I woke up with a start. Someone was in my bed. Was it really a catboy? Of course it wasn't. I should have known. Catboys don't exist. Instead the person in my bed was just a normal boy. Whew. Wait… he looked kind of young.

What have I done?

I looked over his body with a gulp. His back was to me and his legs were curled up towards his chest, but I could still see the leftover signs of sex upon him. That was definitely something suspicious dried upon his butt and thighs…

Oh my god, did I just rape somebody? In my supposed dream about a catboy, I must have been reliving my fantasies with this random boy. I'm a horrible, horrible man. On top of my catboy fetish, I'm also a rapist… apparently. Somebody sue me.

There I was sitting on my bed hugging my knees to my chest and rocking back and forth going on in my head about what a horrible guy I was and how after this I would be put on the child molester list and no mom would ever want to come within fifty feet of me. Even if I had been tired and thought it was a dream, I should have known it felt too real. If hell existed, I bet there was a special place for me. I'd be chained up over a burning pit with my sister poking me with a hot iron telling me I should have gone on the blind date she set up for me.

The boy groaned in his sleep and finally woke up turning over onto his back. I looked over at him and froze. I had probably ruined this dude's childhood. He probably hated me. He looked kind of young. Crap! Had I done stuff to a high school Freshman?

Yet, there were no accusing glares. No tears or punches. Not even a pout or sniffle. He actually looked over at me with a seductive look in his eye. He wasn't shy either. With the covers pulled off him he made no attempt to cover himself and lay there all spread out comfortably as if he were some porn king. Kids these days…

"Good morning," he said in a sultry tone. I gulped. The way he was looking at me with those flirty eyes and the way he laid before me seemed much too advanced for a kid. It was almost as if the look he was giving me was that of an adult. But he couldn't be an adult. He barely had any body hair. Oh my god! I'm a pedophile! I'm the worst kind of rapist there is! They fall even below lawyers, murderers, and politicians, you know.

"Look, um… about last night. I'm sorry," I apologized clasping my hands before me in some odd attempt to look humble. "I didn't realize what I was doing. I uh… I was drunk!" I decided as if that would let me off the hook. "That's it… yeah, I was drunk." I nodded. "I didn't know what I was doing so um… I'm sorry," I said bowing my head.

He sat up with a frown. Oh boy. Here it was. The teenage boy's wrath. Instead, he linked his arm through mine. "There is no need to apologize." He smiled leaning against me not even caring that he was still naked. "I enjoyed it," he told me.

"Uhhhhwah!" I said making a weird noise and jumping away from him. Of course this caused me to fall off the bed. I immediately jumped up not wanting to take my eyes off of him.

"Well uh… it… that wasn't right of me. I uh… I mistook you for someone else. That's it! I was drunk and out of my mind and wasn't aware of what I was doing. So… that's how it was."

He tilted his head. In a way, it was sexy. Now that I looked at him he could have passed for Grimmalkin without the ears, tail, and slightly sharpened fingernails. But a young Grimmalkin! Well… I guess technically Grimmalkin was only 7 in cat years. But that translates to being way past teenager years as a human! I wasn't into kids. But why was I starting to get a little lusty just looking at him as he sat upon my bed completely naked and covered in some of my juices?

"I don't mind," he said. He lay down upon the bed his hand traveling to intimate places. "Say… wanna do it again?" he wondered looking over at me.

I willed myself not to respond even though seeing him made me feel a little lusty. Wait no! I'm not supposed to be into kids. He groaned and was seriously teasing me though. I stepped closer and without even knowing it I licked my lips. Oh no, I just did not do that!

"S-Stop!" I said moving his hand so that he didn't look so seductive. "Don't do that!"

"You don't want to?" he asked sitting up and giving my hand a little lick. I jerked away.

"You… you shouldn't uh… do that!" I said lamely.

"Why?" he pouted.

"Kids your age should be into other stuff like video games and music… not having sex with random strangers! And… and… put some clothes on for that matter!" I ordered forcing myself to look away from the boy wonder's wonder.

He frowned looking very displeased. "Fine," he decided sliding off the bed. I backed up against the wall with a gurgling noise thinking he was going to try to tempt me with sex again. Yet, he only picked up one of my shirts from the ground and slipped it over his head. Well it wasn't really proper attire but at least it covered him.

