Author note:Hello,readers. It has been quite a long while since I have written anything since chapter 21 of Boys and Pets. After the chapter was posted,I fell into a writing stump. I started this poem to try to get out of my stump but then I slipped. Now,I finished up. This poem is a personal one to me as it hits me very hard. It's about an incident where a 21 year man went after my best friend who was 13 years old at the time and it happened online. I blamed myself and I still do to this very day. Before the start of the poem,I cannot stress enough that this is a serious topic to me. Due to the subject matter,I must put a trigger warning for abuse and distress. That is all.

Please,don't take her away.

She is my saving grace.

My knight in shining armour.

My rock.

She is the sister I never ever had.

Yet,men with such evil intentions.

Want nothing more than to lust after her.

And to do the same thing to me as well.

I failed to protect her once.

From a philandering man.

Who lusted after us both.

I had felt that I ruined everything.

For a month,she was absent.

I hated myself.

Blamed myself.

All for a mistake that I had no control over.

My world had went from colorful.

From shades of black and white.

The moment she was forced to leave me.

Something inside me broke into shards.

My tears flowed like an endless river.

My life had been empty without her.

I hated the very man who drove her away from me.

She was someone who really understood me.

I was so afraid she'd be gone forever.

But one day,she returned to me.

We were reunited as friends.

Oh how,I missed her very much.

Overtime,something inside me built up.

More than anger,rage or fury all together.

A feeling a mother has over her children.


I felt very protective over her.

The way my own mother is over me.

I wanted nothing more than to have back in my life again.

Like it was meant to be.

She and I were meant to be together.

As sisters even if we don't share the same genetics.

She's still a loving,devoted sister to me regardless.

My goal was to keep the lecherous men away from her.

To ensure she had a good man.

To love her,to hold her,to honor her and to cherish her.

Just like my own love.

I never want her to suffer like I have.

If any male were to dare come between us

He has another thing coming to him.

And I'm not larking when it comes to keeping her in my life.

If he dares hurt her or myself, his philandering keister is in for a thrashing of a lifetime.

With that said,they best stay away from me.

And they best stay away from Skyler as well.

We plan on staying happy.

And living our lives the way it should be.

Author note 2:and that is the end of the poem. For now,I must work on chapter 22 of Boys and Pets which I began the other week. Other than that,stay tuned for more content.