Prologue •

What am I feeling?


It is probably


That's right, I am



I don't have,

No longer have,


They are gone.



What should I do now?



I don't know.

I don't know.


Ah, that's right.


I can still,

Find…another purpose.


Anything will do.

So long as

It will give my life,

A meaning


I will go on a journey

To find my purpose

But not here.

It will be there.


I will find my purpose there.

Verse: I •

The Way to Another World •

Aki Kurogami—

"Hey! Look at that!"

"What a weird fellow."

"An otaku! Gross."

On a certain street in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, a certain man was walking.

His height was 166 centimeter, messy, brown hair that was slightly long for a boy and long bangs that covered both of his eyes. He wore a dark green coat that nearly touched the ground, under it was a black T-shirt, a leather pants and a military boots that were both black as well. And lastly, a conspicuous, large military bag was on his back.

Because of his strange appearance, he gathered a lot of attention especially when he was in public wandering all over the city.

And that man was me. I, Kurogami Aki, 16 years old was walking around the town searching for a certain "something."

"Hey! That is a pervert isn't it?" one of the people in the street said. Then someone tapped my left shoulder so I glanced behind me.

"Hello there, my fellow otaku," a boy in his teens said with a smile in his face. His stature was normal for a young boy, not what you would expect from a hardcore otaku. Why did I said he was hardcore? Of course he was, no one in their right mind would wear those in public when there were no events happening and this place was not even Akihabara.

His long, black hair (obviously a wig) was braided and he wore a loose, gray pants with zinc alloys disguised as metals on his legs. As for why I didn't mention the shirt and shoes, that is because...

He didn't wear any.

This meant that he was the pervert the people were talking about.

"I'm glad to see a cosplayer with a kindred spir—hey wait!" he shouted then came after me who had left him behind.

"Can you stop following me?" I asserted the pervert in a low voice. I didn't like the attention focused on us.

"No can do. After finally finding someone like me who is brave enough to walk in public places while cosplaying their favorite character, do you think I would let you go that easily?" he proclaimed. "By the way, what was your character? I don't think I have seen it yet."

"It is because I'm not cosplaying."

"Really? I am really sure that you are. After all, you have an unusual bangs, a long coat, a military boots, and from what I can see, a blade resistant gloves. That bag too, are you going to the secret otaku party held in this district as well?

Apparently there was really an event, a secret one.

"Never mind. So, what do you think about my cosplay?"

"That character is the antagonist in that anime right? I think it's not bad but, even if you are cosplaying, do you really have to go that far and wear no clothes in public?"

The exhibitionist spread his arms wide then grinned. "Let them be, let them gaze upon my beautiful body hahaha."

"You're a pervert, aren't you?"

"H-how did you know...? I meant that all men are pervert right?" He tapped my shoulder once more. "I didn't know that we are that similar. Let me call you bro."

"Don't call me that."

"Mom, is he traveling somewhere far away?" asked a little girl on the sidewalk.

I looked towards the girl and confirmed that she was talking about me based on the direction her finger pointed. Yes, I am traveling, I grinned, Somewhere far away, unimaginable for you Ojou-chan, It is—

"Don't look at them Yuriko, they are dangerous people," said the worried mother, as she hurriedly took her child away.

I could deny what the mother said, I was not a dangerous person... Well, I might be one but, I did not know about the cosplayer beside me. The girl's name was apparently Yuriko and it couldn't be helped that her mother was wary of us because of our strange and suspicious outfits, especially him.

"It seems that they think of you as dangerous person, bro." he said after he tapped my shoulder again but this time, with a thumbs up.

"You're included too."

"The police might be already in the move to capture you, bro, isn't that bad?"

"You'll be their main target, and I can probably escape."

"Not quite bro, cause if that happens...I'll take you with me!" he declared with his resolved eyes and soon after that, we heard a high-pitched sound of a whistle.

"You there! The man without clothes, and his companion!" shouted a policeman as he trotted into our direction.

