You never did love me, and I know this now,
After four years of pondering over what we had and what could have been.
You couldn't have walked away like you did,
If you cared even the slightest bit about me and my feelings.
In conclusion, you are my gravest mistake,
My Achilles heel, my one true heartbreak.
And I bid you farewell,
For I cannot dwell
In the past anymore than I already have.
You never did tell me the truth about who you are,
You were an elaborate illusion designed from my own fantasies.
I know in hindsight how you studied me beforehand.
Such a carefully planned ruse for love? Something so natural and easy?
In conclusion, you know nothing of love,
Lust binds you, you cannot rise above.
And I bid you farewell
For I broke your spell
And I'm ready to move forward with my life.
And I bid you farewell.
Let this dirge ring like the final bell,
As I place the dirt over the box I buried you in.
And I bid you farewell.
Let this dirge declare that you can't ail
My heart with the once precious feelings.
And I bid you farewell.