Part 1
Verse 1
A mystery in black in the backdrop of the sun's golden rays,
A figure in a dark cloak stands firmly blocking her way.
Says, grant me a taste of your soul,
And I'll make it worth your while.
Whatever you wish, I'll faithfully dole,
This I swear upon all that's vile.
Verse 2
Intrigued by danger, enthralled by his words, the maiden stands frozen.
A flash of fear in her eyes, a hint of joy on her lips, she has chosen.
She says, I'll grant you what you crave,
If you make it worth my while.
Raise my father from his grave
And bring back my mother's smile.
Part 2
Verse 1
Thunder rings through the darkened sky,
Like flames on the wings of a firefly.
Evil answers prayers that heaven never will,
Sometimes darkness resurrects while the light kills.
Verse 2
A soul is but a small price to pay.
The trade being done, she's on her way,
Back to a home finally free from pain,
She owes it all to the Devil's bargain.