Love, Dad

Written by

Megan Wilson

April 23, 2018

Fade in:

Ext. Park-Day

GAVIN is sitting on top of a picnic table, looking solemn with bags under his eyes. Background noise of children near the playground, birds chirping in the area.

Camera cuts to a close up of young man, looking down at an envelope, camera cuts to eyeline of GAVIN as he looks at the envelope. GAVIN, a young, handsome 22-year-old with a few tattoos across his arms, sets the letter aside, running a hand through disheveled blonde hair. GAVIN'S clothes are slightly wrinkled, matching his disheveled appearance.

Offscreen a woman, AMY, is heard:

Amy Lawrence

"Buddy, you look like shit."

GAVIN looks to his right as AMY walks onto screen, taking a seat beside him. AMY is a 21-year-old woman, pretty in an unconventional way with dark brown hair to her shoulders, dressed casually in jeans, a black top and a red zip up.


"Gee, thanks person I've never met."

AMY shrugs her shoulders as she leans back on the table, looking around the area as she does, before looking back at GAVIN.


"Hey, just being honest. I'm Amy.

See we're not strangers anymore."

GAVIN chuckles a bit, turning his eyes to look at AMY beside him. He moves his hand towards her in a greeting.


"I'm Gavin."

Smiling, AMY places her hand in his, shaking it.


"Well it's good to meet you Gavin.

So tell me, what's on your mind."

Taking her hand back, AMY looks a head at her surroundings as GAVIN glances back down at the letter he had set aside. Looking back at AMY, GAVIN gives her a wry smile.


"What makes you think I have something on my mind?

I could just be here enjoying the beautiful day."

AMY lets out a chuckle turning her gaze back to GAVIN as she turns her body to face him on the bench.


"From what I know there are 3 reasons anyone goes to
the park. To think, to work out or they have kids. Your
clothes clearly show you're not here for a morning jog and
you're not focused on the playground so process of elimination….."


"Maybe I'm just a crappy parent"


"Look I know we've only been best friends for
two minutes but I have been told I'm a good listener"


"Were friends now?"

Amy shrugged her shoulders, leaning towards the side as she nudged Gavin slightly.


"Why not? You look like you
could use one"

GAVIN sits there in silence for a few minutes. His eyes focus a head of him, bringing his arms up to lean against his knees. GAVIN'S eyes turn back to look back at the letter before focusing his gaze back a head. This goes on for a few moments, the only sounds heard coming from the surrounding park patrons.


"You know, I don't understand why people insist
you wear black to a funeral? I mean, shit I know it's
a depressing show and all but you really think the
person in the box wants that. My funeral, no fucking
black. People can come dressed however the fuck they
want and no crappy music. Rock and Roll or nothing else."

GAVIN leant back against the table, running a hand through his hair. The knuckles on his hand are bruised, faded over time.

AMY sits there in silence, her own gazed fixed ahead. Her face falls solemn, no longer as jovial as it had been before.


"You lost someone"

GAVIN hangs his head, his hand moving to scratch absentmindedly at the stubble on his face before looking back up.


"My dad. stepmom said it was a heart
attack. Happened quicker than they could
do anything about it."


"I'm sorry."

GAVIN tenses, his fists clenched slightly before releasing them again.


"Don't. Only sorry person here is me.
The last time I spoke to him was over
a year and a half ago. You believe that shit?"


"I mean…sometimes its hard when you live-"

GAVIN laughs, looking to AMY with an astonished look on his face.


"I lived not 10 miles from him. No I
was the reason. My fucked up logic and myself."


"How so?"

GAVIN chewed on his lower lip, his hand moving to wipe across his tired eyes.


"I wasn't the easiest kid growing up, especially
after my parents divorced. My brothers, they handled
it easier then I did. I fucked through school, picking
fights with every teacher I had for no apparent reason
but to piss them off. The list of shit I put in my body
would make a cop blush and this was all before I could
legally drive.

AMY looks GAVIN over, giving him a wary smile as she does.


"Wouldn't have pegged you for an addict.
You don't exactly… fit the bill."

GAVIN chuckles, pushing some hair back from his forehead.


"Got straightened out a bit when I turned 18. It
Was either jail time or this boot camp shit that
was supposed to straighten me out and all. Got to
say, even though I bitched about it, my dad was
right for sending me. Got me clean, helped get my G.E.D
Like I was a changed man. Things with my family were good for
a while."




"I was a stubborn bastard. My dad let me live
at his home, rent free. All he asked was
I follow house rules and help around. I don't
why the hell I thought I was better than that
shit. Thought I was my own man, that he couldn't
tell me what to do. We started arguing again, escalated
to me putting a sizable dent in the wall. Left shortly after

AMY twists her body to face GAVIN more, giving him her attention. GAVIN hangs his head. His hand moving to grasp the letter beside him.


"Last words I said to him was I fucking
hated him. Hell, I even blocked him on
Facebook. How fucking childish is that shit?
I wasn't at the hospital, I wasn't with him
the weeks leading up to it. And this is all
I have left. And I'm too much of a coward
to open the damn thing."

GAVIN holds up the envelope, as he looks to AMY. There is a noticeable glossiness to his eyes.

AMY takes the letter, looking it over before looking at GAVIN.


"What? You think he wrote how much he
despised having you for a son or some shit?"

GAVIN stays silent his hands fidgeting as they clasp together over his knees as he stares anywhere but the letter.

AMY laughs, the sound dry. She moves closer, holding the letter up to Gavin.


"That is bullshit.

GAVIN turns towards AMY. GAVIN'S jaw is tensed, his eyes looking between her and the letter before snatching it out of AMY'S hand.


"You don't know shit. You have
no clue about me, about what I've
gone through."

AMY sighs as she pushes her sleeves up, leaning back on her elbows against the table. GAVIN notices faintly, seeing old needle marks near AMY'S elbows.


"Your wrong their pal. I'm more
you than you even thought."

GAVIN looks away uneasily. GAVIN rubs the back of his neck, his eyes looking back towards AMY.


"Uh…look I'm sorry."


"Nah your fine. Most people don't
Know until they see the scars. Stories similar
to yours except my mom died when I was about 6.
It was me and my dad for most of it. He worked his ass
off, which equaled unsupervised fun for me. It
took me nearly od'ing on a bad batch of heroin
for me to come to my senses. I thought like you
that my dad would have just written me off. He didn't
It may surprise you just how strong a parent's love
really is."

GAVIN picks the envelope back up, starring down at the paper.

A ringing is heard. AMY digs through her pocket before pulling her phone out. AMY smiles as she looks at the screen, typing.


"Well, that's my que. I'm meeting
my old man for lunch."

AMY turns her head looking at GAVIN and then the letter in his hands. AMY moves her hand, gently squeezing GAVIN'S shoulder.


"It may not make everything better
at once, but it will help trust me."

AMY stands to her feet, giving GAVIN an encouraging nod before heading off screen right. GAVIN watches her leave, his eyes moving back to the letter in hand. GAVIN stays like this for a few moments, starring at the letter. GAVIN finally begins to tear it open, GAVIN'S hands visibily shaking.

Camera cuts to an eye line shot of the letter in hand before cutting back to a fully body shot of GAVIN as he begins to read the letter. GAVIN visibly tears up, slowly smiling after a few moments as the camera starts to fade out to black.