"They're at it again," my calm friend mentioned staring at the line of girls in front of the classroom waiting to kiss Dong-Sun.

"Wow," the slightly hyperactive Kyubok said peeking out from behind me. Like a monkey, he had practically leapt up on my back. He weighed practically nothing but I still wondered why he liked to climb on people. Even though he was little, he could easily punch people out of the way. "You know, yesterday I even saw two guys in line to kiss him," he mentioned putting his finger to his lips still perched up on my shoulder.

Both Hak-Kun and I glanced over at him. "What?" I wondered in disbelief. It was bad enough that all the girls in the school were in a frenzy over Dong-Sun but some of the boys too?

He slipped off my shoulder and stood between us. "Yeah." He nodded. I looked down at my short friend. Next to him I always felt like a giant even though I was a pretty normal sized guy. "They said that even though they aren't particularly gay if it was Dong-Sun they wouldn't mind dating a guy."

"How brave," Hak-Kun said.

"Brave?" We both wondered looking over at him.

He shrugged. "Even in today's world, gay relationships are still frowned upon by the majority."

"Wow." Kyubok looked at him in awe. "You're so smart, Hak-Kun!" He exclaimed hugging him. Hak-Kun was indeed smart but I didn't see anything smart about what he had just said.

"Well that's not the point," I complained wanting to get their attention back on stuff more important than gay people. "I just don't see why all these people are lining up to kiss him. Who cares if they get to date him? He's a playboy! How long is a relationship with that guy going to last?"

"Oh, Sang Ki. You're just jealous," Kyubok teased.

"Am not!" I argued and folded my arms angrily watching the line get shorter and shorter as Dong-Sun received kiss after kiss.

Dong-Sun was a very popular playboy. He was practically the king of the school. Even I had to admit he was good looking. It seems God had not only blessed him with good looks but a charm that had people chasing after him begging for him to be theirs. Maybe his pheromones consisted of some powerful secret ingredient that had ladies lusting after him. The Scientists would have a ball extracting whatever chemicals he produces for the world's first official love potion… and it would be called Dong-Sun.

But who cares…

The point is all the girls of the school were getting worked up over him all because of his announcement that he would date the one who gave him a kiss of true love. Apparently, he had said, the one whose kiss seduced him, that is the one he would date. He then compared himself to sleeping beauty and said he would find the one who would wake him up based on the feel of their lips.

Then like some sort of twisted fairy tale all the girls lined up to try their luck at kissing him, hoping that somehow their lips were the ones that would capture Dung-Sun's heart… but didn't they see? All that stuff about finding "the one" was just rubbish. Dung-Sun just wanted to kiss people and now he had practically all the girls lining up to do it.

Ok, so maybe I was a little jealous. It's not that I myself wanted that many girls to line up for me but I didn't even have one girl. Save some for the rest of us, you blasted playboy!

There was one girl in particular that I had in mind. The beautiful and sexy Soo Yun. I couldn't help but sigh thinking of her cute long pigtails at the back of her head. Those red cherry lips. Her small delightful brown eyes. The sparkly flashy earrings dangling at her ears.

I had a crush on her ever since the first day of school when I saw her walking through the school halls with her friends. Unlike most of the girls who lined up to smooch Dong-Sun, she wasn't snotty or stuck up. She didn't bleach her hair or tarnish her skin with fake tans in an attempt to look like some slut.

No, she was elegant. Beautiful. Sophisticated.

She didn't even know I existed.

Or at least that's what I thought until I received a letter from her on my desk the next day.

"Hey, what's that?" Kyubok said snatching it off the desk before I could get to it.

"Hey!" I said trying to get it back from my pygmy friend. Somehow he managed to keep it away from me, dodging between and underneath the other desks. He read the envelope in the meantime while keeping it out of my reach.

"Kyu!" I complained.

