A girl of nineteen odd years once said,
Sometimes the love is worth the future heartache.
And when her fairy-tale reached the last page,
She knew some broken things weren't meant to be salvaged.
A girl of twenty four knows he's danger,
A fading illusion, soon to be a stranger.
And this time she won't try to bind the dove,
Cause this time she knows what hurts ain't love.
Doesn't matter where you go,
Don't care that there's no happy ending to this story.
I look in your eyes and I know,
To have known you for even a moment is my victory.
And I won't break down when you are gone.
We'll leave this small town and I'll carry on,
With a smile on my face each time you cross my mind.
Someday I'll tell the one who'll stay about the one I left behind.