He looked at me and said. "I will try this video games and music you speak of."

"Huh?" I wondered. That was the last thing I expected. Hey! He actually listened to me? I was having a positive influence on today's youth. Er, except well… having sex with them first isn't exactly the correct way to become a role model. "Oh good good," I said nodding.

"Afterwards though…" he continued, "then can we have sex?"

"What? No!" I said getting ready to bang my head against the wall. What was with this kid? Was he some kind of sex monster? And at his age! "Don't you wanna eat first?" I grumbled trying to change the subject.

He looked at me curiously and then bowed his head to think about it. "What? It's not something you have to ponder over," I said punching him lightly on the head. Well he looked kind of cute. "Are you hungry or not?"

"I guess I will eat," he decided. "I haven't done so in a long time," he mentioned in that seductive quiet tone. Wait, but he wasn't even trying to seduce me right now. More so, what did he mean in a long time?

"What? Are you some type of runaway or something?" I wondered reaching for some clothes for myself.

He pondered on this for a second. Did he have to think about everything I asked? "You could say that," he said. I stood up straight. Oh great, I'm harboring a runaway. I wondered just what type of life he had led till now. Was his home life bad that he had to take to the streets and sleep with random strangers? I mean… he's a guy but I guess that stuff can still happen.

"Uh… well anyway. I don't really have that much food. Just some cereal." (Long live take out.) "Let's eat that," I said going to the kitchen now that I was dressed. Just my luck… I had apparently f*cked a teenage runaway. "Which one do you want?" I grumbled getting out the Lucky Charms and Apple Jacks.

"This one." He pointed at the Lucky Charms. "It has many colors."

"Uh… yes…" What a weird thing to say. "Yes it does," I said pouring it into a bowl for him. He reached out and took a piece and popped it into his mouth.

"It taste like paper." He frowned.

"Well uh…" I couldn't help but chuckle at his confused face. Had he never had Lucky Charms before? "It's the marshmallows that you really want," I said and he tried one of those.

"Hmm… yes," He agreed and then grabbed a whole handful of the cereal and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Whoa, whoa there," I said handing him a spoon. "Don't you want some milk?"

He blinked. "Do I?"

"Just here…" I said pouring some into the bowl for him. Strange kid.

After breakfast, I took the bowls away and sat across from him staring at him. "Now… I'm not gonna ask where you came from and what your past is and all that stuff but um… we gotta figure this out."

"Figure this out?" he repeated. "What do you mean?"

"Well you can't stay here forever you know."

"Why not?"

"Look! I'm not your parent or guardian. Won't they come looking for you or something?"

"You just said you wouldn't ask about that…" he pointed out with a sly grin.

I sighed. "Ok… ok… ok. I'm gonna take a shower and then we can figure this out."

"Hmm… yes, that sounds nice," he said following me into the bathroom.

"Hey, you can't come in here!"

"Why not?" he wondered. "We already had sex together, what's wrong with bathing together? Or maybe we can have sex and bathe at the same time." Oh naughty child. I placed him in front of the TV.

"Here. Play video games while you wait for me and then it's your turn, okay?"

But two minutes later, he was back. I nearly screamed when he stepped into the shower with me. I hadn't even heard him come in. "What are you doing?" I said covering myself. Well uh… that was probably useless anyway since we were both men AND had already had sex together. But still… maybe he didn't see that I had a freckle near there… I'll hide you Mr. Freckle!

"I do not know how to play these video games," he said. I couldn't believe this kid. Did all he think about was sex? I guess that's kids for you these days.

"Oh look at that. I'm already done showering. You're turn!" I said slipping out through the shower curtain on the other side. At least I managed to wash off any remnants of sex. No more evidence except for my memories. Though even those were a little hazy since I had thought I was dreaming.

Several minutes later, we were both sitting before the TV with remote controls in hand. "This moves the person on the box?" he clarified. I'll be damned… he really hadn't ever played video games. Was he from some backwards third world country? Well his skin was darker than a white boy's. His messy hair was definitely exotic. If you rustled your hand through it, it would stick up. I wondered if it would feel surprisingly soft or coarse to the touch? Ah, no! No time to be thinking such thoughts.

He was getting frustrated because I was obviously better at all my games than he was. He clenched his controller and I couldn't help but cheer at my winning streak and chuckle as he got madder and madder. Finally, he threw down the remote and turned to me with a glare. "I do not like this!" he hissed.

