Let's see… what would be my ideal type you ask? He's got black messy hair down to his ears and golden eyes. His skin would be somewhat tanned though not extremely dark. He'd be very agile and fit. He'd have muscles but wouldn't be overly muscular. You'd only feel them when you hugged him.

Plus, he'd have cute little black ears and a tail.

That's right. My ideal person would be a catboy.

"And then you would chose to enter the chamber during the day or at nighttime…" I rambled while typing something into the computer. "Grimmalkin wouldn't face any enemies during the day and could get a layout of the area but then he also wouldn't be able to find any of the treasures." I was currently in the middle of making a game. It was just a little side project I did for fun. I was about to type one last code in when the monitor went blank.

"What?" I said followed by a bunch of swear words I only use during this type of crisis. I know for a fact that I had forgotten to save during the past half hour. A giggle from under the desk interrupted my swearing time and there was Kylie the terrible. My "beloved" little sister. She was 17 years old but she still acted like a brat.

"Kylie!" I yelled as she dangled the computer plug in front of me teasingly. She's evil I tell you. She must be adopted. Either that or my mom had an affair with the devil himself.

She stuck her tongue out and then shimmied out from under the desk. "Woops." She said in mock innocence. "Did you lose something important? Like your beloved Grimmaaaaaaaaaalkin?" she said drawing his name out.

Grimmalkin was the main character for my RPG. He was a catboy so… he was also the one I fantasized about at night… if you know what I mean. (Fantasies of the wet kind.) Somehow my sister had found out about him and had teased me ever since.

"Ky!" I complained standing up. "You know I'm working on a game."

"A game with your beloved catboy guy. Geeze you're such a nerd," she said making a face of disgust. "At least date someone who is real."

"It's none of your business. What are you doing here anyway?" I snapped. "Don't YOU have better things to annoy your brother?"

She laughed an evil laugh and I knew something horrible was about to happen. "Well since I know you're too shy to hook up with anybody I've done it for you."

This can't be good. "W-What?" I hoped to god and all the saints and if they don't exist to all the aliens up in outer space that she isn't going to set me up with one of her devil friends.

"I found a guy who is interested in you and he happens to go the same college. Isn't that great Shawnie?" She said in an out of character shrill baby voice.

"What did you do?" I growled behind clamped teeth. I hope she didn't blackmail some poor schmuck into dating me. Why did she even bother to do this stuff in the first place? Was her whole mission to annoy me every single day… and even more so now that I didn't live in the same house with her and our parents anymore?

"His name is Stephen and he's a literature major," she explained. "He'll be here to pick you up on Saturday."

"What?" I almost screamed. "You can't just set me up on blind dates without my consent! How did you meet this guy anyway? He isn't one of those satanic worshippers you met at your weekly séances is he?" While I indulged myself in everything catboyish… Kylie did witch type things. I told you she was evil.

She just laughed. It was never a good sign when she laughed. That must mean that she did meet him in an abnormal way. Oh great. My date might turn out to be a zombie brought back from the dead and controlled by some voodoo doll or something. I'm doomed. I hate my sister. Save me Grimmalkin! Oh wait, that's right. He's not real! If only my sister could use her powers to make Grimmalkin real. Hold up, what powers? All that stuff was pretend anyway. (At least I think so.)

"Don't worry. I told him to wear cat ears since I know that turns you on. Aren't you so lucky?" she said opening the front door.

"That's not lucky! Wait!" I yelled as she giggled and ran out the door. Well, I'd just have to tell that guy that it was a mistake and whatever my sister had told him was a lie. That is if he was even a real guy. It could be another one of my sister's tricks and come the weekend nobody showed up. Yeah, that had to be it. Either way, nothing to worry about. Since I had learned that out of everyone my sister had ever hung out with whether they were supposed to be witches, psychics, Satanist, whatever… my sister was always ten times worse.

