Riccardo was leaned against Leon, only barely paying attention to the movie they'd put on as his mind drifted, sifting through the happy memories he'd accumulated with Leon and trying to recall all the little details.

He was busy with his own thoughts when he felt Leon's lips at his ear. He twitched a little, looking over at him. "What are you doing? I thought you wanted to watch this."

Leon chuckled. "It's just..." He leaned in and kissed Riccardo, hands gripping at and pulling him closer. "You're so cute..." He trailed his lips back towards his ear. "In my robe."

Riccardo felt his face get hot and he looked down at the fluffy, pink robe he was wearing over his pajamas. "Yours is just so warm," he defended himself.

Leon nibbled under Riccardo's ear, making his eyes flutter shut as he leaned slightly to expose his neck more. Leon's lips sank a little lower, his teeth grazing Riccardo's skin. He tried not to laugh as Riccardo's breathing hitched immediately and his hands gripped at Leon's pajamas. He whimpered when Leon's nibbles got a little rougher and he pulled himself even closer to Leon, lost in pleasure. When Leon stopped, he opened his eyes and narrowed them suspiciously at the smirk on Leon's face.

"What," Riccardo puffed.

"I love when you show your teeth," Leon said, grinning full-out now.

Riccardo ran his tongue along the back of his fangs and felt his face go red. He retracted them and scowled. "Why the fuck do you like that?"

Leon laughed. "Because, babe, it means you're turned on." He leaned in again and kissed Riccardo more passionately. One of his hands pushed through the robe and under Riccardo's shirt in the mean time. Riccardo shivered at the contact and gasped when Leon tweaked his nipple.

"I... I hate you," Riccardo panted. He groaned as Leon paid him no mind kissing at his neck again. He was a little more conscious when his fangs elongated this time, his hands clinging to Leon's clothes as he trembled and arched closer towards him. "I hate what y-you do to me."

Leon's other hand went under Riccardo's shirt, but only to wrap around and pull Riccardo closer by the small of his back. He kissed at the base of Riccardo's neck as Riccardo whined needily.

"Mm... Leon." Riccardo pulled away, opening his eyes to look at Leon who looked quite confused by this action. "I need to get out of this damn robe." He shrugged off the fluffy robe to expose the white, long-sleeve T and fuzzy, space pants underneath. He started to remove his shirt as well, but Leon pushed him down and backwards on the couch, kissing him deeply again.

"Let me strip you," Leon murmured. "I like doing it."

Riccardo nodded leaning up to kiss Leon more. To his surprise, he felt Leon's tongue delve into his own mouth and trace the outline of his teeth, lingering over the tips of his fangs. He opened his eyes, staring at Leon's closed ones and wondering if he was crazy enough to make himself bleed.

He gasped when Leon's hand found his nipple through his shirt and rubbed over it, closing his eyes again and turning his head to the side, whining softly. Leon grabbed his hand and held his wrist down by his head as he kissed at his neck.

"Hng... Why... why do you do this to me?" He arched up as Leon's free hand rubbed up and down the middle of his torso and then returned to his nipple. He whimpered needily again, panting. "You're not nice. This isn't very nice, Leon." He whined loudly as Leon sucked on the skin right under his jaw.

Leon's hands pulled at his shirt and Riccardo wriggled a little to make it a bit easier to strip him. He felt a chill with his torso exposed, but it went away as Leon pressed his chest down on his. Leon's lips found his again and his tongue delved to Riccardo's fangs. This time, he did prick his tongue upwards just enough to draw a bit of blood.

"You... You... shouldn't... Mm..." Riccardo groaned at the taste of fresh blood, so faint, but still delicious in their swapped saliva.

Leon grinned against his lips, but finally drew away and shimmied out of his own pants and then slid Riccardo's off of him.

"Why do I have to be all naked and you get to be half-naked," Riccardo pouted.

Leon laughed. "Because you're just too fucking cute to cover up."

"I'm not cute," Riccardo puffed, starting to prop himself up on his elbows. Leon pushed him back down, climbing over him.

"Yes you are," Leon disagreed. "Your skin is all red and your hair is messed up and your teeth are showing. You're really fucking cute when you're hot and bothered." Riccardo felt himself blush deeply and Leon only laughed.

"Stay here," Leon said, suddenly. He got up quickly and ran for the bedroom, sliding on the floor as he skidded around the doorway. Riccardo rolled his eyes, and folded his hands over his stomach, staring up at the ceiling as he listened to Leon rustle around in the nightstand. When Leon came back, it was with a bottle of lube.

Riccardo took a deep breath, trying to catch the subtle smell of Leon over the smell of blood and sweat and other human smells. He didn't understand why Leon liked smelling him so much, but he wanted to know what Leon smelled like to a less sensitive nose. He could smell his soap, a faintly rose imbued smell, but other than that, Leon just smelled warm if that was a possible way to smell. He liked the warmth Leon radiated more than anything.

"Are you smelling me," Leon asked, amused.

Riccardo picked his head up, sleepily, looking up at Leon's face. "You always tell me I smell good and you like smelling me. I was trying to understand." He shrugged, but put his head back down, closing his eyes. "I still don't."

Leon put a hand on Riccardo's head, sifting his fingers through his hair as he gently stroked it. They were quiet for a while, Riccardo trying not to drift off completely, but was finding it difficult under a blanket and curled against Leon's warm body. It didn't help that Leon was still stroking his hair.

"I love you," Leon whispered suddenly.

Riccardo smiled. "Love you, too, Leon. I'm going to fall asleep on you if we don't move, though."

"I don't mind," Leon said. "Go to sleep, Riccardo. I did tire you out, after all." He snorted at his own joke.

Riccardo shook his head. "I wish I could disagree." He yawned. "I can never decide if sex is exhausting or just relaxing, though." He shrugged again. "Either way, I'm tired."

"Sleep," Leon told him again. "Sleep, babe."