...Father vie...failed...ERK!" Her pupils become tiny and she falls forwards and lands face firs ton the dirt, Alex then yells "WE HAVE KILLED THE PRINCESS KEPE THE ADVANCE UP!"
The Canadians eventually over ran the Imperial Force and pushed them back but halting and letting the Imperials retreat they then gathered dup the wounded from both sides and began treating them and they left the dead. The Canadians then sung a song in Latin combating those that have died over the past 36 years
cum historian mutate vale
Ruzizi reveal ipsum:
Primmum daemon celestas EST.

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Magnus heroes EST.

Johnny Toast (current President of Canada) knew that the Imperials would get desperate now that they were fighting in their homeland and that the Empire would never sue for peace, the time was coming for the Allies of the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the UN Remnants to begin formulating a post war plan for the former Empire...would they be reintegrated into the USA or would they establish the New Californian Republic form the ashes of the Empire? This way something to be decided at the Rocky summit...

Few weeks later on the high way

The Canadian 1st, 3rd and 43rd Shock Armies were marching ahead to form an arrow point for the invasion force 20 miles behind. The Tanks were advancing and the Artillery was being pulled by horses and the men were riding in trucks...unknown to them an Imperial Artillery barrage was on the way...

At the Imperial Defense Point

Billy was reading the letter that his sister had been killed at the first defense line and he teared up and threw the letter aside and set on a stump crying some and a soldier sat by him and tried to comfort him "M'lord...I'm sorry about your loss...we've all lost someone or something to this damn war...your sister died with honor and valor...and I'll be dammed before I see her loss go to waste can you Prince do the same for your sister?" she stands up and offers a hand to Billy and Billy looks up smiles some and the soldier helps him up. The soldier stands up and Billy then says "Colonel Cywren led your men to the highway and prepare for a full scale attack. Plant mines...anything that will at least halt there advance long enough for the Inner Defense to prepare. Cyrene slowly made her way up to the highway with the 300 men who were hidden waiting to fire not he unsuspecting invaders...Cyrene then stood up and yelled "THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!" she then began firing on the invaders and a clash began as the Imperials charged the 3 shock armies halting the advance.
Cyrene shot a Imperial and looked at her 2nd in command Time bomb who was trying to stab an invader who was kicked back and shot in the chest and Cywren screamed "NOOOO!" in a rage she pushed the man who shot time bomb off the bridge and began shooting as many as she could before looking down at time bomb who was dead. Cywren was then shot 5 times in the chest and slid down the cement guard of the bridge and looked at a Canadian soldier before her head slumped to the left and her eyes close...

The Imperials fought to the last and inflicted at least 5,000 casualties to the 3 armies before being annihilated. Prince Billy then sent the main attack coming and flanking the left and right and taking the 3 armies off guard once more this time Artillery support came in bombarding the highway killing thousands more nearly crippling the 3 Armies. Billy knew if the main force was able to link up and bring its support in the battle would be lost so he had planned ahead and had ordered the building of trenches to where his men could fall back and fight to the last.

Back at the main force

"So as I was saying...the Imperials should be retreating back towards LA I mean there fighting on 3 fronts. The Mexicans...US and us Canadians...they don't have much of a chance of turning the war...they've already lost one of their family members and are about to lose another if we capture Billy." Bastille nods and says "The Army needs to take Sacramento or the Invasion WILL NOT succeeded." Alex nods and notices smoke and says "Smoke...please dot tell me the shock armies met resistance..." Alex then stood up and yelled "BATTLE POSITIONS! PREPARE TO SUPPRT THE SHOCK ARMIES!" the men began marching forward in a column with tanks in front.

The Shock Armies had retreated and the Imperial Army had regrouped and prepared for the fight of their life...if they stall the Canadian Army they can push the Canadians back to Oregon giving them a crucial chance to turn the war and outflank the USA if they fail...the war is lost...
The Canadians launched a full scale attack...combination of Tanks and Infantry attacked the trenches...for an hour or so the advance was stalled but the Imperials began to run out of ammunition allowing the Canadians to fight the imperials in hand to hand...

Alex jumped in front of Prince Billy who pulled a pistol out and yelled "YOU KILLED MY SISTER! NOW I'LL KILL YOU!" Alex yelled back "YOU KILLED MILLIONS OF CANADIANS!" The Prince then shot at Alex who dodged it barely, Billy then aimed again ND yelled "THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!" he then fired again and got Alex in the leg causing him to fall down and Billy aim hi gun at ales head...

Few hours later...

Billy is punched over and over again as he loses 6 teeth and then a Canadian punches him in the jaw nearly breaking it. A soldier walks up and says "Prince Billy Acachalla you are hereby sentenced to death for the deaths of millions of Canadians...the strip bombings of many major cities and the abasement of do you plea?" Billy merely looks up and yells "THE EMPEROR PROTECTS THOSE LOYAL TO HIM!" Billy is then thrown against a wall and a line of soldiers aim there rifles and the Officer yells..."FIRE" gun shots are heard for miles as Billy starts to slide down the wall with blood coming from his mouth, he then looks at Alex and says "You've...doomed the continent..." he coughs blood and the officer shoots the man through the head.
5 months later

The Imperial palace shakes as Acachalla is looking at a map and he says "OPEN THE RIFT!" A man looks at him like he is insane "BUT M'LORD ITS UNTESTED IT COULD SEND YOU INSANE!" the emperor grabs him bit the throat "Open the Damn Rift! I'm getting my wife to the other side! THE EMPIRE FELL LONG AGO...I SHALL CREATE A NEW EMPIRE IN THE NEW REALM...NOW OPEN IT!" the man salutes and pulls the lever and the rift opens and Acahcalla kisses his wife and says "GO I'LL MEET YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!" Gertrude nods and jumps through still in her armor, acachalla then looks at the door in his armor and he pulls a cutlass out and says "Corporal Sue get through to the other opened the right for us and I thank you...NOW GO!" Sue nods and jumps through. Acahcalla waits for the gate to open and then pulls the lever and jumps through at the same time...while going through the void a voice surrounds him "You thought you could escape me could never escape me...nor will you rebuild your empire...I will make you insane...demented...inferior-ERK" acachalla then heard the voices of his children "FATHER GET THROUGH WE'LL HOLD HIM OFF!" They hold off the mysterious spirit but Acachalla lost 25% of his sanity and most of the memories of the Empire...he then awoke in a bed in house next to Gertrude...

Somewhere in the new realm...the 3 words are heard in unison "THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!"

The End...?