"Hey, it's from Soo Yun," he said stopping in his tracks. I grabbed it while he stood there dumbfounded. "Isn't that the girl you like?" he wondered with wide eyes.

"A letter, huh?" Hak-Kun came up behind me. "Good job," he said patting me on the back.

"Y-yeah." I couldn't contain my excitement. I quickly opened it up and read the inside. It just said to meet her behind the school. It had to be a love letter! She was going to confess to me.

"What's it say?"

"It says to meet her today behind the school."

"Really? Lots of people confess there. Sang Ki's gonna get a confession!" he cheered.

I plopped down in my desk in disbelief. "This is… great," I said clutching the letter. My crush was going to confess to me! "And I thought that this whole Dong-Sun thing meant I'd never get a girlfriend!" I admitted still holding the letter to my chest.

Hak-Kun patted me on the back again. "Maybe she was rejected by Dong-Sun," Kyubok wondered.

"No way!" I shot up angrily. Why was the conversation always coming back to him? "She never even tried to kiss that playboy. She's much too smart to get tricked by that guy's schemes."

"Yeah, yeah. She's perfect." My monkey friend waved his hand. They had heard me ranting about the perfection that was Soo Yun before.

"You two wouldn't understand. This is finally my chance!"

"We know. You will no longer be a single man," Hak-Kun said.

"It's not just that! Kyubok, you're girlfriend's at another school so you don't have to worry about her getting snatched up by Dong-Sun. And Hak-Kun, you're betrothed so you really don't have to worry either."

"Yeah, but I don't get to see her everyday. I want to see her wear her school uniform more often," Kyubok pouted.

"And I don't think my betrothed really wants to get married," Hak-Kun mentioned.

"Stop complaining! You guys have it good. And now… maybe my big break has finally come."

But oh I was so wrong.

I waited there nervously tugging at my collar. My shirt was kind of loose but it still felt like it was suffocating me. The temperature was pleasant with a slight breeze blowing through the trees but I was feeling kind of hot. Ah, I only hope I didn't melt into a sweaty blob before Soo Yun gets here. Oh my marvelous Soo Yun… soon we would be doing couple things like dates and eating lunch together. I could help my heart from fluttering as I thought about it.

"Oh, Sang Ki!" she called rushing over to me. "You came!" she said smiling her perfect white teeth sparkling almost as much as her jewelry. Soo Yun was perfect!

"Of… of course I came," I said trying to keep from stuttering. "You told me too," I said holding up the letter. She peered up at me cocking her head a bit as if thinking something over.

"Um… it's kind of embarrassing to ask this of you."

Oh boy, here it was: The confession. My palms were sweaty and my heart was beating fast. Surely, this was the best day of my teenage life!

"Yes?" I wondered trying to remain cool by acting a bit uninterested. I was kind of average looking and wished I looked manlier so I couldn't get away with doing something that made me look uncool. I bet someone like Dong-Sun didn't have to worry about looking uncool. Arg, why was I thinking about him at a time like this? This was mine and precious Soo Yun's time!

"I heard that you like me…" She bit her plump cherry lips and looked at me for my reaction. How did she know that I liked her? Oh well. If it meant that she was going to confess to me than god bless whoever told her. Maybe I should have told her a long time ago. Curse my unmanliness!

"Yes," I squeaked. Wait… I squeaked? How is that cool? "Yes." I repeated in a much more deeper tone. "Um… well, you know..." I shrugged trying to act like I didn't care. Why did I just say that? It didn't even make sense. I'm such an idiot!

"Then it's ok then," she said, again her head cocking to the side curiously.

"Eh?" I wondered. Before I could react she had stepped up to me, grabbed my neck and planted a kiss upon my lips. It took me a minute to realize what had happened. Wait, Soo Yun was kissing me? Was I delusional? No, it was real. I could only stare at her face so close to mine in shock. Since when had Soo Yun been this bold? I hadn't expected her cute little red lips to touch mine so soon. Ahhh, this must be heaven.

