"Ow!" Cynthia tripped. Cynthia fell flat on her face, and she panted. A bully giggled.

"Way to go, idiot." The boy grinned, and he pushed Cynthia against the ground.

"Get off of me!" Cynthia shouted.

"Aw, say that again." The bully laughed.

"Get off of me..." A tear streamed down her face. "Please..."

"Okay then." The boy walked away, and Cynthia stood up slowly, and she gasped. She stumbled through the corridor, on her way to class.

"You're just in time, Cynthia." The teacher snarled when Cynthia walked into the classroom. She sat down, and she tried to stay positive.

"I'm not done with you..." An ominous voice whispered into Cynthia's ears. She refused to turn around.

. . .

After the final period came to an end, Cynthia left the school and she walked home, while looking around to see if she was getting stalked by a bully. Fortunately, she wasn't, and she made it to her front door safely.

"Cynthia!" Her mother looked at her daughter. "What happened to your dress? And your face?" Cynthia's mom asked worried.

"Bullies..." Cynthia looked down at the pavement.

"Come in," Her mother said. Cynthia went inside, and she went into the kitchen. She sat down at the dining table.

"So, what happened exactly?" Her mother asked, and she sat down.

"J-Jared, the bully... pushed me... against the ground." Cynthia muttered.

"Jared? Again? Honey..." Cynthia's mother caressed her daughter's cocoa hair locks. "I don't know what to do anymore... I've complained several times, and the bullying doesn't seem to fade..."

"Can't you just place me at another school?" Cynthia asked.

"There's not enough money. And I've tried, but I can't get my money back. I can't suggest anything else..." Her mother stopped caressing her, and she started cooking. A tear streamed down Cynthia's face.

"Is there something else I can do for you?" Her mother asked.

"I don't know... and mom... am I different from all other kids?" Cynthia replied.

"You're a little bit different... but that doesn't make you a bad person, Cynthia." After a few moments, dinner was ready, and Cynthia started eating. During the dinner, she didn't talk once. After dinner, Cynthia went to her room, and she grabbed a book from her bookcase and she started reading.

"Sigh..." Cynthia sighed as she read her book. Eventually, the day came to an end...

. . .

Cynthia woke up the next day, and she got dressed and she walked downstairs into the kitchen, where she ate some breakfast.

"Good morning, Cynthia..." Cynthia's mother walked into the kitchen.

"Morning." Cynthia nodded. After breakfast, Cynthia left the kitchen, and she left the house.

"Be careful, Cynthia..." Her mother said.

"I'll try..." Cynthia looked down at the pavement, and she went to school. A few minutes later, Cynthia arrived at the schoolyard.

"Jared is nowhere to be seen..." Cynthia thought. However, she still felt scared. Cynthia shivered. She went into the school, and she entered the classroom, and the first period of the day started. The first period went surprisingly well; Jared was nowhere to be seen. Jared was also absent during the second period.

When the second period eventually came to an end, Cynthia left the classroom, and she walked towards the gate of the school.

"HUH?" Cynthia thought. She had the feeling that she got pulled back. Cynthia turned around.

"Hello, Idiot..." It was Jared!

"W-Why are you doing this?" Cynthia wailed.

"Your sensitivity is hilarious, Cynthia. It makes me laugh!" Jared laughed maniacally, and he pushed Cynthia against the ground. Cynthia shrieked.

"Stop!" Cynthia cried. Then, Jared looked around. There was nobody around except for him and Cynthia. He grabbed Cynthia by her arms, and she started dragging her through the corridor.

"Keep going..." Jared smiled. Jared opened the door of the storage room, and he dragged Cynthia inside.

"W-What are you doing?" Cynthia asked. Cynthia looked around. Two of Jared's friends were there, too!

"I want to see how you react to THIS!" Jared dropped Cynthia to the ground, and two of Jared's friends kept her on the ground. Then, Jared showed Cynthia - what looked like - a fire extinguisher.

"What are you going to do?" Cynthia felt anxiety crawling through her spine as Jared grinned at her.

"Testing this out on you." Jared pointed the extinguisher at Cynthia's feet, and he pulled the handle. Cynthia felt an icy wave of cold crawling through her skin. A few seconds later, she noticed that she couldn't move her feet anymore!

"Huh?" Cynthia looked at her feet. They were frozen to the ground!

"What did you do?" Cynthia panicked.

"I mixed some extinguisher-foam with a couple of obscure chemicals that I found in the chemistry lab..." Jared laughed, and he pointed the extinguisher at Cynthia's waist. "Step aside, Jeff and Pierce..."

"No, don't!" Cynthia started crying. "Show mercy..."

"No. I know that what I'm doing is bad... but does that mean that I have to regret it?" Jared giggled. "The answer is no." Jared pulled the handle of the fire-extinguisher, and he sprayed Cynthia's body.

"AAAH!" Cynthia screamed as she felt icy pain crawling through her body. And then, Cynthia's vision turned black...