In the title of each chapter, you'll see two things: the chapter name and a number. The number represents where it falls in the chronological timeline. These are written and published as the inspiration hit me, so I may have the ending be the next chapter because that was what I decided to write after the first one (this is an example and not actually the case).

Below the title, there are "stats". All this is telling you is when it was written, where the prompt came from (these pieces either directly taken from the creator or paraphrased in a sense, will be highlighted), the maximum time I wanted to take (not really a limit but it helped me write a chapter in one go and stay focused), and the time I did take (usually under 30 or I exempted the chapter from a time limit via "N/A").

I really enjoyed writing the story out of order and continued to do this for the next few stories that are quite similar. These won't be published until later but if you liked the style make sure to look out for these next few (these "summaries" are subject to change). Below each title and summary, I make a note if the characters are named if that bothers you. To clarify, the challenge was to not mention names in the story, but some had so many characters that I had to give names or else it'd be confusing, but they do follow the theme of out of order chapters.

"Cross of Arrows" – A story about two lovers getting through the thick and thin which can be a bit of challenge since one is the head of a group of scientists making bioweaponry and the other taking said bioweaponry and selling it to unsavory people.

Note: this story will not have any names mentioned just like Weapons & Children

"Inimical Resistance" – Its always better to ask questions before you agree to anything. Thankfully, for those who just so happen not to and have Lady Luck on their side, life just may give them a second chance.

Note: this story's characters may be named (have yet to decide)

"Hellfire and Shotgun Shells" – Remember the military in the 70s and 80s? Me neither. Unfortunately, our one of kind squad won't ever forget what ended their lives, but there's nothing to be done now but survive and pray they don't get a teenage runaway killed in the process.

Note: the characters are named

"The Leopard in Siberia" – Those lullabies her mother used to sing her to sleep now ring in her ears as she's carried to her death. However, she's not one to just lay down and die. Especially not for some sacrifice to a god she doesn't even believe exists anymore. No, she's going get up and keep moving because staying still will ensure a gruesome death.

Note: the characters are named