Keana taylor
Gender: female
Birthplace: Richmond virginia
Birthday:September 13th 1992(age 13)
ethnicity: black american
Species: human (magi)
hair color: black
bloodtype: B+
Likes: M and carol
Dislikes: racism
Description: she was born into a poor family and her father died when she was young, it only got worst from there her best friend fergus had moved away and soon she had found out that she was a magi then her mother kicked her out
She then ran into M and carol who then introduced her to the m.l.m (magi liberation movement)
Powers: she can shoot blue light beams

Gender: male
Birthplace: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Ethnicity: unknown
Species: human (magi)
Hair color: unknown
Bloodtype: unknown
Likes: birds, keana and carol
Dislikes: none
Description: He woke up in a field in the middle nowhere with no memory all he could remeber was the letter M
He soon met carol who helped him and let her live with him. She named him 'Mac' After his obsession with the Letter M
But one day carol got sick and he realized it was because of him , his magi "power" was that his body emits toxins, after she recovered he placed himself in a metal suit so he wouldnt poison anyone else, he joined the magi liberation movement
Powers: emits toxins but his suit gives him strength

Carol Tuscanny
Gender: female
Birthplace: Nashville, usa
Birthday: January 2nd 1980 (age 26)
Ethnicity: white
Species: human (magi)
hair color: red
Bloodtype: A+
Likes: chicken, keana and carol
Dislikes: regular humans and laziness
Description: she grew up in a rural community and didnt really get much attention from her parents
When she was 15 she discovered her magi powers it was telekinesis
Luckily she was able to hide her powers from everyone but she had a distinct hate of mankind so she joined that magi liberation movement
Powers: telekinesis

Jerry Colden
Gender: male
Birthplace: California Usa
Birthday: june 17th 1953 (age 53)
Ethnicity: white
Species: human (magi)
Hair color: gray (old age)
Bloodtype: O+
Likes: magi
Dislikes: humanity
Description: he was born from immigrants and was and recieved racism
And it only got worse when he found out he was a magi he then started a rebellion which was put down and he founded the MLM
Powers: wind manipulation