After coldens speech He gave keana a room number and a room key
"Well i'll see ya tommorow keana I have stuff to do" carol said
"Thank you carol for helping me out" Keana hugged carol for giving her a newhome
"Aw shucks! I didnt do anything..."
Carol blushed and They soon parted way.
Keana definetly Liked carol... She reminded her of her own mother in a way.

3:35 pm

Keana entered Her new room.
"Ah!" She looked around and was shocked by how fancy it was.
There was Already-made up bed with a porcelain table right next to it, right next that was a desk with a computer.
It was beautiful.

*GRRR* Her stomach growled with ferocity of a ocelot.
But she wasn't Hungry... She had to use the bathroom.
Her stomach felt bloated, and she rushed to the bathroom which was located in the back of the room.
She opened the bathroom door and sat on the Ivory toilet.

Keana sat on the toilet used the bathroom, and defecated
(God I should really lay off the beans)
She groaned
But she was thinking about the organization
Was it really a terrorist organization? She wondered
But then if it really was why would someone so nice as carol join it?
She stepped outside out of the bathroom
(Well at least the room is nice) she thought
It had a bathroom a kitchen and a flat screen TV

She looked inside the fridge and saw Some soup and cauliflower and a few other recipes.
But the soup and cauliflower particularly reminded of her of home
Where her mom would make her chicken and cauliflower soup
It madee her cry
(Momma... I miss you!)

A tear rolled down keana's cheek.