She pulled away and looked up at me shyly a slight blush on her cheeks. She licked her lips and asked timidly, "How was it?"

"Uh…" I was still drunk and somewhat in disbelief about what had just happened. "Uh…" I repeated. She tilted her head again. "It was… good." I said sounding like a simpleton. But still, I couldn't get over it. My first kiss had been with Soo Yun! The delightfully sexy Soo Yun had kissed me… out of nowhere! I think I could die happy now…

It was funny I was thinking about dying happy because then came the killer…

"Do you think it's good enough to win over Dong-Sun?" she wondered innocently.

"Huh?" I looked down at her. Dong-Sun? Why was she talking about that playboy? Wasn't she asking me out?

"I mean, I want to be prepared but I don't know if I'm a good kisser or not," she said. "So what do you think? Should I put more pressure? Or maybe he likes tongue."

I think I died.

But this wasn't heaven. I was going to hell because I was about to murder Dong-Sun.

"What?" I wondered. Then I realized what was going on. "You mean you were just using me to test out your kissing abilities?" I said in disbelief.

She frowned a bit, her lips puffing out a bit as if in a pout. "Well I didn't want to kiss just anybody. It had to be somebody who liked me."

"But…" It didn't make sense. "That's so mean…" I found myself saying. If it were anyone else besides Soo Yun, I'd probably be cursing her out. It kind of hurt inside. Soo Yun was supposed to be mature, sophisticated, and kind. Not like this… cruel creature in front of me. She knew I liked her so how could she use me like that?

She shrugged impatiently. "But about the kiss. Should I practice more?" she wondered. "I only get one chance you know. Dong-Sun doesn't like girls trying to kiss him twice."

Wow, Dong-Sun must be a sorcerer to have brainwashed my precious Soo Yun. That must be it. The normal Soo Yun would never get involved in all this mess.

"Soo Yun," I said seriously taking her by the shoulders. "You can't be tricked by that playboy." I warned her. That's right, I would be her knight in shining armor against that pheromone-breathing dragon Dong-Sun!

"Eh?" She wondered.

"Don't you see?" I said trying to talk some sense into her. "He only said all that stuff so that girls would kiss him. He doesn't really believe in all this true love's kiss stuff."

She blinked. "How do you know?" I can't believe she had never thought of this before. That Dong-Sun was good. Very good. He knew how to brainwash girls. Even smart girls like Soo Yun.

Dong-Sun was a player. And once a player, always a player. There was no way he would just change overnight like that. He wasn't looking for true love; he was looking for action. I guess it took a male mind like mine to see through his ruse.

"He's dirt," I said. "He only wants to get into girl's beds. It's not like he's looking for a wife or anything," I said on a role. "Besides you find your true love by spending time with someone you like, not simply from a kiss." She slapped me then.

"Huh?" I caressed my red cheek. Soo Yun was angry. What'd I do?

"Don't talk about Dong-Sun like that!" she growled. "Just because you don't believe that you can find your other half simply based on a kiss, doesn't mean it can't happen."

"Wha? Then what about just now? You kissed me. What was that?" I had to admit that she was being slightly hypocritical. Oh Soo Yun, you're supposed to be perfect!

"That's… different." She said biting her lip.

"It was just a kiss, right?" By now I was no longer timid around Soo Yun. Somebody had to set her straight. She wasn't as perfect as I thought but I still felt like she was getting brainwashed. Heck, if Dong-Sun wasn't around we could be going out right now. That guy somehow ruined everything! "What makes you think that he really thinks anything of all the kisses he gets from all those girls?" I asked her. "How's he gonna know anything from just a kiss alone? It's not like he's trying to get to know anyone. He's just an obsessive kisser."

She folded her arms. "Even if you say that…" she argued. "It doesn't hurt to try."

