I saw you in a park

Although it was getting dark

You were sitting alone on a bench

With a sullen expression on your face

You are waiting for someone

It may be a friend of yours or your loved one

Yet no one came for you

To fetch you


I am just a passer-by who catch a glimpsed of you

Statuelike while staring in awe at you

Even though you look unhappy

You are still admirable for me

Can not help myself not to stare on you

While admiring you


My heart skip a beat

When our eyes meet

You stand up from your sitting position

And you walk to come near me

Your facial expression telling me

You will take an action

For you I was a pervert

Creepy stalker or worst a killer


I knew you won't believe me

I am a gentleman with a dignity

Only a man

Admire you as a woman

I am not one

Of the good-looking guy

But swear I am a friendly guy


Now you are in front of me

And looking at me

In rage and animosity

I lost in your eyes

You had mesmerizing eyes

And you captivated my mind

Only hearing my heartbeat

Liked a drum beat


When you are speaking

I am doing is staring

You think I am a maniac

And because of that

You get mad

Slapped me hard

Stomp on me

And walk away from me


You went out of my sight

But your presence still lingering on my mind

Maybe you will call a police officer

To arrest me and put in jail

But I will find you

To say sorry and explain to you

I was hoping you accept my apology

Because not wanting to be your enemy


I was looking for you

When someone caught my attention

Gazing on that direction

I saw four with a bulky body persons

They forced you to come with them

But trying to depend yourself from them

You are fighting back

But you are not strong enough

To my surprise, it was you


Enraged when those four

Wanted to harm you

So I come to help you

Though I am not that strong liked a superhero

But I will risk my life just to save you

I kicked their assess

Punches their faces

And tried my best


So I can be able to rescue you

But they are strong and big too

And I got beaten

But still trying to fought them

You are crying for help

You prayed that someone will help

While I lied on the ground

With bruises, cuts and blood from my mouth

"Dear God, I wish this not my ending,"

"But if it was the ending,"


I want to tell her

That I liked her

Wanted to know her better

Because I am falling in love with her