I turned my computer back on and distracted myself with my obsession. Catboys. I had collected everything catboyish from posters, manga, figurines, anime, games. I dreamed about the day when my own RPG would add to the catboy universe. The main character of my game was Grimmalkin, a catboy who used to be a witch's familiar but now went off on his own adventures.

Oh Grimmalkin. I spent the rest of the day doing various wasteful things like checking on forums about catboys and looking through pictures. (Not all of them were innocent.) I had tried to work a little more on making my game but got tired of it especially after Kylie had caused me to lose some of my information.

At midnight, I plopped down on my bed after turning the computer off. I knew that my sister was at least half right. I needed to stop living in this fantasy world. Maybe I would try and find a real person to date instead of being a loser and dreaming about catboys.

I stared at the huge poster of a catboy I had gotten at a convention hanging above my bed. If only I had a real catboy. If only they were real…

That's it. Tomorrow I would stop this stupid catboy obsession and start doing other things. Maybe I'll take up tennis! Yeah. Hitting a ball back and forth would cause me to forget about half cat, half man creatures.

No way. What am I trying to tell myself? I've been obsessing about catboys ever since I found out about them when looking through various anime pictures online back when I was in high school. No one can replace them! Ah, but they weren't real. Why weren't they real? I wish they were real. Why couldn't Grimmalkin be my personal sex slave?

I don't remember drifting off to sleep but I do remember having an orgasm-inducing dream. I was in my bed and besides me lay him: Grimmalkin. He looked just like I had always imagined him. The black messy hair, sexy cat eyes, and a light tan. Plus, he was naked. I didn't always imagine him naked unless we were going at it like rabbits… or should I say cats in heat?

I instinctively moved over him to get a better look. He looked up and smiled at me and my god was it a seductive grin. I should remember that and draw him with such a grin later. "What are you waiting for?" he purred underneath me still holding that teasing grin. "I am here especially for you," he stated running his hand up his chest and then moaning a little bit at his own touch. Even the fingernails were almost claw-like just as I had always imagined it.

I gulped. He was here. He was really here. In my dream. This is the best dream ever.

I leaned down to kiss him and he arched up against me eagerly. Well I was immediately sprung. Woohoo for sexual drive! Or maybe it was the power of the catboys!

He moaned into my mouth wrapping his arms around me, those clawed hands finding their way through my hair. He pulled away with a satisfied sigh and then like a naughty kitten he bucked up against me, breathing into my ear. This was a new side of Grimmalkin… well he was supposed to be aggressive in battle, so why not in bed too?

"Grimmalkin…" I whispered into one of those black cat ears, which flickered at my breath. So erotically cute! His hand found the back of my head again and dragged it to his mouth. When we kissed I could feel his little pink tongue teasing it's way into my mouth. He was kind of a naughty kitty, isn't he?

Oh I wanted him so bad. And since this was my dream, I was gonna get him. Quickly, I pulled off my pants desperately wanting to get to the sex. He lay back looking amused at my quick strip show but I didn't give him any time to be bored.

Morning came and I couldn't help but groan at the all too real dream. That was the best wet dream I had ever had in my entire life. It was so real! If only I could have dreams like that every night. I sighed and turned to my side. My arms reached out to wrap around Grimmalkin who slept peacefully besides me.

Grimmalkin? He's not supposed to be real!

I sat up. Sure enough somebody was curled up under the covers besides me. Oh god! It was real! Grimmalkin was… real? But uh… how is that possible?

My hand shook as I slowly reached out for the covers to reveal the form of what I thought to be a sexy catboy. My fingers brushed against the top of the cover and then in one quick motion I jerked the blanket away. I closed my eyes afraid of what I might see. When I opened them though there was indeed a naked boy in my bed but he was of the human variety. No cat ears and no furry tail. Whew.

I sighed in relief as he curled up now missing the warmth of the blanket. Well of course he was just a regular human. Catboys don't exist. I laughed at myself for thinking he was real for even a second.

Then I realized another problem.

There was a naked boy in my bed.

Oh Sh*t.