"You're just mad because you suck!" I teased rustling his hair. Oh… there was that hair that was so erotic to the touch. It was just the right mix between soft and course. Who knew hair could be that way…

Then he did a surprising thing but I guess I should have somehow seen it coming based on his past behavior. He took off the shirt I had given him to wear. "Wh-what are you doing?" I wondered. We weren't playing strip poker or anything so he didn't have to do that.

"Wait!" I said as he reached for his pants but then in one quick motion those came off too along with the underwear. This guy didn't like clothes very much, did he? He was now on his hands and knees looking very much like a cat. He really was like a human version of Grimmalkin! And now he was crawling towards me even as alarm bells went off in my brain. Even so, I couldn't move from my spot as the video game started without us.

He chuckled in a way I never envisioned cute little boys to chuckle. It was kind of creepy. Also, he seemed to be crawling towards me in an erotic way, his bare butt waging back and forth and the cute little... ah! Why am I looking?

"Um… why are you…" I started as his hand rested on my chest. "Wait."

"Why do you refuse me?" he said moving forward to lick the side of my mouth even when I grabbed his hands that had only been inches away from groping me.

"It's… not right," I grunted turning my head away from his tongue.

"After last night, I didn't think you'd be hesitant," he whispered into my ear followed by a little lick. I shivered. Uh oh, my strong (not strong) discipline was wavering. I wanted to do this naked boy in front of me… bad. "I heard you calling for me," he whispered into my ear kissing my earlobe.

"Huh?" I wondered still trying to remain strong and not dive right into this inviting morsel tempting me.

"I never thought I would find somebody again," he told me kissing at my neck now. "But then I heard your call."

"But I don't even know your name…" I got out even with his tongue on my voice box.

He paused and pulled back with a chuckle. "Hmm?" he wondered with an eyebrow raised as if amused by such a statement. "Last night you called me Grimmalkin so let's go with that."

"You don't expect me to believe your name is really Grimmalkin!" I said standing up and finally getting away from him.

"But this is the name you called me last night."

"Yeah but I was drunk!" I argued. "Well I wasn't really but I didn't know what I was doing."

"But I am Grimmalkin," he said sitting upon the ground openly exposing himself.

"No!" I sighed in agitation. Mostly at myself for not being able to control my hormones around this boy. That was a close one earlier. I had almost lost control. I ran to my desk and pulled out my sketchpad. "This is Grimmalkin!" I argued pointing to a page with a catboy sketch.

"You drew this?" he asked looking at the sketch in fascination.

"Well uh… yeah." I said suddenly feeling a little bashful. It wasn't everyday I shared Grimmalkin with anybody. Mostly because I was embarrassed for having such an unnatural (not to mention unreal) crush upon him.

He flipped through more pages and pressed his finger upon the drawing. "You are really talented. It's as if I am seeing myself."

"What?" I said grabbing the sketchpad away. "But this isn't you."

He smirked an almost creepy grin. "Not yet," he told me. "But see?" He covered the ears on one of my drawings. "Now he looks like me."

"Hmm?" I said disbelieving him. "Then I looked back and from the picture towards him again." I had to admit that there was a resemblance. "Well… kind of."

"Do you have any other drawings?" He asked.

"Yeah plenty. I even made a manga once. Oh and right now I'm in the middle of making a video game."

He smiled warmly this time. "It must be really important."

"Ah…" I blushed. "Nah, it's just something I do in my free time."

"May I see?" he asked quietly.

"Sure but first…" I paused and then took a deep breath. "Put your clothes back on!"

We spent the rest of the day going through all my drawings and then looking into some of the modules I had made for my game. That in turn led to watching anime with catboy and catgirl characters. He seemed really interested in it. Before I knew it, the whole day had gone by. Surprisingly, I had fun with him. He wasn't that bad when he wasn't trying to coerce me into sex. Ahhh… I can't deny my attraction to him. He's not even bad when he was asking for sex… just really sexy. But I needed to be the adult here.

I yawned and stretched as I got up from the chair before the computer. "Well I don't know about you but I'm pooped." I yawned again. "Ah! You can sleep in my bed and I'll take the couch."

"Why?" He tilted his head in confusion.

"Listen kid. I'm not sleeping with you. Last night was a mistake."

"It's not a mistake. I heard you calling for me."