Oh no! My Soo Yun was going to get kissing cooties! All those girl's that kissed him before. Surely, he had some sort of kissing disease. Was there such a thing? I couldn't help but want to save Soo Yun from his lips. Plus, I was ultra jealous of the playboy that had ruined my one chance of love. Stop seducing my beautiful crush, you damn Casanova!

"I'll prove it to you!" I decided. "I'll show all you girls that he's just a player."

"Huh?" She wondered. I marched back to the classroom wiping a tear from the corner of my eye. No, I must not cry. After I proved that Dong-Sun was nothing but a fraud, then Soo Yun could be mine. Though I still couldn't believe she wanted to go out with him. And how could she have used me as a kissing partner?

I stopped when I realized that I couldn't remember what her lips felt like when they had come in contact with mine. I felt my lips to make sure they were still there. Yes… Still there. Check. I wonder if I had been too shocked or maybe too heartbroken afterward and that's why I couldn't remember. Well that just proved that a kiss was just a kiss after all… even if it was with someone you liked. If they didn't like you back then what was the point?

I sighed. Why couldn't Soo Yun like me enough to forget about Dong-Sun? Well tomorrow I'd end the king's reign. I'd prove once and for all that he was nothing but the biggest Lethario in all of Korea… No, in all of Asia. No… in all of the world!


"So how did it go?" Hak-Kun asked me the next day. Kyubok was perched on his back, peeking over his shoulder. His thumb was in his mouth like a baby.

"She kissed me." I mentioned.

"Whoa, really?" Kyubok pulled himself up so that he was taller on Hak-Kun's back. Hak-Kun stepped forward a bit and slumped looking back at Kyubok in slight annoyance but not saying anything.

I ran my hand through my hair. "Yeah but it's not what you think." I said miserably. My head hit the desk.

"Eh?" Both my friends said simultaneously.

"She wanted to test out her kissing skills before she tried them on Dong-Sun."

"What?" Kyubok landed on the desk in front of me, squatting on it like a chimpanzee.

"I don't think that kind of girl is right for you," Hak-Kun said. I just laughed lowly my head still down on the desk. Kyubok poked at me with his small fingers.

"He's lost it Hak-Kun!" he joked. "What do we do?"

"Sang Ki?" Hak-Kun wondered.

I stood up abruptly the chair rattling behind me. "This is all Dong-Sun's fault!" I announced. "If he didn't exist…"

"Hmm… now that you mention it I do think I saw Soo Yun in line to kiss Dong-Sun." Kyubok mentioned.

"What?" I clenched my fist. "I've got to save her."

"Eh?" He wondered as I ran out of the room. He bounded after me like some small animal. Hak-Kun merely calmly followed after us.

I burst into the room that held Dong-Sun's "kissing sessions." Little did the faculty know what went on in this room. Dong-Sun was popular even among the staff but I doubt that even the smitten teachers would let him get away with using this part of the school for kissing.

"Stop!" I said bursting into the room.

The line of girls turned to me. Yep, there was my adorable Soo Yun in the crowd wearing some sort of shiny lip-gloss. Good, I was in time to stop her from kissing him. I would now attempt to save the entire female students from Dong-Sun's love spell. I resisted the urge to laugh like a mad man once again.

"Can't you see this man is a fraud?" I said. Then all the stares and the talking started. Uh, they all seemed to be staring and talking about me. I don't think I like all those eyes… all those whispers. But it was too late to stop now.

I happened to glance over at the one called Dong-Sun. He was looking at me amusement written all over his face. You just wait buddy, I was going to end your kissing orgies!

"This guy is tricking you! He has no intention of dating any of you regardless of whether you kiss him or not!" I yelled walking to the front of the room where Dong-Sun sat in all his playboy glory.

"Boo!" Someone actually said. Someone actually booed me? What the…

"You don't know that!" Another girl shrieked.

