Her ebony hair was rustled gently in the breeze, her sword swaying tenderly at her side. The honeysuckle whispered in the wind, it's affectionate smell penetrating the skies. Immense mountains rose behind her, bearing down upon the earth. Her emerald eyes pierced any who crossed her, her ornate beauty misleading even the strongest of wills. Many had tried to court her, but all had met their downfall. She was loyal to her king, and would fight to the death. So would her brother. And so did he. They had fought their last battle, which elaborates as to why she was weeping, mourning the loss of her only family. Then she met him. His name was Wyatt, Wyatt Hanan. He was the last of his kind, and she was the last of hers. They were enemies, ordered to kill each other. She was in no state to defend herself against the best knight the enemy had, even with her being the best of her side. She cradled her brother's head as he breathed his last. Instead of striking her down, Hanan held back. He made a decision, one not influenced by anything physical, but something controlled purely by the heart. He put down his sword, took off his armor, and pulled her close to him. For hours they stayed like that, her weeping into his embrace, the problems of the world insubordinate. She was Cassandra Sun, unparalleled in battle. He had made his decision:

Love Your Enemy