Once Upon a Summer Day

In my mind, I sometimes
go back to that
once upon a summer day
where it all began…

The first time
our hands touched…
and you looked at me
with those eyes,
that smile…

I couldn't explain then
why I didn't pull my
hand away…
when I should've done so.

All I knew was I liked
the feeling
of being held by you…
our hands clasped
and our fingers entwined…
I felt safe, warm
and at home
like I was where I belonged.

Your fingers traced mine
and you looked at me again…
I looked back unblinking,
saying don't let me go
with my eyes.

Your hands held mine tighter
and I squeezed them back,
You smiled, a lock of hair
falling just below your crinkling eyes
wearing that boyish grin.

It was what started everything…
the touch of your hand,
our fingers entwined,
the smile on your face,
and the look in your eyes
as I looked back at you…
still holding your hand
and not letting go
because I didn't want to.

Thinking about it now,
I realize that day was when
I completely lost to you.
I had fallen…
fallen more deeper
than I ever dreamed of.
I held your hand
Asking you not to let me go
with my eyes.

I did not let go
because I didn't want to…
I did not let go because
I never wanted to.

Mace's Poem for Luke
May 07, 1995