"Girls… girls…" I said trying to calm the crowd down. "There is nothing wrong with looking for your true love." I said. "But you won't find it from a kiss alone." The crowd fell silent, as my voice got quieter. I guess I actually said something that sounded smart. Hak-Kun and Kyubok were staring at me from the back of the room. Hak-Kun was nodding at me to continue and Kyubok just looked clueless with his fingers in his mouth.

"Anybody can kiss you," I said. "But it is the one who gets to know you a bit before he kisses you that you should fall in love with."

"What do you know?" one of the girl's asked angrily shoving herself to the front to glare at me.

"Who are you anyway?" someone else wondered.

Right. I was unpopular. Why would anyone listen to me?

"Would you really want to date a guy who lets so many people kiss him?" I asked stepping closer to the playboy who so far hadn't stood up for himself. He just sat there a look of amusement on his face. Didn't he care that I was upsetting his kissing booth? "He's not looking for true love." I swore. "He's just playing around."

The girl's glared at me. I guess I had gotten too close to the player. Soo Yun looked at me her head titled to the side again. "What are you doing?" she mouthed in confusion.

"Get away from him!" one girl ordered sending death vibes towards me.

"He's not like that," another one cooed. "Dong-Sun is a romantic through and through. He's only looking for true love," she said her hands clasps besides her cheek as she entered la-la land.

They weren't getting it. Did they honestly believe that this guy was innocent and not a sleazy kiss monster? "But he'll kiss anyone!" I argued. The crowd was shouting now and making their way towards us, their arms outstretched to claw at me, I guess.

"Fine!" I said stepping out of their reach. "I'll prove it!" I said grabbing the girl's delectability by the shirt and pulling him up and out of his chair. This seemed to stop the girls in their tracks as they gasped at my action. Then I pressed my lips upon his. This caused the crowd to stop breathing as they turned into ghosts in the background.

Thinking back, I wonder why I kissed him. I'm not exactly sure what I was trying to accomplish by placing my lips anywhere near that gross aphrodisiac on legs. It wasn't like I was in love with him. I was just mad that Soo Yun and the rest of the female population had been spirited away by this magician.

I pulled away to glare at the crowd. "See? It's just a kiss. Anyone can do it! It doesn't mean anything," I said letting go of the annoying incubus. They just stared at me in shock. I could have sworn I saw some of their soul's leave their body. It wasn't that shocking was it? I continued with my speech anyway ignoring their mute astonishment. "So stop all this kissing nonsense. If Dong-Sun doesn't want to get to know you then don't let him trick you into kissing him!"

A hand fell on my shoulder and the girl's attentions turned to the tall man behind me. "You're right," Dong-Sun spoke for the first time.

I was? I turned to him in confusion. He wasn't supposed to agree with me.

"There is no need for anyone else to kiss me," he said. "Because I have already found the one," he said his hand sliding behind my back and to my other shoulder. Wait, why was he doing that? What was he doing? And why was he agreeing with me? What? What? What?

"What?" I said out loud turning my head to look up at him.

He smiled down at me still looking amused. I'm not here for you to laugh at, you stupid kissing freak! Wipe that smug look off your face.

A girl finally stepped forward. "Who is it?" she wondered looking over at me wide eyed. Wait, why was she looking at me? In fact, how come all the others were looking at me too? And why did some of them look slightly jealous? It can't be because I had kissed Dong-Sun. They were lining up to do the same thing so what difference should it make?

The jerk pulled me closer to his chest his arm holding me tightly. Why was he practically hugging me? Was he trying to make fun of me? "It is this one," he said his other hand patting me on the head. "This person is my one true love."

Some girls gasped and it took me a minute to fully understand what he was saying. Huh? I was his true love? I looked up at him in shock and jerked away.

Well this wasn't supposed to happen. Somehow I had just seduced the playboy king of our high school.

Next chapter: While Dong-Sun claims to be in love with him, Sang Ki claims he's just making fun of him. Either way, what's a guy to do with a handsome seducer after his heart?