"I don't know what you're talking about… Grimmalkin… dude… whoever you are."

"Shawn," he stated and I couldn't help but tremble. Hearing him say my name had a weird effect on me. It was as if every single nerve in my body was suddenly on fire. Plus, when did I even tell him my name?


I turned slowly to look back at him but then had to blink to make sure of what I saw. It was Grimmalkin. No the kid… except this time… he had the ears… cat ears! That can't be right… "I… I must be hallucinating." I blinked several times again but they weren't disappearing. He stepped towards me.

"You are not hallucinating," he told me pushing me backwards. It wasn't a hard push but I still moved.

"But this can't be real…" I whispered. Yet those ears certainly looked real - straight down to the follicles of hair on the inside. I knew he didn't have those ears a second ago! I had spent the whole day with him and he had never had any cat features!

I fell backwards onto the bed. How did we get here already? I just couldn't stop staring at his ears. Those delightful little cat ears. Last night I dreamed I had kissed those fluttering appendages. Or wait… had that been real? This guy was some sort of illusionist? Or maybe he was a real catboy! Catboys were real! Oh wait…

"Who are you?" I said slowly almost mesmerized.

He stared at me with golden cat eyes. But I was sure earlier they had just been regular hazel human eyes. "The best term that you humans use to describe us would be an incubus."

"An… incubus?" I gulped. That can't be good. "But… you're a catboy," I pointed out.

He chuckled climbing up onto my chest. "Yes, I take on the form of the one my partner desires most."

Jackpot! Wait… an incubus was like a demon, right? Not so jackpotish.

No wonder he looked like Grimmalkin. I couldn't help but feel cheated somehow. Was this really what I wanted?

"After my last partner I never thought I would find somebody again. It has been nearly 2000 years," he mentioned with a purr. That's right ladies and gentlemen. He purred! Like a real cat! "But then I heard you calling out from within your soul. How could I ignore such deep desires…" he said removing my shirt.

"But I… 2000 years?" I stuttered. That means that all this time he was really older than me! And here I was worried about being an adult and not a sleazy pedophile. "Wait wait wait." I said pushing him back. "This is too weird for me. So last night… you were in this form?"


"Then how come when I woke up, you just looked like a normal kid?"

"Going around in the daytime as a catboy would draw too much attention from mortals which is why I chose a human form."

"But uh… why didn't you tell me? This is too weird," I repeated.

"Shawn," he said. There was my name again. Followed by that tingling sensation in all my nerves. He plopped down upon the bed wiggling out of his pants and kicking them to the floor. "I am here for you. No one else can satisfy me but you. I am an incubus and live for sex. So please do not hesitate. Take me and do whatever you want with me. You may live out your desires to your hearts content."

"So what? You're like my personal sex slave now or something?" I frowned getting a little sarcastic.

He paused to think about it. "I can be," he said in the sexiest quiet voice I have ever heard.

Ok. That's it. Tension has been high all day. And seeing the vision of a real catboy… even if he was really an incubus… I lost all control. Men just aren't strong when it comes to that sort of thing.

Forget the fact that he was a demon. An incubus. A sex slave. A kid. Or whatever. He was a catboy. And right now, that was all that mattered.

"Grimmalkin," I murmured falling upon him in a kiss. "Or whoever you are," I added now removing his shirt.

"Please call me Grimmalkin," he cooed into my ear pressing his body closer to mind. "I want to be the one you most desire," he said in almost a sad way. Well that was easy enough. There was no one else here after all.

Now I may not have much experience. I'm not a virgin but my experiences might as well be equivalent to being a virgin. There was that one time I tried it with a girl after a party. Didn't go so well. After that I decided to devote my life to Grimmalkin… which I guess meant I was in some weird vow of celibacy. Well not anymore… now that Grimmalkin's twin was here.

It felt so good. I really must have been half asleep last time but this time… it felt like… well it just felt wonderful! Encased in that catboy's heat… his tail brushing against my thigh as I drove into him. Hearing those cute little pants and watching those ears slightly pulled back. I probably came too soon but he didn't care. Because we did it again. And again. And again. All night long.

That's an incubus for you I guess.

And that was when my life got totally turned upside down. I wasn't hosting a runaway. I was hosting an incubus. That's not any better, is it? Can my life get any weirder? Wait, don't answer that.