I sought solace from you

This pain I feel,

I thought you could ease,

But it lingered,

Instead it became worse,

So I searched for someone else

And the same thing happened

All over again,

The ache I felt piled up,

I wonder if it overflowed.

I am absorbed with myself

Not realizing your pain,

Dragging you down with me

Then throwing you away

And replaced you

Like you're disposable

But I keep coming back to you,

And you accept me anyway,

And we never learn.

I never learn.

Repeating the same mistakes,

Dragging people around us down,

Into this self-abhorrence

Spreading and consuming,

As we destroy ourselves,

We destroy them,

And we lick each other's wounds,

As we do, we create more wounds,

Wounds that may never heal,

We know, yet we continue and hurt.