As If We

We will always have something to say...

About the things others do,

About the decisions they make,

About the paths they choose to take,

About the success they've attained,

About the failures they've fell on their knees for,

About the people they choose to be with,

About the family they come from,

About the job they diligently work at,

About the side of them that they reveal,

About the other side that they conceal,

About the mistakes that haunt them all their lives,

About the future that they worry about.

We will always have something to say...

As if we know them too well,

As if we live the life they live,

As if we understand what they're going through,

As if we can empathize with their feelings,

As if we know the best thing to do,

As if we make all the right decisions,

As if we would have done better,

As if we have the right to be the judge of their lives.

Too bad we never pause to stop and think...

Of the hurt we've caused,

Of the people we've pulled down,

Of the reputations we've damaged,

Of the relationships we've destroyed,

Of the dignities we've trampled on,

Of the dreams we've shattered,

Of the hearts we've broken,

Of the spirits we've discouraged,

Of the souls we've drained and dried.

It's a judgmental, righteous world

and we are out to pry

on each other's vulnerabilities,

on each other's weaknesses,

to make ourselves feel that we are

above another's standard,

above another's worth.

As if we have all the right,

As if we have the last say in this world,

As if we are the gods

that we make ourselves to be.