Me and my friends used our bikes to get to the park after school. Mary found a stand and we got peaches as a snack. While 3 of our friends Gabby, Leila, And Gary ate, Me and ally Tryed to play on the monkey bars, Then Leila Went to the bath room and shes really good she always Washes her hands. Then Gabby called out "MELLA!" I came running over Gabby pointed to the sky I said "So? the days are getting shorter nothing bad" then i went to get on my bike to go home "No! GUYS" cried Gabby And she pointed up suddenly our bikes flew up "ITS A BLACK HOLE!" We all cried. We grabed our bags and ran home past the stores the other girls called there moms and told them they were staying at my place, past the stores we we were safe at my house we layed on the tables.