"See? You are the main target." I said as a grinned at him, and then began to run because my plan would be destroyed if I were to be caught

The cosplayer went running after me. "Don't leave me behind! We have to share the same fate! "

The policeman, even without his bike, was quite fast. He might really catch up to the pervert at this rate. It was a good thing that all the people on the sidewalk were avoiding me, this way, I could run better but it could be said for my pursuers as well.

"Bro! Just where the hell did you get that stamina?!" Even with the dire situation, he could still complain. "Wait for me! Brooo!"

"Stop running! The two of you, waaiit! " the policeman shouted as well.

The two were shouting as we ran, passing peoples at an incredible pace. Dashing through the divided crowd, I heard some encouragement.

"Do your besstt!"

"Go Atalantaaa!"

That...was quite annoying. I was not a hero and neither a woman. So shouldn't it be Achilles instead!?

"Look! Aren't they fast?"

"Policeman get them!"

"J*dal, run faster! Don't let him catch you!"

"Brown hair, Help your friend!"

The shouts of the people was never stopping. And so, a shouting festival was formed.

"You hear that bro?! Don't leave me behind! "

"You hear that? Come back so I can catch you!"

Aahh! Will you stop it alreaddyyy!

Then someone deliberately blocked my way. It was a big, brawny man with a menacing look. He must had thought that it was easy to stop a high school boy like me. I could not just weave my way around him because of my huge bag on my back and so, I gambled.

As I ran, my right hand went between my coat and shirt. I grabbed something behind my hip. It was a black object. Grabbing the grip, I pulled it out and pointed it at the obstacle. It was a gun…except only a model one.

I heard gasps from the peoples all over the place, however, my bluff indeed worked. It seemed that the brawny man who thought I was a suspicious or a dangerous person was convinced that it was a real gun. He quickly jumped off the way to dodge the direction of the gun and I used that chance to pass him.

I won the gamble on whether he would identify it or not. The problem now was how to escape from the policeman and, from the pervert.

"Ah." It seems that there was no need to escape anymore.

"Look!" "Hey! Watch out!" "Dodge!" screamed several peoples at once.

I had found what I was searching for. On the street from my side, a truck was heading my way. A girl about the age of seven was the first to cross the lane as the traffic light was green. Now she was about to collide with the truck and that was a problem. The little girl was about to take my place.

I went on the street facing the truck and ran pushing myself to the limit and sprinted with all I had.

"Bro! Stop it...! It can't be?!"

When the truck was about to hit her, I extended my left hand forward and using it, I was able to push her off the street while my momentum delivered me straight to the vehicle.

The truck was now very close and everything started to move in slow motion. I could see the driver and found out the reason why he did not stop. His eyes were closed and his head leaning against the hand wheel. He must be unconscious. But whether he fainted, died or even just pretending to be asleep, I did not care.

The distance between the truck and me was just a foot. I had no way to dodge and it was not my plan to begin with. So instead, I grinned.

Now my death had come, the "something" that I had been searching, to be killed by a truck, specifically, to answer Yuriko's question—

"The another world."

And just like that, I died.

] ] ] [] [ [ [

"Oohh," I muttered in a clearly surprised tone.

I was in a soundless dark space that seemed to have neither corner nor boundary but I could feel the floor where I sat. Strangely, I could see my hand, my body and the clothes above it as clear as the day, it was like I was the only colored in this dark world.

"Hah." I let out a slight grin. My attempt was a success. I don't know what happened to the cosplayer by now but if the scenario in those novels were to play as it was, the fact that I was alone in a dark space meant that soon I would meet the goddess and I would be transferred to a different world.

This was my goal from the very start. To be killed by a truck, based on the novels that I've read, most of the people that went into another world died in a traffic accident, which was specifically by a truck. However, I didn't think that there was any novel with a shouting festival before before the protagonist died.

I just hoped that it won't change anything. But where did those authors got the idea? It had to be a coincidence.

The goddess would appear soon so I must check my belongings before that. Laying it down, I quickly opened my rucksack and checked the inside. After a few seconds, I confirmed that I was not missing anything in my bag and on my body. After I died crashed by a truck then there had to be some things on my bag that was broken but I saw none of it.

It was like the novels after all. After death and you happen to be reincarnated or transferred, your body and clothes including your stuffs would return to the original state. I looked into my right to confirm my suspicion. My model gun on the dark floor was unscathed.

Before I died, my model gun fell from my hand so it must had hit the asphalt or might also be crushed under the wheels. I picked up the gun and reexamined it; there was no damage at all

I'll just ask it to the goddess if I am right when I have a chance, I thought and put the model gun behind my hip.

Suddenly, a blinding, pure, illustrious light appeared before me. The light shrunk and started to take a humanoid form. Next, the light began to fade and it was replaced by details on the body. It was getting clearer and not long after that, I was able to see the real form of the goddess.

I was stunned to see the goddess's appearance. I couldn't speak nor even move, it felt like I was petrified into a stone, my eyes were glued in to hers as if it was absorbing me. Only after a several seconds and I was finally able escape from the trance.

Floating for about a meter above the ground before me was a woman emitting a divine aura. She was no doubt a divine being: a goddess.

The goddess's skin was purer than a freshly fallen snow. She sported a long pallid pink dress with a fascinating pattern and mysterious jewels of different colors embedded on it. Atop it, she was wearing mantle with the corresponding pattern and a surprising translucent blue fabric was floating, wrapping her body. The clothes were piled one after another, but her well-shaped figure could be discerned, it could be described nothing but perfect.

Her face that carried delicate and sharp features at the same time easily surpassed the word "otherworldly." She had sapphire blue irises, which seemed to carry a mysterious power deep inside. The bridges of her nose straight and below, was a captivating bright red lips. The straight golden hair draped down behind her shoulders and reached her feet, created a majestic feeling.

Her holy aura, her fascinating clothes, her pure white skin, her alluring figure, and her ethereal beauty are in the perfect sync.

She was the actualization of absolute beauty.

I stared again at her but this time is purely admiration that such perfect being exist. Then the bright red lips opened.

"Greetings, human of another world, my name is Cardinal, the one above all," she spoke in a voice modulated with a grand effect of ethereality. "Kurogami Aki..."

The goddess stated what I've done the past day, the months and even years before it. She knew what happened in my life. I smiled weakly. I bet the place I'm going is hell, I thought as I glanced at her eyes. She saw me with pity then she said, "I will transfer you to another world."

"... Are you sure? I mean..."

"Usually, all souls good or bad are to go in samsara. There are only few exceptions and one of them is right now. I am only convinced to let you go in a different world because of your past and the deep desire that resides within you."

Her blue eyes deeper than the sky stared directly at mine, Cardinal continued, "I can see it into your eyes, you wish for the other side."

She paused. "You yearn for a purpose."

I did not speak for several seconds. Soon after I decided to ask another questions, about the world I'm about to go and about my theory, but before I could, she spoke again.

"The world in the other side, Erde is exactly what you imagined, a world of swords and magic. Communication will not be a problem; you'll understand when you arrive there. Also, your theory is correct, when you died I transported you here then I restored everything in their original states including your body. Of course I left a copy of you and your stuffs so that it wouldn't cause a ruckus."

"...You can read my mind, right?" I tried to confirm my suspicion.

"No, not at all," this time, the goddess said in an amused tone.

"What an obvious lie."

"Oh! Can you perhaps read my mind?"

I smiled at her, but the goddess ignored me and continued.

"Now, I will begin the transfer," she said suddenly. "Kurogami Aki, I, Cardinal, the one above all wish you best of luck in your adventures."

It looked like my time was up so I said my real feelings, "I am really grateful goddess Cardinal for giving me this chance."

Before I disappeared from the dark space, I saw Cardinal smile for the first time, it was a smile unimaginable for the emotionless goddess.

My vision turned white and after a strange feeling of having no gravity, I arrived at my starting point.

Author's Note: Hello and thanks for reading the first chapter of Finding Purpose in a New World. Quite a blatant and simple title, don't you think?

This story will be about Aki who went into another world to find his purpose. Now what awaits him there? A colorful adventure? Or a dark one?

We'll soon find out.